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Exploring Dubsmash (Android), the Modern Lip Sync

Every few months, a new app comes with a unique idea and takes the Android world by storm. This time, it’s Dubsmash that has everyone from Chris Evens to the legendary Stan Lee using it. There are Dubsmash battles going on between actors and celebs. Everyone is on the app making new Dubsmash videos and having a ton of fun.

My Facebook feed is filled daily with funny and amazing Dubsmashes from friends and family. I usually spend a good 15 minutes watching them in the morning. This article will explore this unique and highly rousing app in all its glory. However, the app is so well designed you don’t need me for most of the part. This is what makes Android the Android we love. Dubsmash is the Joy of Android, and it should be celebrated.

The app allows you to choose any prerecorded audio clip and make your own video on it. This way you can re-create the sad scene from Lion King with your cat. Or even act out the iconic scenes from the Godfather with your best friends. The app is a great way to have some quality fun with your friends and family.

Starting the Party

Getting the app on your smartphone or tablet is quite easy. You simply have to follow the link below to the Google Play Store and tap on install. The app will take a few moments to download and will be ready for use. It took roughly five seconds to download the app on my phone as it is of an extremely small size.


After the app is installed, you can launch it via app drawer or the notification bar. Dubsmash will take you to a language select screen. This is one of the most important things you’re going to select in the app. The developers were kind enough to put in almost every major language there is. The app also allows you to select your country. This is important because you will get content appropriate for your region and language. For example, if you are from Mexico you would probably prefer to have some content in Spanish. Likewise in the US you would prefer to have some Hollywood clips to work with.

Exploring Dubsmash - Language

Immediately after selecting your major language Dubsmash will take you to the main screen. Now you have successfully installed and set up Dubsmash on your Android device.

Exploring Dubsmash - Discover

The Main Screen

The main screen of Dubsmash has a very clean interface but can be a little confusing for new users. Right on the top we can see three horizontal lines on the left side. This is a very standard button we have seen on countless apps; it basically opens up the side panel.

Exploring Dubsmash - Menu

On the top right corner, you will see a search button. This button will come in handy when you are using the app more frequently and need to find specific content.

Exploring Dubsmash - Search Results

Under those are the three tabs, discover, trending and soundboards. They all provide you with some great functionality you can use to make your own Dubsmashes.

The Tab Business

The first tab you see on the interface is the discover one. It allows you to discover new content uploaded by other users. It is usually the one that is uploaded recently. You can select any clip from there and make your own Dubsmash. Pressing on the three vertical dots will show additional options like add to soundboard, report, improve and share.

Exploring Dubsmash - Share or Store it

Next up is the trending tab that basically shows the clips that are being used a lot. The trending tab takes data from your region and displays it. It is a great way to know which clips are the best and what other people are using.

Exploring Dubsmash - Trending

The soundboards tab can be populated by the audio clips you have selected yourself. This will be very useful when you get good at making Dubsmashes. You can also find the clips you have uploaded to the app here. You can also see the favorites you found during your exploration of trending audio clips.

Exploring Dubsmash - Soundboards

You can also create a free account to make your own soundboards. This is a very painless way to gain access to some of the most powerful features provided by the app. I had no real trouble registering myself and I was ready to use features in around 20 seconds.

Exploring Dubsmash - Username

Creating a Dub

Now, that you have found a clip that seems interesting you can start dubbing it. I would recommend that you will at least listen to the sound clip once before starting the dubbing. If multiple people are going to act in your dub, it is always better to rehearse first.

Exploring Dubsmash - Record

The recording interface is very simple. There is a sound wavelength pattern on top of the screen. This will allow you to locate the dialogue between the music. Granted it will take a few tries to recognize the dialogue pattern. There is a convenient recording button located on the bottom of the screen.

Exploring Dubsmash - Wave Pattern

Once you have recorded a dub, it will be saved on the device and can be uploaded for sharing. The whole process is very simple and can be understood easily. I applaud the developers of this great app for making the whole process as seamless as possible. However, I would have preferred to have some more options while making the video.

Exploring Dubsmash - My Sounds


Dubsmash is one of the best apps Android has to offer. Apps like these keep the platform fresh and entertaining for everyone involved. I thoroughly enjoyed making dubs with my friends and family. Dubsmash has every ounce of success it has gathered, and I can’t wait to see where the developers take the app further.

So what kind of dubs you like to make? Are you into the drama filled ones, or you’re on the prowl for the funny ones?

Share your experiences with us in the comments below. If you have any kind of questions or need help making a dub, feel free to contact me in the comments as well.

Now if you excuse me, I have a movie to shoot, scene by scene.

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