Fishing Games for Android Aren’t as Relaxing as the Real Thing

We all want to leave our busy life and go on a fishing trip for six months or so. Unfortunately for us we are not all billionaires who can afford to do that. However, we can go on little fishing trips during lunch breaks with the best fishing games for Android.

I usually play fishing games on Android when people take a smoke break at the office. I don’t smoke myself, but a quick round of gaming is as therapeutic as a good smoke. The games in the list are not as slow paced as I would have liked, but they still provide an excellent experience.

I’ll be honest, though, these games cannot possibly capture the feeling of sailing on a boat in the isolation of the open ocean. I prefer to fish alone with my thoughts and a cold drink in my hand. These games, while entertaining, don’t recapture those leisurely feelings. I also take the best fishing apps with me for quick success in the waters.

Note: The fantastic fishing games for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The apps performed fine during testing. Some of the apps require an active internet connection to work properly.

1. Fishing Mania 3D

Fishing Mania 3D provides hundreds of different species fish to reel in. The best thing is; you can fill your aquarium with the trophies you capture.

The game has some really beautiful locations selected from around the world. Fishing Mania 3D comes with brightly colored 3D graphics.

The game also provides you with more than 90 combinations of fishing tackles. There are 50 plus missions which will put your fishing skills to test.

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2. Let’s Fish: Sport Fishing

The second entry on the best fishing games for Android list is a simulator. While it is not the real thing, the game does come very close to the experience.There are a lot of functions and factors which can help you catch the fish you want.

The graphics are lush and provide good quality immersion. There are over 40 unique locations for you to fish in. The visuals make the game highly replayable. The game also comes with more than 400 species of fish. From giant whales to small bleaks, there is a wealth of fish to catch.

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3. Ace Fishing: Wild Catch

If you are looking for an action packed Android fishing game, then Ace Fishing has an ace up its sleeve. The game has some of the best looking sunsets I’ve seen on an Android game, it can easily be listed in the best looking games for Android list.

The game has a well-optimized physics engine which can keep the action grounded in reality. The fishing rods can be customized to cater your personal tastes.

The game is also highly accessible for new players, thanks to its easy one touch controls. It only takes around 3 seconds to start the action.

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4. Fishing Diary

This game is for the little kids who just need a good free fishing game for Android. The game is not for those who are looking for a realistic fishing experience. It is a simple game in which you have to catch fish and keep them in your fish diary.

This seems reasonable but how you catch them is where the game goes bonkers. There are 9 different cannons that provide different power and speed. You can even throw in a bomb to catch a ton of fish, which in real life is kind of illegal and cruel.

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The best fishing games for Android list includes a fishing game for every taste. If you like semi-simulation games, there is the number one app on the list. The second one is almost a full simulation. If you are in search of a fast paced free fishing game for Android, there are a few games falling into that category as well.

I once fell into the lake trying to catch a fish that turned out to be a dumped car hood.

So, talk to me about the fishing adventures you had, either virtual or real life.

I would love to hear from the fishing masters in the comments below.

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