10 Best Custom ROMs For OnePlus One to "Plus One" Your Phone

OnePlus is a relatively new smartphone manufacturer and their flagship is currently one of the best Android smartphones you can buy. Even though the phone has great software, I believe you can make it even better by flashing a custom ROM.

Flashing custom ROMs is the best way for taking your phone’s experience to the next level and if you want performance improvements along with lots of new features on your OnePlus One, then I would highly recommend trying out a custom ROM.

I’ve created a list of the ten best custom ROMs for OnePlus One. This list reflects my personal opinion and there are other great ROMs available as well. If you want to check out more custom ROMs, then you can visit the XDA forums.

Why Flash Custom ROMs On Your OnePlus One?

The OnePlus One is an expensive smartphone and I’m sure you don’t want to try out something risky if it’s not worth the hassle. If you’re confused on whether you should flash custom ROMs on your OnePlus One, then you should look at the following factors.

  • Make your OnePlus One faster. Even though the OnePlus One features excellent hardware and you shouldn’t get any lag, I believe you can make the device a lot more faster as these ROMs come with several performance and speed tweaks.
  • Fresh design. Another great thing about installing custom ROMs is that you’ll get a fresh new design and this will bring back that special feeling similar to when you used your phone for the very first time.
  • Get more battery juice out of your device. You can also make your OnePlus One last longer as many custom ROMs bring in battery optimizations as well.
  • Finally, you”ll get tons of new features on your OnePlus One. Custom ROMs bring in lots of cool apps and features in order to make the device more productive.

What Should You Do Before Flashing A Custom ROM On Your OnePlus One?

If you just started using the Android operating system, then you’ll need to read about rooting Android devices. Before you flash any ROM, you’ll need to root your OnePlus One.

Installing ROMs and rooting the phone are both unsafe procedures which is why you should only attempt them at your own responsibility. Unlike other phones, rooting does not void the warranty of the OnePlus One.

Follow these tips before installing any ROM on your OnePlus One.

  • Charge your phone to at least 70%.
  • All your phone’s data might be deleted which is why you should create a complete backup of your phone. If you don’t know about any good backup apps, feel free to read our list of the best Android backup apps.
  • Follow all the instructions from the developer properly. You’ll see them on the XDA thread of the ROM.

1. BlissPop ROM


Created by Team Bliss, the BlissPop ROM is one of the most customizable custom ROMs that you can flash on your OnePlus One and it is based on the CyanogenMod 11 firmware.

BlissPop brings lots of cool features including lock screen rotation, lock screen text color customization, notification drawer customization, Quick settings customization, navigation bar customization, Halo, Heads Up notifications, screen recorder, Pie controls, Shake events and battery saver mode.

Notable Features:

  • CyanogenMod 11 theme chooser
  • OmniSwitch
  • Active Display
  • Driving mode

download now

2. Blitz Rom


Another great ROM available for the OnePlus One is Blitz ROM and it aims at bringing speed and smoothness.

Notable Features:

  • Nova launcher
  • Build.prop tweaks
  • Init.d tweaks

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3. crDroid ROM


crDroid is one of the most famous custom ROMs that you can find for various Android smartphones and it focuses on providing users with greater performance and reliability.

It brings several great features such as advanced reboot menu, CyanogenMod profiles, Privacy guard, quick delete screenshots and status bar brightness control.

Notable Features:

  • Filter spam notifications
  • Support for call blacklist
  • Advanced features for keyboard

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4. PAC-man ROM


If you’re looking for a custom ROM that brings the best features from different firmwares, then PAC-man ROM is the ideal option. This is an All-in-One ROM and brings tweaks and features from some of the most popular firmwares.

PAC-man ROM brings Halo, floating window, gesture anywhere, advanced keyboard options, lock screen notifications, see through lock screen, CyanogenMod themes, battery bar, network speed indicator, Slim Heads Up, navigation bar customizations, OmniSwitch and PAC console.

Notable Features:

  • Privacy guard
  • RAM bar
  • PAC performance
  • Slim Pie

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5. CyanHacker ROM


CyanHacker is a cool custom ROM that is based on the famous LiquidSmooth firmware. CyanHacker focuses at giving users speed and stability along with tons of cool features.

CyanHacker’s features include navigation bar customizations, CyanHacker apps, lock screen customizations, Active Display, Halo, Heads Up, driving mode, lock screen notifications, theme engine, Viper4Android and status bar customizations.

Notable Features:

  • Battery saver mode
  • Gestures anywhere
  • Pie

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6. BenczeOS ROM


Another great ROM for the OnePlus One is BenczeOS ROM and it brings many great features such as animated notifications panel, 3minit battery mod and OmniSwitch.

Notable Features:

  • Smooth scrolling mod
  • Custom boot animation
  • MultiWindow Sidebar

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7. Dirty Unicorns ROMs

dirty unicorns

Dirty Unicorns is a well known custom ROM that is available for many Android devices and this is the unofficial build for the OnePlus One.

It brings various features such as Immersive mode, customizable quick settings, navigation bar options, Init.d tweaks, Active Display, ListView animations and screenshot quick trash.

Notable Features:

  • Gesture anywhere
  • Custom system animations
  • Driving mode
  • OmniSwitch

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8. DarkoBass PSD ROM


Another awesome custom ROM for the OnePlus One is DarkoBass PSD ROM and it brings all the features from the popular Paranoid Android firmware.

Notable Features:

  • Settings dark material theme
  • Advanced reboot options
  • Status bar brightness control

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9. Alphaflight ROM


Based on the latest CyanogenMod 12 source, Alphaflight ROM is also a great custom ROM that brings various cool features.

Notable Features:

  • Dalvik tweaks
  • Build.prop tweaks
  • V6 SuperCharger script

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10. LiquidSmooth ROM


LiquidSmooth is the last ROM in this list and this is a well-known custom ROM that you can find across many Android smartphones. If you’re looking for a lightweight firmware and also want many cool features, then LiquidSmooth is the right choice.

It is based on SlimROM and the Android Open Source Project and focuses on providing smoothness, speed and stability. LiquidSmooth ROM’s features include Quiet hours, Slim Pie, smart pull down, custom carrier label, Slim recents, ListView animations and Quick unlock.

Notable Features:

  • Privacy guard
  • Notification reminder
  • Glowpad torch

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There is also a new version of LiquidSmooth based on Android Lollipop, but you might get some bugs on it. You can also download it below.

download now


OnePlus has done a great job with its first Android smartphone and even though the phone brings top-notch software and hardware, you can make your device even more productive by installing a custom ROM.

Make sure that you follow the tips above and flash the ROM that best fits your needs. Feel free to post any questions in the comments area below and also let us know about your favorite custom ROMs for OnePlus One.

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  1. Wonderful list of custom roms for OnePlus one I think SlimKat custom rom deserves a spot too in the list 😉 Incase you are going to update the guide in near feature do consider the recommendation cheers 😀

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