Dropbox vs Google Drive: Android – Which App Wins?

A Battle in the Cloud

I always need to modify documents and store files without having to worry about losing anything or running out of space. This got me thinking about the two most popular cloud storage apps: Dropbox and Google Drive. Which one is the best? Do users have a preference, and are there any restrictions that make one or the other unworkable for your profession?

Let’s take a look at which areas each cloud storage app excels in and where they falter.

Our Ratings:

Google Drive: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Dropbox: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Google Play Ratings and Links:

Google Drive: 4.3 out of 5 stars

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Dropbox: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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The Good

Both Google Drive and Dropbox have nice interfaces that link directly into your computer, making it easy to back up all your files. Dropbox doesn’t haven’t any restrictions in terms of file sizes.

Google Drive has three payment options: one for free, one to receive 100GB and another to get 1TB.

The Bad

Google Drive has a 10GB file upload limitation. Dropbox only has one paid plan, and a limited free storage option, however you can earn some additional free storage with a bit of effort on your end.

The Bottom Line

Since Google Drive comes with a full online office suite it wins in my book. Dropbox’s interface is clean and simple, but I don’t want to run around and invite all of my friends in order to receive free storage. They are both great for storing files. I actually received free additional storage on Google Drive for buying a Chromebook. Keep in mind that the main reason many people opt for Dropbox is because they want to upload huge files.

Max File Sizes and Storage Interface– Google Drive Wins

Google Drive has a maximum on the file size you can upload to the app, but with 10GB, you should be just fine. If you are looking to upload larger files, Dropbox is definitely the choice for you, since they don’t restrict you at all.

dropbox interface

Even though Google Drive restricts how large each upload can be, it still excels in the storage area. You start with 15GB of free storage, blowing the 2GB given by Dropbox out of the water. Sure you can get more free storage from Dropbox but it requires you to beg your friends to sign up for the service, which is often a pain.

google drive interface

The Dropbox interface is great for storage and sharing, but I don’t like the payment structure it has. You can only pay for 1TB at $10 per month, leaving everyone who wants less storage in the dust. Google Drive also offers the 1TB option, but you can opt for the 100GB option as well, which is available for $2 per month.

dropbox sharing and setting

Online Office Suite – Google Drive Wins

This is the area where Google Drive truly excels. Since Dropbox is more of just a storage solution you don’t get the powerful options for viewing all of your files in the app or even editing them on the go. With Dropbox you might get a message like this when trying to view your documents:


However, with Google Drive you receive a full online office suite, making it easy to edit Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents through your Android phone or tablet. Feel free to send these documents wherever you want or share them with other people. So in short, Google Drive brings together the power of document editors or storage services. You really can’t beat it for productivity.

open doc in google drive

Earning Additional Storage and Other Feature – Dropbox Wins

Like stated before, Dropbox wins in the area of earning additional storage, because Google Drive doesn’t even offer this. However, Dropbox also has some nifty storage and syncing features to keep you organized and make sure you backup everything on your computer and phone. To start, you can tag your favorite files, making it easier to access them while offline. This would come in handy for any professional who accesses a few files on a consistent basis.

dropbox favorites

Dropbox also has a feature similar to what Google Plus does. It links to your camera and automatically backs up every picture you take. I could have used this a few months ago when I accidentally cleared all the pictures off my phone. Pair this with a cool camera app to save images that look great.

dropbox photo feature

Support – Close, but Dropbox Wins

You can find support in both Dropbox and Google Drive apps, but I find it easier to contact the support teams through a laptop or PC. Both websites offer dedicated forums, FAQs and areas to contact the support teams. The only reason I put Dropbox ahead of Google Drive in terms of support is because cloud storage is all Dropbox focuses on. I know from experience that if you write in to the Google support team it takes a while for them to figure out what product you are trying to find support for.

Dropbox also has a Getting Started pdf in your files once you download the app.

dropbox support

App Permissions – Dropbox Wins

Dropbox can tap into your accounts and contacts. Google Drive accesses these things as well , but it also has access to your messages such as emails and SMS messages. These kind of permissions are expected from cloud storage services, but keep them in mind in case you have questions about privacy.


That’s all there is to it for the Dropbox vs Google Drive battle. I have used both services in the past, but always resort back to Google Drive since I don’t go past the maximum file size upload and I really enjoy working in Google Docs and the other Office options.

Let me know in the comments section if you have any questions about Google Drive, Dropbox or any other cloud storage app. What’s next? Pair your cloud storage system with a backup app so you never lose anything on your phone.

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