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Days until Christmas Wallpaper Countdown Apps (3 Options)

We all have that season madness in us when Christmas is right in the corner. Christmas season is full of joy, yet our schedules are expected to be full too. That’s why we need to keep track of how many days are left to complete the wishlist of our loved ones.

The holiday season is here and we’re all excited, geared up, and have kickstarted the Christmas preparations. Christmas is only days away and we’re already getting Christmas vibes.

We want you to be motivated every waking day with some inspiring Christmas Quotes wallpapers. We want to help you keep track of the remaining days. Thus, we have collected some days until Christmas wallpapers for you. Let’s count how many sleeps left until the day with these top Christmas wallpaper apps!

Final Countdown: Best Days until Christmas Wallpaper Apps

1. Christmas Countdown with Carols – FREE

Days until Christmas - App Logo -Christmas Countdown with Carols App
App Logo Featuring A Beautiful Christmas Tree

Are you excited for Christmas 2019? We all are! Christmas Countdown with Carols made their 3D Christmas Live Wallpaper a little bit extra. They added decorative effects, awesome snowflakes falling, snows falling, and carols as its background music.  The app is quite interactive with its users. You can also change the Christmas Carols by tapping once on the screen or stop the carols by tapping the screen twice.


There is a PREMIUM version of Christmas Countdown with Carols, you can enjoy the following features if you purchase and install the full version:

  • 8 Christmas tree live wallpapers
  • Snowflake Mode
  • Day or Night Mode Customization
  • Interactive Switch between Clock and Countdown

The radiance from the digital Christmas tree brings pure joy and I’m sure you’d feel the same. To set this Christmas live wallpaper, you only have to go to Live Wallpaper and select the Clock & Countdown Lite Live Wallpaper. If you are satisfied in knowing the days until Christmas with this app, leave some suggestions to them.

Google Play

2. Christmas Countdown 2020 – FREE

App Logo

Christmas Countdown 2020 gives you the freedom to choose from their Christmas wallpaper background. You can choose whether you want to have the classic timer or the modern timer for the countdown. The new features for Christmas Countdown make everything better than its outdated app version.

Santa Claus Themed Wallpaper


You can enjoy the following with their new update:

  • Daily Christmas Quotes
  • Wish List for Christmas
  • Share Button
  • Premium Christmas Wallpapers
  • Free of ads

Get the app now and get excited waiting for the day to come!

Google Play

3. Christmas Countdown – FREE

Days until Christmas - App Logo -Christmas Countdown
App Logo

The Christmas Countdown app is one of the best Christmas wallpaper apps for you to track the days until Christmas. It gives you the exact number of days, months, and seconds until Christmas. Surely, you will not have any problems tracking the time to buy some presents for your loved ones.


The following are the notable features of the Christmas Countdown app.

  1. Daily Christmas themed HD image for wallpaper
  2. Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas tree, snowman themes
  3. Classic Christmas music and carols
  4. No ads
  5. Three countdown widgets (for premium users)

You can choose from a variation of beautiful Christmas wallpapers that features Santa Clause and his reindeers, the Snowman, and Christmas trees. You would also enjoy the classic carols in the background music. Also, this being a Christmas live wallpaper app, you will find the falling snow on the countdown screen quite relaxing.

Download the live wallpaper app now, and you will get a new gift every day! The app will giveaway amusing Christmas wallpapers and ideas to help you set the mood for Christmas.

Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you set multiple wallpapers on Android?

For default settings, you cannot use multiple wallpapers. However, the fastest android launchers might help you with your concern. These launchers allow you to customize its overall features and usability. Make sure that you download a light, fast, and FREE launcher.

What is the best Christmas Lights Wallpaper?

During the holiday season, we want our homes to light up like how the stars shine. That’s why we put up Christmas lights outside our house. There’s no better way to spend Christmas than to have a bright and colorful home. Moreover, we want to feel this Christmas spirit in our phones. Don’t worry there is best Christmas lights wallpaper available.

What are the best apps for Christmas celebration?

Christmas is the best time for family reunions and friend gatherings. We always want to be in a festive mood. Give your Android phone a treat and download the best apps for Christmas celebrations! These apps are developed mainly for the season. Bring the jolly season everywhere you go!

Download a Christmas Countdown Wallpaper now!

You would not lose track of the days until Christmas wallpaper! The live wallpapers are even interactive which makes you more excited for Christmas. Now, download an app that would cater to your taste and needs. You can also pay for the premium version of the app and enjoy the additional features.

Do you find these live wallpapers helpful? Share the article with your loved ones and wait for Christmas and Santa Claus together. Nevertheless, we would love to hear suggestions and opinions from you. You can leave your feedback in the comment section.

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