5 Best Endoscope Cameras for Android Phones in 2021

Do you ever wonder how it would be like to be able to look at the nooks and crevices of your house, appliances, car, and more? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore, since you can check all those spaces with the best endoscope camera for Android.

Here’s the thing:

We have always loved how we could use an Android smartphone for almost anything. It is so flexible that you can even use your phone as a CCTV camera.

Cool, right?

But that’s not all of it. There are also some endoscope and thermal imaging cameras for Android that you can use to check problems around your house.


With endoscopes, you can inspect small spaces like drainpipes, air conditioners, among others, without sweat, and it’s easily installed and connected through your device’s OTG USB port and its Wi-Fi.

Now, that looks exciting!

Searching for the best endoscope camera for Android phones might be troublesome and time-consuming. So, we have gathered a list of the best Android Endoscopes that work well with your smartphone.

Feel free to see what does well with yours, and if it doesn’t, there is still more to explore.


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Without any further ado, let’s get down to it!

The Best Endoscope Cameras for Android Phones

Best OverallDepstech 5.0 MP USB-C Endoscope
CheapestDepstech 5.0 MP USB-C Endoscope
Best Value for MoneyKZYEE
Highly RecommendedDEPSTECH 5.0MP Wi-Fi Endoscope for Android
Runner UpsBlueFire
Best endoscope cameras for Android

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Best Android Endoscopes For Smartphones

Note: We noticed that most apps for endoscopes are having problems recently. It might work on some devices, but not all of them.

For those who want the wireless endoscopes we got below, try using the “HD WIFI” app on your device and see if it works.

Best Endoscope Camera for Android - HD WIFI App

If you have another app in mind that is stable and useful for these endoscope cameras for Android, we would be grateful if you can share your thoughts on the comments section below.

Also, it is essential to read the device instructions carefully and how to connect them to your phone. You might have tinkered with some settings that you shouldn’t change, and that’s why you’re encountering problems.

1. Depstech 5.0 MP USB-C Endoscope

Best Endoscope Camera for Android - DEPSTECH USB Endoscope
Waterproof Inspection Camera

This new USB-C Endoscope can work with any Type-C or micro-USB interface. It has a semi-rigid cable that can bend and hold its shape while viewing in confined places.

With its 8.5mm camera, reaching the crooks and corners of your house won’t be difficult. Also, it works on Android 4.4+ devices that support OTG and UVC functions.


Highest Resolution2592 x 1944
Sensor5.0 MP
CompatibilityWindows, Mac, Smartphones via USB

For the camera to work on your Android, we recommend using the “USB CAMERA” app. Download the app by clicking the Google Play button below.

Best Endoscope Camera for Android - USB CAMERA

Now, it is also very vital to positioning the camera in different angles. Its IP67 waterproof camera is suitable for underwater inspection and damp or wet places.

The USB Endoscope from DEPSTECH has six adjustable LED lights on the camera, providing better image quality in different environments. It has a super high vision 5 megapixel CMOS sensor camera that can capture clear images and quality videos with a resolution of 2592×1944.

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2. DEPSTECH 5.0MP Wi-Fi Endoscope for Android

Best Endoscope Camera for Android - DEPSTECH 5.0 MP Wireless
DEPSTECH Wireless Endoscope

This one was the best seller product even now, and there are many reasons why this particular product is the one that would save you all the trouble while you do an inspection at home and work.

This DEPSTECH 5.0 MP Endoscope camera for Android is wireless, so you don’t have to carry an extra adapter or cable to do the job. It produces its Wi-Fi signal to connect your Android phone.

Unlike its previous version, this camera has a button to capture images easier. Meanwhile, it works perfectly with Android 4.2+ and iOS 8.0+ smartphone.


Highest Resolution2592×1944
Focal Range2.76 inch to 15.7 inch
Cable16.5 ft Semi-Rigid Cable
Battery Life1500mAh

This endoscope camera for Android is suitable for all kinds of conditions such as damp and wet areas and can display distinct images from low light and dark places with its 2592×1944 resolution.

With its thin diameter and long cable, it can easily fit through small cracks and holes where your hands and eyes can’t reach. Its camera comes with with a semi-bendable cable that can bend easily in any confined place.

It also has six adjustable blue LED lights on its camera tip to improve the lighting in dark or low light areas. Hence, better image quality.

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3. BlueFire

Best Endoscope Camera for Android - BlueFire
BlueFire IP67 Waterproof Borescope

Aside from the DEPSTECH Wireless Android Endoscope, this product is also the best choice in the market. This BlueFire Endoscope for Android uses the latest Advanced Wi-Fi technology, and it’s widely compatible once you connect to its Wi-Fi.

Unlike other traditional Endoscopes in the market, this WIFI endoscope can support iPhones above IOS 6/ iPads and Android Phones above 4.4 or Samsung smartphones/ tablets. It also supports 2-4 cell phones or iPad/tablet simultaneously.

This Endoscope, please note, cannot support video recording for the IOS system lower than 8.0, and the other thing is, please don’t reset the Wi-Fi password by yourself, or otherwise, the Endoscope will be useless.


Highest Resolution1280×720
Sensor2MP CMOS
Cable33 ft Semi-Rigid Cable
Battery Life500mAh

Just like the Depstech one, it has a waterproof camera but with a diameter of 8mm, which is in a right way smaller than it. This 10-meter-long BlueFire Endoscope has a semi-rigid cable that can allow you to control the direction of the camera, particularly in small confined spaces where it’s hard to see.

That’s pretty neat!

It comes with a 2 megapixels CMOS HD camera for HD videos and pictures, and it even has six adjustable LED lights around the camera so you can see clearly through the dark spaces.

Please note that it’s normal for the camera to turn hot, especially when the LED is at its brightest, although this will not affect the lifespan of this Endoscope.

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Best Endoscope Camera for Android - KYZEE
KZYEE Wireless Endoscope

It is one of the endoscopes sold in the market that have the smallest size camera without sacrificing camera performance.

You can use this inspection camera for the pipeline maintenance, vent pipe, engine automotive, sewer detection, air-conditioning, parts assembly, lifespan, construction sites, etc.

The camera head meets with the IP67 waterproof level, can do underwater inspection work. Its diameter is 5.5mm, which means that it beats the Depstech Wireless and BlueFire in terms of size and can fit inside the most confined places that the others can’t go.


Highest Resolution1920 x 1080
Sensor2MP 1080p CMOS Camera Chip
Cable16.5 ft Semi-Rigid Cable
Battery Life450mAh

It has a few practical tools like a magnet, a hook that helps to get objects in hard-to-reach places. The mirror helps you to view different angles of the area.

It comes with six pieces of adjustable blue LED lights on the camera tip. The 6500K daylight 1080P Endoscope provides a beautiful smooth image and HD video coverage in low light and dark places, which is like seeing a film.

The KYZEE endoscope camera for Android also has adjustable resolutions of 1920×1080, 1280×720, 640×480 to choose between for a sharp full-screen experience.

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Best Endoscope Camera for Android - THZY
THZY 2.0 MP Wireless Endoscope

This Android Endoscope can perform various application at home and work such as car repair and maintenance, science education and outdoor exploration, inspection of hard to reach items.

This Wi-Fi Android Endoscope supports Android above 2.3 and the iPhone IOS system above 6.0.


Sensor2MP CMOS Camera Chip
Cable33 ft Semi-Rigid Cable

It has an IP67 camera that works in water, but don’t submerge it more than 25 minutes and no deeper than 3.3Ft. It has a camera head of 8mm in diameter and a 10-meter chord or 3.5 that is semi-flexible.

It also has 6 LED that significantly reduces image overexposure. Its camera features 2 Megapixels HD, with three adjustable resolutions 320×240, 640×480, 1280×720.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Android endoscope?

An Android Endoscope is a smaller version of an endoscope designed and created to work with Micro Type-B USB devices such as an Android phone.

What is the best endoscope camera for Android?

In our list, the best endoscope camera for us is the Depstech USB-C Android Endoscope. It got a 5.0 MP camera that can capture clear images and quality videos with a resolution of 2592×1944.

Where to buy an Android endoscope?

You can find one on Amazon. We highly recommend to check out BlueFire Semi-Rigid Flexible Wireless Endoscope and the DEPSTECH USB Endoscope for Android on Amazon.


Endoscope cameras are helpful if you’re having problems in places you can’t reach usually. With these devices, looking through small spaces like drainpipes isn’t a problem.

While most of these devices are great on their own, we can’t find any app that is stable enough to work with these devices. The closest one we found was the “HD WIFI” app, but it doesn’t work with some phones.

Did you manage to find the Endoscope that works for your Android smartphone? If you found another that works even better, please let us know about it in the comment section below!

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  1. These wifi endoscopes cannot function on present Android, as of April 2020 none of the apps work and the endoscopes are money wasted. Having spent a long time trying to work around it I submit there is no good news about the issue on any forum or Google review and I will have to return the product.

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