How to Use Samsung Smart Switch with Windows PC or Mac

So you got yourself a brand new Samsung phone, that’s nice!


You couldn’t figure out or know a way to easily transfer your files from your old phone to your new Galaxy phone.

Fret not!

Samsung made that easy for you with their Samsung Smart Switch technology.

What Is Samsung Smart Switch

samsung smart switch pc
Easily Transfer Files

Samsung Smart Switch is designed to help you migrate your contacts, photos, messages, notes, calendars, media files, and more from your old phone to your new Samsung Galaxy device seamlessly.

So, if you ever find yourself asking and wondering, “How to get my files from my old phone to my new Samsung Galaxy phone?” Then this article is for you. There are basically 3 possible ways to use Samsung Smart Switch and it is either via USB Cable Connection, Wi-Fi, or PC.

For this article, we will discuss how to use Samsung Smart Switch with Windows PC or Mac. But before anything else, every step that is mentioned here requires that you have downloaded and installed the correct Samsung Smart Switch for your computer’s platform. If not, you can download the Samsung Smart Switch here.

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How to Use Samsung Smart Switch with Mac Computer

Before anything else, we strongly recommend creating a backup of your old device first. Also, it’s a good idea to know up front what types of data are eligible for transfer. Sometimes you will find it necessary to disable your firewall or other security tools on your Mac in order for the Smart Switch to run properly.

samsung smart switch on mac
Mac Laptop

1. Run Smart Switch

Launch the Samsung Smart Switch.

2. Connect Old Device

Connect your old phone to your Mac via USB cable.

Note: If your computer doesn’t recognize your phone, go the Smart Switch button labeled More and click on Reinstall the device driver.

Samsung Smart Switch Modal
Samsung Smart Switch Modal

3. Choose Backup

Backup your apps, settings, and files. You can also restore an iTunes or iCloud backup on your desktop to Samsung device.

samsung backup
Smart Backup

4. Connect New Galaxy

Next is to connect your Galaxy to your Mac computer.

5. Press Restore

Once connected, opt to restore. In this stage, Click “Select a Different Backup” and choose “Select a Backup to Restore.” Once done, simply specify the source and then click “OK.”

Apple iCloud ID
Apple iCloud ID

6. Choose Restore Now

Once done, click “Restore Now” and tada! You’ve transferred files from your old phone to your new Samsung Galaxy device.

How to Use Samsung Smart Switch with Windows PC

The process of transferring files with Windows PC is quite similar to the process using a Mac computer. However, both mobile devices need to be running on Android OS 4.3 or later and your PC should at least be running on Windows XP (Service Pack 2) or later.

Furthermore, you need to ensure that the files that you want to transfer are supported. You can read more about that here.

Last but not least, it is also best to disable your computer’s anti-virus, anti-malware, firewall, and other security tools. This is to ensure that the Samsung Smart Switch will work properly.

Deactivate Security Measures
Deactivate Security Measures

Once you’re ready, simply download and install the appropriate Samsung Smart Switch software for Windows PC.

1. Connect Old Device

Connect the phone, where you want to get the files from, to your Windows PC via USB cable.

2. Select Backup

Click on the “MORE” button in the upper-right corner and proceed to “Preferences.” If you want to selectively pick items to backup, click on the “Backup items” tab.

3. Tap Allow then OK

Allow access permissions on your phone. Then wait for the backup to finish, once it’s done, you’ll receive a breakdown of what was accomplished. Click “OK” to acknowledge the backup.

4. Connect New Device

Accept the License Agreement.

5. Choose Backup or Restore Now

If you want to restore a different backup, click “Select a Different Backup” then “Select a Backup to Restore.”

6. Allow Permissions then Click OK

Go to your phone to allow permissions in order to complete the restoration. After that, Smart Switch will notify you what data has been successfully restored.

Use Samsung Smart Switch for Data Synchronization

Smart Switch also allows you to synchronize your contacts and schedule across various devices with either Windows Outlook or MAC Address Book and iCal. To do this, you need to do is follow a few simple steps:

1. Launch Smart Switch

You can use Smart Switch to sync your calendar, contacts, and to-do list.

Smart synchronisation
Smart synchronisation

2. Connect Device to PC then Click Outlook Sync

Connect your device to your PC. Once connected, proceed to “MORE” then to “Smart Switch Help.”

Smart Switch Help UI
Smart Switch Help UI

3. Specify what to Sync

You can specify if you want to sync calendar, contacts, or To-Do List.

4. Choose Folders to Sync and Press Sync Now

Once you’ve specified what to sync, select folders to sync then click “OK.” Once you are done, you will be able to manage your schedule from anywhere, any device, and any time.

What Other People Ask

Will Samsung Smart Switch preserve my score on certain game apps?

Unfortunately, no. Games apps that are linked to your Google Play accounts or your social media accounts are the only ones that can preserve and retain your high score regardless of what phone or device you use.

Use Samsung Smart Switch to Update Samsung Galaxy Devices

You can also use this software to update your Galaxy device to the latest firmware and software. All you have to do is connect your Galaxy device to your respective computer and an update window will pop up if an update is available. Otherwise, you can do so by going to the “Update” tab and clicking “Update.”

Can You Update Rooted Samsung Galaxy Device with Samsung Smart Switch?

You can’t. If you update a rooted Samsung Galaxy device with Samsung Smart Switch, the device will be updated but you will lose its rooted status. Otherwise, there are other ways to update a rooted phone.

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with Samsung Smart Switch, are you ready to make the switch? If so, we highly recommend checking out Samsung’s 2019 flagship phone. The Samsung Galaxy S10+.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

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Samsung Smart Switch – No Fuss Over Transferring Data!

If you are switching phones, especially from iOS to Samsung, you might be apprehensive about losing all the apps you are used to using on a daily basis. While there is no magical solution that will make iOS apps compatible with Android OS, Samsung Smart Switch offers a way to make the transition a little easier. It will help you transfer or find your favorite apps, or at least apps that are similar.

How would you rate your Smart Switch experience? Do you prefer a different program? If so, what is it? Comment to let us know!

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