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How to Download Manual for Nexus 7: Salvation in Your Pocket

The Nexus 7 is interesting because the tablet has a similar manual over many carriers. Whereas phones tend to have manuals that differ drastically from carrier to carrier, many of the Nexus 7 carriers such as Verizon simply provide the standard Google Nexus 7 Quickstart guide on their sites.

I’m sure you started customizing your tablet with some cool Nexus 7 cases or even with the more extreme accessories for the tablet, but your manual is the most important thing to keep on you at all times.

I scoured the internet for the most helpful Nexus 7 manuals and found three sources. Let’s take a look at how to download manual for Nexus 7.

Method 1: The Asus Website

Asus is one of the primary makers of the Nexus 7, so it’s no surprise that they have their own manual. This manual page is my favorite because it gives you plenty of language options.

Step 1

Go to the Asus website to find the manual links. Click on the option that best suits you for your language.

global nexus 7 manual from asus

Step 2

Open the manual in your own browser window or save it to your computer. You might also want to print it out.

Method 2: The T-Mobile Website

The T-Mobile guide varies slightly from the other manuals you will find online. If you have a T-Mobile Nexus 7 then I would recommend downloading this option as opposed to the others.

Step 1

Go to the T-Mobile Nexus 7 manual page.

Step 2

Click on the View button to see the manual in your browser, or click on the Download button to save it to your computer. That’s just about it when it comes to the T-Mobile Nexus 7 manual.

view or download nexus 7 manual

Method 3: The Google Guide

This method is quick and simple, but it might not give you everything you need for your tablet. It’s a more general guide for handling Android on your tablet and getting accustomed to the interface. Lots of carriers simply provide this guide on their sites, so if you have a Verizon tablet or some other carrier then you can expect to find this on their sites.

There’s only one step. Click on this link and install the Nexus 7 Android Quickstart Guide on your device. That’s it!


The Nexus 7 is filled with opportunity, and the manual allows you to push the device to its full potential. If you can’t locate your manual or you simply purchased a secondhand tablet then you will want to download manual for Nexus 7 for troubleshooting and other tasks.

Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about how to download manual for Nexus 7. After that, move onto customizing your Nexus 7 even more with the best ROMs for the tablet. You might even be interested in testing out the new Android L on your device.

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