download manual for Samsung Galaxy S3

How to Download Manual for Samsung Galaxy S3

I looked at my mom’s Honda CRV manual the other day to figure out how to connect her phone to the car’s bluetooth system. This got me realizing how powerful a manual is for just about any product, and the same goes for your phone. When I downloaded the Samsung Galaxy S3 manual I realized that I was missing out on tons of features or forgot about a few that are useful on a daily basis.

In short, when you download manual for Samsung Galaxy S3 it gives you directions on how to change your ringtones, reset your phone and even download apps for videos and other content. The Samsung Galaxy S3 cases and accessories are great for customizing your phone, but the true changes come with the little booklet you can download online.

The manual is available for free on the Samsung site, and it takes just a few steps to get it. Let’s take a look.

Step 1

Navigate to the Samsung website and select the proper model of your phone in order to get the right manual. There are plenty of options so choose your model below.

Verizon Wireless Galaxy S3

T-Mobile Galaxy S3

Sprint Galaxy S3

Straight Talk Galaxy S3

Boost Mobile Galaxy S3

Feel free to search the site if your particular phone is not on this list.

Step 2

Scroll down and locate the Owner’s Manual link on the right hand side, under the Ownership header.

manual link

Step 3

Select the PDF button for your desired manual. They usually give you a few options. This particular model gives you manuals in both English and Spanish.

pdf button

Step 4

A pop-up comes up that asks you to Send the PDF somewhere. Click the Send button to open the PDF in your browser or save it on your PC. That’s it!

send button


When you download manual for Samsung Galaxy S3 it gives you the know-how you need to maximize your phone’s full potential. You can’t always find everything online, but the manual gives you details on what you need to know about your phone if you are in an emergency. It’s also nice if you lost your manual after you bought the phone or if you bought a phone that was used before. Regardless, once you download manual for Samsung Galaxy S3 it makes it just a bit easier to feel knowledgeable about the device.

When you are done going through the steps to download manual for Samsung Galaxy S3 move onto great apps for the S3 and customization tips you probably never knew about.

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