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How to See Downloads in Chrome for Android

Google Chrome is the most secure and popular internet browser app for any operating systems, especially for Android. If you still don’t have chrome as your browser, you can download it through here:


If you love downloading files, then Google Chrome is probably the first app you would use to download. To help you find and manage your downloads in Chrome, we listed out the best and simplest methods.

Downloading files on your mobile device usually happens within your internet browser. So, if you are using Chrome to download some files, then here are the four methods you can do:

  • Notification Bar
  • Google Chrome App
  • Enter URL
  • Using Download Manager App

Let’s start discussing each method and their step-by-step guide to see downloads in chrome for android.

Notification bar

Step 1: Check the notification

Tap on the notification bar at the top of your screen. Drag it down until it shows the list of notifications.

Open notification bar

Step 2: Tap on the File

If your phone has some updates relating to other apps, it will be shown on a list. Look for the Chrome logo, a check mark, or an arrow pointing downward. If you can’t still find it, look for the one on the notifications list that has the filename you downloaded.

Notification list

Step 3: Download the file

Tap on the filename or icon then waits for the chrome to pop-up. Then, there you will find your downloads in Chrome.

Download page in Chrome

Google Chrome App

If you would like to see the file you downloaded days ago or if there’s no notification about your downloads. Then the best thing to do is to go through the download page of Chrome itself. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome

Open your Chrome app by going through your app list and tapping on the Chrome icon.

Open Chrome app

Step 2: Access Chrome Settings page

When you’re already in chrome, you can see the download page by tapping on the three-dotted button at the top-right corner of the app.

Open Chrome settings

Step 3: Open the Download Page

After tapping the three-dotted button, you’ll see a dropdown menu and look for Downloads.

Open download in Chrome

Step 4: View Download Page

Then, it will show you the download page of chrome where you’ll find your downloads listed by date.

Download page in Chrome

Enter URL

Another not-so-popular way of viewing your downloads in chrome is by using a specific URL to go to the download page. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Open Google Chome

As usual, open your Chrome app by going through your app list and tap on the Chrome icon.

Open Chrome app

Step 2: Type the URL

Just like when you want to surf a certain website, type in chrome://downloads or chrome://download-internals/ on your address bar.

Chrome address bar

Step 3: View Downloads

Downloads list in Chrome

After entering the given URL, tap Go or Enter then it will take you to the download page where you can see the list of your downloads and their status.

Using Download Manager App

This last method is very convenient if you have multiple downloads. There’s an app called Download Manager which makes it easy to manage downloads in your Android device. It shows all the downloads you have on your browsers including Chrome. You can download it through here:

Download Manager on Google Play

Step 1: Download the App

Go through the above Google Play button to download the app. It will show you the app details and then tap on Install.

Download Manager details

Step 2: Wait for the Download

Wait for the app to finish downloading before you can install it.

Installing Download Manager

Step 3: Open the App

  • Once the app is installed. Open the app by tapping on the Open button.
Open Download Manager
  • For first-time users of this app, it will show you the Privacy Policy page of the App. Press OK to continue.
App’s Privacy policy
  • Another pop-up will show to ask your permission to let the app access your files. This will only show the first time you run the app. Press Allow.
Allow app access
  • Then, there you go! It will show you a complete list of downloaded files in your device through its default download location.
View downloaded files


Where can I download Android apps?

You can download and install Android apps by going through your Google Play app or type on the address bar of your browser.

Can I clear downloaded apps on Chrome?

Not really. If you want to delete existing apps on your Android phone, here’s a detailed article that will help you clear downloaded apps on Android Phones.

How can I change the download location?

You can change your download location by opening the app. Tap on the three-dotted button on the top right corner. Tap on Downloads. Tap on the gear icon. Then, tap Ask where to save files.

Final Thoughts

We all love downloading files, apps, music, videos or anything from our browsers. But, beware of untrusted websites or downloads that appear on your browser. Nowadays, it’s not only about harmful viruses that could damage the software of our devices that we should be wary of.

There is also the risk of phishing or fraudulent apps or files that would attempt to steal personal or sensitive information that is saved in our devices. So, always be sure that whatever you download on your Android phone is safe from any malware.

What’s your favorite way to download files on Android? Share in the comments below!

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