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How to Download Manual for Samsung Galaxy S5: A Smart PDF

Similar to having a manual for your car or your favorite new video game, it’s nice to have your phone’s manual to complete tasks to make your phone a bit cooler. Sometimes you need to reset your Galaxy S5 or learn how to download apps for videos or photos. Regardless, the S5 is packed with features and the only way to learn about them all is to download manual for Samsung Galaxy S5.

To get started you simply have to navigate to the Samsung website, since all of the manuals are provided in PDF format for free. You just download the PDF and open it in your browser or save it to your computer. After that feel free to print the manual if that works better for you. Let’s take a look at how to download manual for Samsung Galaxy S5.

Step 1

Navigate to the Samsung product page to view the different products they sell. Each phone has its own page, but you need to find the correct model and carrier for your phone. Click on one of the links below depending on your phone.

AT&T Galaxy S5

Verizon Wireless Galaxy S5

Sprint Galaxy S5

T-Mobile Galaxy S5

Cricket Galaxy S5

If you don’t find your model on this list then just complete a simple search on the Samsung website and it should bring up the right page.

Step 2

Scroll down to the link that says Owner’s Manual. This is found underneath the Ownership title on the right. Click on this and it directs you to the manual list.

manual link

Step 3

The next step gives you all of the manuals available on the site. This particular S5 phone provides manuals for Spanish and English-speaking customers (It also gives health and safety guides). Click on the PDF button for the manual that you want to download.

pdf button for s5

Step 4

The next window brings up a little disclaimer, but you can just click on the Send button in order to open up the PDF manual in your browser. That’s it! If you want to download the PDF manual on your computer just right-click and save the document as whatever you want.

manual send


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is filled with features that you might have never heard of. When you download manual for Samsung Galaxy S5 it opens up tons of possibilities. Most people download the manuals when they have already thrown out the one that came with their new phone. It’s also nice if you purchased your S5 off eBay or some other secondhand store.

Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about how to download manual for Samsung Galaxy S5. Once you’re done with this process move onto the next article for taking a screenshot on your Galaxy S5 or rooting the phone.

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