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10 Best Find My Android Phone Apps to Bust a Thief

Let’s face it.

Losing one of your beloved items can be a dreadful experience for anyone. Especially if the reason behind it is if someone stole it.

For instance, if we lost our smartphone, it would be such a pain in the ass. It might’ve contained important files, documents, years of cherished photos, and more.


Nobody wants to lose their hard-earned items regardless if they are cheap or not.

So, whether if you misplaced it or someone did actually steal it, why not figure out where it is before giving up?

With that being said, when it comes to missing smartphones, a “Phone Locator” app can do wonders. It will help track your smartphone in a classy and high-tech way.


  • We highly recommend informing the authorities if your phone is stolen. Do not risk yourself by any means.
  • We, the Joy of Android Team, do not condone the unlawful acts. Your safety is of the utmost importance.

10 of The Best “Find My Android Phone” Apps


We selected 10 of the best “Find My Android Phone” app on Google Play Store.

Our criteria for selecting an app are based on being the most downloaded, won an award, or something that we can highly recommend and exceeds our standard. All of the apps listed here have one similar function, which is to locate your Android phone.

We listed down ten (10) of the best apps for this job. So, without further ado…

1. Google Find My Device by Google LLC

Google Find My Phone App UI
Google’s Find My Phone App

If there’s one app that you should really trust and depend on in finding your Android phone, that’s got to be the “Google Find My Device” app by Google LLC.  An app developed by the developers of Android, Google.

For this app to work, you will need this app installed on your phone and a Google account to link your device with. So, in case that you misplaced, lost, or someone stole your Android phone, simply visit “Google Find My Device” on your computer’s browser. Log in your account and the list of your account linked devices will appear.

Google Find My Phone App UI
Google’s “Find My Phone” on a Computer Browser


  • Locate your phone via Google maps.
  • Ring your phone remotely.
  • Secure your phone – Lock the device and sign out all Google accounts.
  • Erase all content of the device.
Google Play

2. Family Locator – GPS Tracker by Life360

Family Locator by Life360
Family Locator by Life360

Another app that’s in our top list is the “Family Locator” app by Life360. As of this writing, this app won an “Editor’s Choice” award on Google Play store.

The “Family Locator” app, as the name suggests, provides a simple function. That is to locate your phone. Marketed as a family locator, this app basically does the same function as our first app. To locate your phone via GPS. Furthermore, this app allows you to create a group and to see the location of every member. Well basically, the location of their phones.

Family Locator by Life360
Locating My Phone via Computer Browser

You can also use your computer’s browser to locate your phone in case of theft. Simply go to and log in your account. Conveniently, you can also message each member of your group using the built-in messaging system.


  • Locate your phone via GPS.
  • Locate the phones of other members of the group.
  • Built-in messaging system.
  • Track the phones location history or places it has been.
Google Play

3. Where’s My Droid by Alienman Technologies LLC

Where's my droid android app phone finder
Where’s My Droid Setup UI

The “Where’s My Droid” app is one of the top apps that we can highly recommend for this job. It comes with a ton of features that aims to help you secure your phone no matter what the situation is. It is available in two versions, the FREE version, and the Premium version.

In case your phone got stolen, you can then locate it by using your computer’s browser and visiting Similar to the first two, the website shows a map and the location of the phone.

Where's my droid android app phone finder
Where’s My Droid Commander Interface via Computer


The free version of this app allows you to…

  • find your phone by making it ring/vibrate,
  • locate your phone via GPS,
  • enable GPS Flare for location alert on low battery,
  • set passcode protection to prevent unauthorized changes within the app,
  • and receive a notification in case there are changes within the SIM card or phone number.

The premium version is a subscription base that requires you to pay $0.87 a month. Premium version lets you…

  • take pictures with the device’s camera,
  • remotely lock device – (Android 6.0.1 or older only),
  • remotely wipe SD card or phone data,
  • prevent the app from being uninstalled,
  • and hide the app icon.
Google Play

4. Anti-theft security and alarm system by MOSI Apps

Anti-theft security and alarm system MOSI Apps
Anti-Theft App Welcome UI

The fourth app in our list is the “Anti-theft security and alarm system” app by MOSI Apps. This is one of the best free phone finding apps on Google Play store. It comes with a ton of security feature that you can use and trigger via SMS. Simply by sending a code via SMS to your stolen phone that has this app, it can trigger an action such as making the phone ring, wipe data, turn on the flashlight, and more.

With this app, you can secretly get its location by sending a simple SMS code to your stolen phone. Your stolen phone will then reply with a link to Google maps stating its current location. Pretty cool!


  • Activate a phone feature via SMS.
  • Autonomous Mode to prevent any unauthorized changes while your phone is unattended.
Google Play

5. Security & Antivirus | Lookout by Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Anti-virus and Security app
Lookout Setup UI

Lookout is basically an anti-virus app but it comes with some really good phone tracking features. These features may not be as fancy as other apps in this list but the way they are presented just oozes with quality.

The app allows you to track your Smartphone via an internet browser. It uses the standard GPS and WiFi triangulation to determine the location of the phone. Once located, it will then display its location on an interactive map on your browser.

Lookout Anti-virus and Security pc
Lookout Web UI via Computer Browser


  • Anti-Virus and Security Features.
  • Anti-Theft System.
  • Phone GPS Locator.
  • Stores History Location.
Google Play

6. Prey Anti Theft: Find My Phone & Mobile Security by Prey, Inc.

Prey Anti-Theft App for Android Phone Finder
Prey Home UI

Another app the features a phone locator and has remote control access is “Prey Anti Theft” app. This app is probably one of the simplest apps in this list. It features three (3) major things:

  • The ability to locate your phone
  • Remote control access
  • Geofence creation

Other than that, it features two-step authentication, social media login, device information display, and device remote management.

If your phone that has this app is stolen, you can determine your phone’s location by logging in your Prey account at From there, a map indicating the location of your phone will be displayed.

Prey Anti-Theft PC Browser Phone Finder
Prey Map Locator via Computer Browser


  • Geofence Creation.
  • FREE Version and Premium Paid Monthly Subscription Version.
  • Remote Access and Activation – Wipe Date and Retrieve Files.
  • Social Media Account Quick Login Access.
  • Phone Locator via GPS or Wi-Fi.
Google Play

7. Mobile Security: Antivirus, Anti-Theft and Safe Web by McAfee LLC

McAfee Anti-Virus Anti-Theft Android App Phone Finder
McAfee Android App

This “Mobile Security” app is developed by McAfee. It is essentially an anti-virus app that comes with a phone locating features. The app can capture photos of the person holding it and email it to you with the location. The app also saves the last location of the device before the battery dies. This means when the phone is shut down by the thief, you can at least have an estimated location.

You can also use your computer’s internet browser to locate your stolen phone if you have this app installed on that phone. Simply visit mcafeemobilesecurity, then log in your credentials. Once done, you will be redirected to a map and a couple of clickable actions for your phone.

McAfee Anti-Virus Anti-Theft Android App Phone Finder
McAfee Anti-Theft Phone Locator Web UI


  • Lock the device remotely.
  • Remotely wiping the data.
  • Last location recording before the battery dies.
  • Backing up and restoring data can also be done.
  • Anti-Virus features.
Google Play

8. Cerberus Phone Security (Antitheft) by LSDroid

Cerberus Phone Security Anti-Theft Android App
Cerberus Android App

The “Cerberus Phone Security” app has been one of our favorites here in Joy of Android. This app is feature rich and comes with three (3) ways to protect your smartphone. One is remote control through the official site of the app which can be accessed from any web browser.

Secondly, a remote control by sending text messages to your smartphone from another number. And thirdly, the app alerts you when there is a SIM card change in the smartphone.

Cerberus Phone Security Anti-Theft Android App
Cerberus Official Web UI


  • Website Remote Access.
  • SMS Command Trigger.
  • Autotask Configuration.
  • Wearable Device Configuration.
Google Play

9. Find My Phone Android: Lost Phone Tracker by Salvilee Technologies

Find My Phone Android: Lost Phone Tracker by Salvilee Technologies
Find My Phone Intro

The “Find My Phone Android” app is a straightforward app. As the name suggests, it finds your phone. Remotely, you can send an action to your stolen phone such as lock the phone, trigger the phone’s alarm, and ask for a direction to the phone’s location.

But for you to be able to do any of the mentioned features above, you will need a second phone. So, you can use that phone to log in your credentials using this app. From there, you can now use all three (3) mentioned actions. It’s simple but effective overall and based on our experience, it’s the fastest app to provide the location of a stolen phone.


  • GPS or Wi-Fi Position Locator.
  • Remotely Lock the Stolen Phone.
  • Remotely Set-off the Phones Alarm.
  • Easily Share the Phone’s Location.
Google Play

10. Lost Phone Remotely Access by Appex Valley Apps

Find Lost Phone & Find my Lost Device Appex Valley Apps
Find Lost Phone Home UI

Last but not least in our list of ten (10) best “Find My Phone” app for Android is the “Lost Phone Remotely Access” app by Appex Valles Apps. Just like the previous app, this app is also pretty straightforward to its features.

Unlike our 9th app that focuses on App control, this app focuses on SMS control. By listing a trusted contact on the app, you can send your registered command to trigger a specific action on your stolen phone. So, this app solely depends on SMS as its main functionality which we find great if you want a simple but effective app.

Find Lost Phone & Find my Lost Device Appex Valley Apps
App Help Page

Furthermore, this app comes with extra functions as well. Such as…

  • route finder,
  • weather forecast,
  • speedometer,
  • and a WhatsApp cleaner.

So, other than that. It’s a pretty basic app that doesn’t require much to do. As long as this app is installed, you can trigger certain commands via SMS on the stolen phone. Simple yet convenient.


  • SMS Remote Action.
  • Extra Tools.
  • Thief Selfie Shot.
  • GPS Based Function Only.
Google Play

People Also Ask


Finding the best “Find My Android” phone apps comes down to individual preference. We provided this list to give you, as well as help you find that app that’s the best one for you. Depending on your smartphone and your location, it is advisable that you install two of the listed apps on your smartphone.

In this case, we recommend to pick an Anti-Virus with Anti-Theft app and pair it with a dedicated phone finder app. If any of these apps help you in finding your smartphone, please do tell us the story in the comments below! We do like to hear a good love story about separation and reuniting.

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