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The Evolution of Google Pay: Android Pay and Google Wallet

Are you interested in a digital wallet app called Google Pay? Well then, read on to know everything you need to know about GPay.

Here’s the thing:

We use our smart devices in everything that we do every day. While doing school works, work tasks, and daily tasks.

Also, we can even use our smartphones when we go shopping to have cashless payments. Now, if you are looking for a way to do this, then installing a digital wallet app is the answer. But with a ton of virtual wallet apps available in the market, you might be having a hard time finding the best one for yourself.

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In this article, we will be talking about one of the best and well-known digital wallet app we found. It’s an app offered by Google LLC called Google Pay (GPay).

We tried and tested this app to let you know the pros and cons of using GPay.

But, before we get into discussing how this app is worth trying, we want to inform you of how this app came to be. So, if you wish to be more informed about Google Pay, then let us get started.

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The Evolution of Google Pay

Before Google Pay came to be, there were two applications called Android Pay and Google Wallet.

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Google Wallet Logo and Android Pay Logo


Google Wallet was the first one that was released by Google in 2011 as a payment service app. It was supported by NFC payment for goods and services.

This app was a virtual wallet where users were able to transfer their money and turn it into digital cash. Google Wallet became a service where users can send and receive money quickly and easily. Also, it was used in paying products that were purchased in partner stores that accept Google Wallet payments.

Then, in 2015, Google decided to release another app called Android Pay. After releasing this app, Google decided to change the use of Google Wallet. Since Android Pay’s main purpose was to pay for online and real-world purchases, Google Wallet’s use changed into user-to-user only transactions.

google pay logo

After that, in 2018, Google released an app that merged Google Wallet and Android Pay called Google Pay. Due to this, Google decided to discontinue the two former applications.

Key Features

Now that you know how Google Pay came to be, we want to inform you more about this app. In line with this, we listed some of the key features this app contains.

So, here is the list of those features:

  • Quickly and easily send and receive money from anyone, anywhere, and at any time.
  • Shop in online stores without having to re-enter your payment information at check out.
  • Have worry-free transactions since this app has multiple layers of security.
  • Pay with your phone in partner physical stores.
  • Get debit and credit card perks by obtaining a Google Pay VISA card.
  • Have access to loyalty cards, exclusive offers, and more.
  • Real-time notifications of every account transactions are available.

After learning more about this app, if you are intrigued and drawn to check it out and download it, then press the Play Store button we placed below.

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download Google Pay on Google Play

Advantages of Using Google Pay

But still, if you are not persuaded to try Google Pay after learning its key features, then you should take into consideration these advantages we discovered.

1. Faster Payments Online

faster payments online
Shopping Online

Google Pay is partnered with a ton of online stores. These particular shops accept Google Pay as payment for when customers purchase goods and services from them.

To let you know about these shops, you can check out this link.

It offers transactions that are simple and hassle-free, paying online is fast and can be done in a single click. Re-entering payment information is unnecessary because using Google Pay will handle everything.

2. Google Pay Rewards

As you purchase various goods and services from partner stores, some shops offer rewards and loyalty points. These can mostly be exchanged for items that you can choose from in these particular partner stores.

To let you have a gist of the partner shops that offer rewards, here are a few of them:

  • Best Buy
  • Walgreens
  • Panera
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Baskin Robbins
  • McDonald’s
  • Jamba Juice
  • White Castle
  • Chevron
  • Texaco

3. Google Pay to Other Virtual Wallet Apps Transactions

google pay to other digital wallet apps
PayPal, Samsung Pay, and Venmo Logos

Google Pay provides user-to-user transactions, but that is not the only thing it can do. GPay also lets users transact with other virtual wallet apps such as PayPal, Samsung Pay, and Venmo.

4. Google Pay to Bank Transactions

Sending money to a bank account can quickly and easily be done with this app. You can even receive money from any bank accounts. So bank transfers are no problem when using GPay.

Also, you can connect personal bank accounts with your GPay account. By doing this, you can use your debit or credit cards in online transactions in a much secure and safer way.

Now, if you want to know the bank accounts you can link and transact with, then here is a short list:

  • Bank of America
  • HSBC
  • Citi Bank
  • Bank of Scotland
  • PNC
  • Halifax
  • First Direct
  • TD Bank
  • BPI
  • Wells Fargo
  • American Express


By recommending this app, we also have to be honest. That is why we also want to inform you of the disadvantages you might encounter as you use Google Pay. So, here are the disadvantages we have found.

1. All Transactions are tied to your Smartphone

paying at a store using GPay
Paying at a store using Google Pay

Since Google Pay is an app that lets you have the use of debit and credit cards, you can not use it if you do not have your phone in your hands.

This may seem like a small disadvantage, but what if there is a time that you left your phone? What if your phone’s battery is drained? There would be no way for you to access GPay to settle any of your bills.

2. Limited to Certain Countries

GPay is offered and can be used in a lot of countries, but that does not erase the fact that it cannot be used in lots of countries. So, all of the advantages it offers does not mean anything if it cannot be used in the country you reside in.

Also, if you are planning to travel, it is not advised to use rely on this app. This is because GPay might not be supported in the country you are planning to go to.

3. Limited Shops Accept Google Pay

We have got to admit:

GPay is not accepted in every store. This is quite a problem if your reason for using GPay is to not bring any physical cash or cards. In line with this, you are only limited to go to shops that accept GPay. Another problem arises if the physical stores you go to suddenly inform you in check out that their Google Pay payment is down.

So, we highly suggest that you do not solely depend on Google Pay when you go out to shop.

Questions People Also Ask

Which stores accept Google Pay?

There are a lot of stores that accept Google Pay as payment especially online. We have previously discussed these shops in a separate article. If you want to know these stores, then you can check out the article by pressing the link we placed below.

Is it safe to use Google Pay?

Yes. All information you have inserted in your Google Pay account is encrypted. Also, Google Pay’s data are kept in a secure server. So, you can be sure that an info leak will not happen.

Can you use PayPal on Google pay?

Yes. You can connect your PayPal account with your Google Pay account using a few simple steps. All you have to do is add PayPal as a payment method and input the necessary information Google Pay requires.

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Smartphones are continuously making our lives easier. This is due to the amazing amount of helpful applications developers have created. In line with this, there are now mobile apps that we can use to pay for goods and services that we purchase.

These apps are called virtual wallet apps. And, an example of this app is Google Pay. Now, we want to help in informing you about this app by letting you know the history and the pros and cons of using GPay.

Did our article inform you more about Google Pay? Leave a comment so we may know your thoughts.

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