Compass 360 Pro App Review (Android): Navigate Like a Pro

Almost a decade ago smartphones were not everything we desired, thankfully this is the future and they have evolved. Compass 360 Pro is one such app which truly highlights the versatility of our beloved mobile platform. Android smartphones have sufficiently advanced to provide us with many great add on features which were not really possible just a short while ago. Some apps make me laugh, some make me productive and some make me think, this app is one of those which fills me with wonder.

I will be straightforward here. Compass 360 Pro is a good compass app but it is not as accurate as an actual good quality compass. It comes extremely close and works really well though. If you need a compass for say maneuvering an aircraft or docking a freighter ship, I won’t recommend this app at all. If you need a reliable compass for let’s say a walk in the forest, this app will do just fine.

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The Good

This free compass app for Android comes with a very readable interface. It also works right out of the box and does have calibration features to make it more accurate. The app is responsive and works as intended. The app is one of the most polished compass apps around and is a really joy to use. Tap on the app icon and you are ready to use the app, this is one of the best things about it.

The Bad

The pop up ads really kills the “free” app for me. There are ads everywhere. I mean they are on the screen, the main interface, they pop up on the whole screen without warning and they are even on the exit screen. I mean sure the developers deserve to get monetary compensation for their work but this is just downright offensive. The help in the settings makes the app crash too; this bug can be replicated on multiple devices as well so it’s not my hardware’s fault.

The Bottom Line

Get this Android compass app if you need a reliable compass for your adventures. I would wholeheartedly recommend this app to anyone who wants to go trekking or simply jogging through the woods. The offline navigation apps are good and all but a good compass still beats them in terms of resource management and battery saving. The interface is great, the usability is fine and overall the app is a good compass app for Android. The only downside is the ads, which are completely uncalled for in many cases.

Starting the Compass

The app is one of the most accessible ones I have tested. Simply download the app from the Google Play Store, tap on the icon and you are ready to use the app. It’s just that simple. There are no lengthy signups here to halt the actual compass. This is one of the best things about the app. The app is ready to go in mere seconds and sometimes quick response is what you need.



The downside is that without a significant walkthrough introduction, you will be a little uncomfortable using the app at first. But if you are a veteran compass user, getting used to the app will only require a couple of minutes.

The Interface

Compass 360 Pro provides one of the best interfaces among the best compass apps for Android. The app is a one screen interface which tells you everything you need to know. This is the best way to make sure the app is really productive and saves your time. I may dislike one screen interfaces in many apps but in this case this works in the favor of Compass 360 Pro.


There is a large dial right in the center of the screen. The compass comes with very readable decimal bearings which provide an accurate direction. A cardinal bearing gives you a rounded general direction which can be verbally shared with others.


The compass also comes with multiple themes which makes the app either more attractive to look at or more readable. If you are new to the whole compass scene, the standard black one provides the best readability. Yet if you are like me who values aesthetics more, the blue compass is really eye catching. It is good that the app gives you three variants of the compass and expands your choice.

The Accuracy

The compass is fairly accurate for an Android app. I tested the app against an actual compass (inherited from my grandpa). While there were a few anomalies, the Compass 360 Pro held quite well against the bulky compass. A few clicks were off in some instances but overall the compass app is as good as it gets.


The app also comes with magnetic and true north available and it also takes automatic care of variations which is very convenient.

Using The App

Using the app is fairly easy thanks to the robust features the app provides. You will need to hold your Android device flat horizontally. I suggest that you use a table instead, if it is available and you will get accurate results. The app also comes with a level indicator so you will know when the phone is actually flat. A good feature for a compass app, I might add.


The problem arises when the app decides that you are better off looking at ads. And boy they are annoying. I’m usually fine with one or two ads in free apps because hey the developers need to pay the bills right? But this app goes far and beyond to annoy the user. There are full screen ads which come up without warning. There is a little gift box just shaking on the main screen, guess what? It is not a gift either, it’s another ad.


Do you want to navigate? Here is an ad. Do you want to check help? Here is an ad for your sir. Do you want to exit the compass app? Well here is another ad just to make sure.


The Permissions

The app might be able to share your location. This however is explained in the app itself. If you need to see longitudes and latitudes the app will access the GPS function of your Android device and display them. This is a genuine feature which many will love to use.


I honestly would have paid a fair amount of money to remove the ads from the app. I will also be emailing the developer about the exuberant amount of ads they are displaying. I mean, one or two are enough they don’t have to cram them down my throat whenever I touch the screen. Other than that one problem, this free Android compass app is one of the best I have used in a long while. If you have any question, shoot them in comment section below.

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  1. Samsung 5 w/ compass pro 360 displays waiting for gps signal at top left of screen. Also flashes at bottom of screen when turned on cannot retrieve current position without permission. Maps gps on phone turned on works fine. How fix. Thanks

    1. Hi, Bruce. Manually give the app permission to access the GPS by going to Settings -> Applications -> Compass Pro, and allowing GPS access under Permissions.

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