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8 Best Custom ROM for Android: Samsung Galaxy A20 Edition

Custom ROM for android: heard of it before?

If not, perhaps you heard that you could transform your Samsung Galaxy A20 into a seemingly new and customized device? Want to know the secret? Well, you’re in the right place!

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The Samsung Galaxy A20

Custom ROM for Android Samsung Galaxy A20
Level up to an A20 now!

But before we get the ball rolling, want to own a Samsung Galaxy A20?

Samsung Galaxy A20, as part of the new A-series, is the result of Samsung’s strive to redefine their camera. And guess what? It’s one of the best smartphones for its price!


  • 6.4″ Infinity Display (HD+) + Super AMOLED
  • 1.8 GHz Octa-Core processor
  • 3GB RAM / 32GB ROM + Expandable up to 512GB3
  • 4G LTE Connectivity
  • 13MP main camera w/LED Flash + 8MP front-facing cameraamazon-buy-button-3

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Why custom ROM?

Now, back to what I was saying earlier.  Why do we want to better our phones anyway? It’s because some of us are sick and tired of our phone’s system and interface. I mean, they’re fine.

But over time, you get used to them. And let’s be honest—we start to look for a new one.

That’s where the best custom ROM for Android comes in. How do I know? Well, it is merely the key to give a new and exciting touch to your phone.

But hang on, what exactly is a custom ROM?

Custom ROM in a nutshell

Custom ROM for Android Different Phones
Custom ROMs are widely used across brands and models.

As we all know, Android is open source. So, what? Developers could easily edit the code to cater to an array of devices.

Get this: when you buy an android phone, it comes with a stock ROM. It’s like the default. And you know what? This stock ROM is usually limited.

But, good news: that’s the reason why custom ROMs exist! They maximize the potential of your devices and upgrade their functionalities.

All these thanks to various developers who shared their expertise to improve our Android experience.

So, let’s get right into it!

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Best Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy A20

1. Android 9.0 Pie

Best Custom ROM for Android_Android Pie 9
Who thought a pie would be this good?

Android 9.0 Pie is indeed a major revamp from its predecessor. What makes it so unique? It’s versatility!

You name it: better UI, lengthened battery life, and time-saving features. Android Pie got it all!

Sounds good? Well, what’s even better is its shush feature. Gone are the days that tons of notifications bother you.

With Android Pie, simply flip your phone down, and you’re good to go! But what’s the catch?

Users claim that its gesture navigations need some fine-tuning. Still, Android Pie remains top-notch as its other features compensate for that.


  • Android Dashboard
  • Gesture-based Navigation System
  • New Volume Slider
  • Manual Theme Selection
  • Quick Settings UI Design
  • Advanced Battery

2. Android 10 Q

Best Custom ROM for Android_Android 10 Q
A logo especially made for Android 10

Android 10 Q is a game-changer. Google even introduced a new logo just for it!

Also, admit it: we all love Google Assistant! And guess what? Google just heard our request.

Android 10 Q brings our beloved assistant offline! Thus, you could now use it even in the remotest area. Sounds impressive, right?

Still not convinced that this custom ROM is excellent for your Samsung Galaxy A20? Well, Android 10 Q also features a whole lot more. And this includes your ability to have control over your child’s device.

Think I’m exaggerating? Well, not at all!


  • Multi-camera API
  • 5G Support
  • Bubbles
  • Built-in Call Screening and Improved Call Quality
  • Live Caption
  • New Navigation and Notification Controls
  • Parental Controls
  • Dark Theme

3. AOSP Extended ROM

Best Custom ROM for Android_AOSP Extended
Like its logo, it’s well-rounded

Based on the AOSP Source Code, this custom ROM has a plethora of functions to offer to your phone!

Why? It’s simple. It keeps your phone lag-free!

Of course, just like the previous ones—it’s packed with features. What’s even better? Its developers also promised to upgrade these features even more!


  • Improved Lag-free Experience
  • Status Bar and Lock Screen Customization
  • AOSPA Pie
  • DU’s Navbar/Flingbar
  • Exciting Themes

4. Lineage OS

Custom ROM for Android_Lineage OS
Screen navigation has never been this easy

More features, fewer bugs—that’s Lineage OS! That’s right!

With an astonishing launcher, Lineage OS could transform your Samsung Galaxy A20 to its best. Good news, right?

What’s even more impressive is its gesture movements. You could do more with the least effort!

More so, do you consider yourself a night person? No doubt about it, this custom ROM suits you!

With its live display and adaptive brightness, your night usage gets even better.

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  • Customizable Navigation and Notification Controls
  • Quick Toggle Feature
  • Live Display
  • App Protection

5. Havoc OS

Custom ROM for Android_Havoc OS
A custom ROM unlike any other

Based on the Lineage OS, Havoc OS offers features that you can’t find in other custom ROMs.

And guess what? Multitasking is no longer a problem as Havoc OS features OmniSwitch and Slim new options.

It also offers a bloat-free experience that resembles stock Android. So, what’s the catch?

By installing this custom ROM, you get bombarded with pre-installed ones. Yet, you could simply uninstall them anyway.


  • Spectrum Support
  • System-wide Rounded UI
  • Improved Navigation and Notification Controls
  • Battery Teak Features

6. Arrow OS

Custom ROM for Android_Arrow OS
Minimalism is the new trend

Neat and straightforward—that’s what the Arrow OS wants to uphold. I mean, who’s not up for a clean interface?

But you know what else? High performance and customization are guaranteed. Hence, it’s definitely worth the try!


  • Minimalist Design
  • Improved Lag-free Experience
  • Extended Battery-life

7. MIUI 9

Custom ROM for Android_MIUI 9
Performance-wise? Not just 9 out of 10.

Known as one of the latest iterations of the MIUI ROM. That’s right!

Furthermore, you also get instant access to excellent features. These include improved call recording and themes exclusive to MI’s store!

But the thing is, it’s not as smooth and secured as the stock ROM. Although apart from that, this is one of the best you could install!


  • Theme Support
  • Customizable Notification and Navigation Controls
  • MI Launcher

8. Resurrection Remix

Custom ROM for Android_Resurre
Revitalize your phone to its maximum potential!

Performance and customization—what a powerful combination! And that’s precisely what Resurrection Remix has in store!

This custom ROM undeniably gives you the utmost stability. And you know what? It’s built-in with some fascinating add-ons to level up your Samsung Galaxy A20 experience!


  • Customizable Notification and Navigation Controls
  • Exciting Resurrection Remix Add-ons


Are custom ROMs safe?

Yes, installing custom ROM is safe. Just be sure to download them from legitimate sites.

Are custom ROMs legal?

Yes, it is. As you know, Android is open source, so its codes are free for modifications.

Are custom ROMs worth it?

Yes, absolutely. Custom ROMs provide new and improved features that your stock ROM does not.

Are custom ROMs safe for banking?

Generally, they are. However, be careful. Only install custom ROMs which other users have already tried and well-reviewed.

Will factory reset remove custom ROM?

No. A factory reset will only wipe settings, apps, and app data.

Will installing custom ROM remove my apps?

Yes, although not all.  You may use My Backup Root or Titanium Backup to back-up your apps.

Will custom ROM void warranty?

It would have to depend on your warranty license. Thus, make sure to understand the terms and conditions first.

Which custom ROM is best for gaming?

Lineage OS and Resurrection Remix are great custom ROMs for gaming. They offer good RAM management and battery back-up to level up your gaming experience.

Which custom ROM is best for Android?

There are a lot of custom ROMs that you can choose. However, this would have to depend on your device. Most of the custom ROMs outlined above are also applicable to other devices.

Where to download custom ROM?

There are various websites where you could download a custom ROM although I recommend

Why is custom ROM better?

In custom ROM, the possibilities for your phone are endless. Android, being open-source, is subjected to various modifications by developers to improve performance and customization continually. More so, custom ROM provides additional features to your device.

Which custom ROM is best for battery life?

There are lots of custom ROM which are ideal for extending your battery life. These include Resurrection Remix. Check out the article above to find out more.

Can custom ROM remove FRP?

No, it cannot.

Are custom ROMs better than stock ROMs?

Both of these come with their pros and cons. The stock ROM is the safest way to go, but it has limited features. Meanwhile, installing a custom ROM requires a bit of scrutiny but gives you a wide range of functionalities.

Upgrade your Samsung Galaxy A20 now!

Bottom line: Android provides us with limitless possibilities. As time goes by, more custom ROMs get developed. If that’s not astounding, I don’t know what is!

Look at it this way. Custom ROM is a way to expand the functionalities of your Samsung Galaxy A20. Good for you, we’ve shortlisted the best custom ROM for Android available for you!

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Now, are you ready to give a new and exciting touch to your Samsung Galaxy A20? Let us know in the comments down below. I can’t wait to see your phone installed with an awesome custom ROM soon!

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