Animoji for Android

Animoji for Android: 7 Best Animoji & Memoji Apps

Is it possible to use Animoji for Android? Yes, it is possible!

Would anyone disagree with me when I say:

Everyone loves to use emojis? Probably not. It’s because people tend to express themselves better with emojis.


When Apple unveiled the iPhone X back in 2017, the introduction of “Animoji” along with it, blew the mind of many consumers and fans. Because of this, the demand for Animoji for Android went haywire.


If you’re looking for ways to download Animoji for Android, then here are a few things you need to know.


The bottom line:

The Animoji app is not compatible and will not work for Android.

However, we can get apps that have a similar feature to Animoji. After all, Android is the OS with endless possibilities.

iPhone X Animoji
iPhone X Animoji

The good news:

There are plenty of emoji apps for Android.

Here, we will show you 10 different apps that are similar to Animoji. These apps have Animoji features but works and is can be used with Android. Most especially, they are free to download:

A Few Things to Note:

  • Animojis of iPhone X use high tech Face-ID tech and its own standalone RGB camera to generate these live emojis.
  • Android doesn’t have any dedicated hardware or optimized software to create Animojis, so these apps just use the front camera.
  • Naturally, the accuracy of these apps will be far different from that of iPhone X. Unless you have any native hardware support, we can’t guarantee 100% perfection performance from these apps.

7 Best 3D Avatar Sticker Apps & Animoji for Android

Without further ado, here are 10 of the best alternative Android apps to Animoji and Memoji.

  1. 3D Avatar Creator | Bemoji
  2. Mirror Moji Maker
  3. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers
  4. Emoji Maker
  5. Bitmoji
  6. EMOJI Face Recorder

Note: This list is not arranged in any order.

Now lets take a look at the features of these Animoji for android apps in detail.

1. 3D Avatar Creator | Bemoji

Best Animoji Apps for Android- Bemoji Logo

Similar to Face Cam, this apps allows you to create a personal 3D avatar and emoji. However, with the Bemoji app, you can also make gifs from your 3D avatar! Cool right?!

Bemoji uses an AI Face recognition to accurately create your avatar. In cases where you want to enhance your avatar, you can do customization in this app.

Best Animoji Apps for Android- Bemoji

The app offers numerous fashionable outfits that will surely hit your style!

It also has multiple-face recognition to allow you to create videos with your friends and a personalized photo option.

Best Animoji Apps for Android- Bemoji
3D Avatar Creator | Bemoji

Now, the best part is…you can generate your own stickers with this app and you can send in family chats or other group chats!

Google Play

2. Mirror Moji Maker

Best Animoji Apps for Android- Mirror Avatar Maker Logo

If you love sending stickers on your WhatsApp or other messaging apps, well, you might enjoy using the Mirror Avatar Maker.

Best Animoji Apps for Android- Mirror Moji Maker
Mirror Moji Maker’s Features

In this mobile application, you would need to upload a photo and wait for it to generate your very own avatar! Additionally, you can also upload a photo with your friends and let the app create an avatar for each of you! Sound cool, right?!

Best Animoji Apps for Android- Mirror Moji Maker
Mirror Moji

Aside from being able to customize your avatar, you can also create gifs and stickers!

Here’s the best part…

You can customize the stickers and emojis with the text that you want! Also, they have a lot of sticker templates in store for you!

Google Play

3. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

Best Animoji Apps for Android- MomentCam Logo

You have probably seen this app shared by your friends before. It’s all over your news feed!

The MomentCam is famous for allowing users to have their caricatures. It is enjoyable and fun to see that you can choose what body and the genre you’d like to fit into.

Best Animoji Apps for Android- MomentCam
MomentCam’s Feature

And now, the app is even better!

You can now create your own animated cartoons and use them as stickers! This app will definitely let you express yourself more with this feature.

Best Animoji Apps for Android- MomentCam

You can even share the stickers from your camera! That’s nice!

Google Play

 4. Emoji Maker – Free Personal Animated Phone Emojis

Best Animoji Apps for Android- Emoji Maker

Emoji Maker is a versatile memoji creator that has hundreds, if not thousands of possibilities for you to make unique images.

It’s a free app with in-app purchases available for more pieces that you can use. It’s easy to use and it doesn’t require you to have the latest Android versions.

Best Animoji Apps for Android- Emoji Maker
Emoji Maker

Create sticker packs especially for WhatsApp that you can share with your family and friends. You can also use your finished creations as images for social networking sites and other chatting apps.

Besides the given face models, you can take a photo of yourself and attach silly pieces like mustaches, hats, eyes, and so much more.

Google Play

5. Bitmoji

Best Animoji Apps for Android - Bitmoji

The “Bitmoji” app by Bitstrips is one of the most popular alternative Animoji for Android. With over 100 million downloads on the Google Play store, the “Bitmoji” app is the best Animoji app like for Android.

This app offers wide app compatibility and flexibility. You can use this app with Snapchat, Messenger, Whatsapp, and other similar messaging apps. It is also compatible with Gboard, the Google Keyboard.

Best Animoji Apps for Android - Bitmoji
Bitmoji Character Creation and Stickers

Once you’re done downloading and have installed the app, you can then start making a Bitmoji, or Sprites, of yourself. To do this, simply follow the on-screen instructions and click on the record button to get your goofy emoji-face on video.

Google Play

6. EMOJI Face Recorder by Fentazy

Best Animoji Apps for Android - EMOJI Face Recorder

If you want an app that lets you record your face with different animal faces, then the “EMOJI Face Recorder” app is perfect for you. This app may not be as popular as the other two but it’s capable of giving you an Animoji like experience.

With this app, you can record your face and your emotions using various 3D animal head models.

You can be a Crocodile, a Bunny, a cute Mole, a wise Owl, or even Opossum, and many more. You can even change the background to make it more personalized and cuter if you want.

Best Animoji Apps for Android - EMOJI Face Recorder
EMOJI Face Recorder

You can also record with your voice and share your videos with any social media.

But, this app has one major downside. If you have an entry-level to a mid-range smartphone that either runs on a weak processor, you might experience some performance hiccups or lags. And that will definitely affect your overall user experience. The app will warn you about this, though, once you launch it for the first time.

Google Play


Best Animoji Apps for Android - ZEPETO

ZEPETO is one of the animoji apps for android that you’ll love. You can choose from preset characters or take a photo to get an animoji that looks like you.

The customization options are amazing. You can choose from different hairstyles, accessories, outfits, and more.

Best Animoji Apps for Android - ZEPETO

And one more thing:

ZEPETO gives you daily login rewards that you can use to buy more customization items. Of course, you can spend money and purchase items instantly. But ZEPETO gives you a chance to farm gold coins by completing quests.

Google Play

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Related Questions Most People Ask About

How to get Animoji for Android?

Animoji is not available for Android. It’s a built-in feature that’s only available for iPhone X and on iMessage. You can, however, use alternative apps that have similar functions.

Is Animoji available on Android?

Unfortunately, no. Animoji is a feature exclusive to iPhone X and future iPhone devices.

How to create Animoji on Android?

To create Animoji on Android, you have to download and install apps the have the same or somewhat similar function. Have you tried the 4 alternative apps to Animoji that we listed here yet?

Can Animoji be sent to Android?

Animoji is basically nothing more than just a video. So technically, you can send Animoji to anyone, whether they use a Windows phone, iPhone, or an Android device.

When is Android getting Animoji?

As of this writing, there is no information yet available about Google’s desire to have Animoji or something similar as a built-in feature for Android. They do, however, offer an alternative to Animoji called “Gboard Minis.” Basically, this is a feature that’s built-in within Gboard. It’s a sticker pack created based on your own appearance.

What is Animoji?

Animoji are animated versions of popular emoji characters that have been customized. Face ID facial recognition software is used to create 3D emoji that mimic your own facial emotions. Other third-party companies have adapted the Animoji technology to make 3D emojis available to users of older Android smartphones.

Unicorn And Cheeseburger Repeating Talk-Back Toy

Are you a fan of these Animoji characters? Fancy having some of them at home? Check out these talk-back toy characters based on the popular characters of Animoji, Unicord, and Cheeseburger.

Animoji Tak-back recording toy
Mojimoto Animoji Repeating Talk-Back Toy

Animoji for Android – Android Users’ Woes for Animoji

All in all, there are various ways to get the Animoji experience to Android. However, there’s no denying the fact that Animoji will stay exclusively for iPhone and iMessenger.

Google has already taken steps to address the woes of Android fans for an Android version of Animoji. They offered a feature called “Gboard Minis” as an alternative for Animoji. Basically, these are stickers based on your own emotions and appearance.

So, if this somehow quenches your thirst for an Animoji for Android, then that’s great. Additionally, Google has already expanded its GBoardMini Stickers with “Emoji Minis.”

Ultimately, Google’s “Minis” built-in to the GBoard is the closest thing to Apple’s Animoji and Memoji that Android users and fans are going to get for now.

Have you tried our recommended apps yet? Have you also tried Google’s very own alternative to Animoji, “Gboard Minis?” Do you have a suggestion that you want us to know about? Do hit us in the comment section below!

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    Your review being half a year ago , perhaps it has been withdrawn/updated/renamed, who knows.

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