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How to Fix Call Failed Errors on Android

Are you trying to call someone, but then the call failed?

Many people experience this problem. It’s not that rare.

But do you know what’s worse?

It’s when you need to make an urgent call, then it fails!

Still, there’s nothing to worry about. For every problem, there’s always a solution!

The great thing is that the solutions are quick and easy.

However, let me remind you:

Problems like this can differ based on your device and service provider. The solutions here are general fixes that could apply to most Android phones.

Are you calm now? Good.

Continue reading to see how to fix your outgoing call problems.

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Call Failed: Problems, Causes, and Solutions

Method 1: Call Failed to One Number or a Specific Number

Is your call to a specific number not going through?
A call failed to one number might have several reasons.

Step 1: A Blocked Number

Blocked Numbers - Call Failed
See the numbers you blocked here.

You may have unintentionally blocked the person your calling. To check this, go to Settings and look for Blocked numbers.

Go to Settings and look for Blocked numbers.

From there, you can check if the number is blocked.
The worst case would be that the person you’re trying to call blocked your number.

There’s nothing you could do about it than to wait it out.

Step 2: Mobile Network Error

Often, the problem could be with your mobile service provider. For this cause, you may need to contact them to ask for assistance and solutions.

General Fixes and Solutions

1. Use the Dialer

Dialer - Call Failed
Use the dialer and type the number manually.

Type out the number you want to call on your phone’s dialer.

2. Remove Country Code

Remove the country code at the beginning of the number you’re calling.

3. Toggle the VoLTE Settings

Toggle your VoLTE settings by enabling or disabling it. You can find it in the Connection Settings for most Android phones.

Method 2: Call Failed After Ringing

Sometimes you may call someone, and it would only ring once before it fails.

A network connection error might be responsible for this. In this case, you need to call your mobile service provider.

You can also try performing a soft or factory reset on your phone.

Step 1: Perform a Soft Reset

a. Turn off your phone by pressing the Power button. Then, tap on the Power Off option.

b. After that, wait for a few minutes before you turn it back on.

Step 2: Perform a Factory Reset

Factory Reset - Call Failed
Performing a Factory Reset will erase everything in your phone.

Warning: A factory reset will delete all the data in your device. If you want to try this, I suggest that you back up your files.

a. Go to Settings and choose Backup & Reset or something similar.

b. Next, tap the Factory Data Reset.

c. Then, confirm your action by tapping on Reset.

d. For some devices, you may need to provide your passcode before you can finally restore your device’s settings.

Method 3: Call Failed Without Ringing

When a call failed without a single ring, there could be several reasons.

Step 1: The Person You’re Calling Changed His/Her Phone Number

If the person your calling changed his/her phone number, no force on Earth can make it possible for your call to go through.

Your call would never go through. However, you may try to call the person using messaging apps.

Step 2: Wrong Number Input

Another reason could be that you dialed an incorrect number.

The only thing you should do is to double-check the number you’re dialing before making the call.

Step 3: Poor Cell Reception

Your call might also fail when you have poor cell reception.

To solve this problem, you may need to go to an area where you can get a stronger signal.

If you can’t avoid it, you can try using cell phone signal boosters.

Method 4: “Call Failed. Try Another Method”

This error message is the nightmare of JIO sim users. The cause of this is unknown, but it could be such an inconvenience.

General Fixes and Solutions

1. Toggle the Enhanced 4G LTE Mode

a. Go to your phone’s Settings.

b. Next, go to Network and Internet.

c. Then, choose Mobile Network and select the JIO sim.

d. Finally, select Advanced and turn on the Enhanced 4G LTE Mode.

e. If it’s already on, turn it off. Then, wait for a few seconds before turning it on again.

2. Clear Cache and Data

a. Go to Settings, and find Apps.

b. Go to the Apps Settings and tap on Storage.

c. Lastly, clear cache and data.

3. Manual Mobile Network Search

a. Open the Settings and choose Mobile Networks.

Mobile Networks - Call Failed
Mobile Networks Settings

b. Tap on Mobile Operator, then Select Manually.

c. Let your phone search for the networks available.

d. Lastly, choose your mobile operator.

4. Swap Sim Cards

Sim Cards - Call Failed
Swap your Sim Cards

If your phone can support two sim cards, then try this solution.

a. Remove the JIO sim card while your phone is on.

b. After that, insert another sim into the slot where you removed the JIO sim.

b. Then, restart your phone.

c. Once it’s back on, put the JIO sim into the other slot.

d. Finally, restart your phone one last time.

Method 5: Call Failed on Calling and Messaging Apps

Nowadays, most people use apps to call and message others. These apps include Hangouts, Whatsapp, and Messenger.

It could be an inconvenience when your call fails using these apps. This issue may have several reasons.

Step 1: Poor to No Internet Connection

Messaging apps need a strong Internet connection to run properly. If you have a poor connection through Wi-Fi, try using signal strength apps.

Step 2: You Have Been Blocked

It’s easy for people to block others on messaging apps.

If this is the case, there’s nothing you could do. You can try to wait until the person you want to call unblocks you.

General Fixes and Solutions

1. Perform a Soft Reset

It could be a simple error that a soft reset can fix. (Refer to “Call Failed After Ringing” for the steps)

2. Allow Permissions

Whenever you install apps, they’ll ask you for permissions to your microphone, contacts, and more. Failing to permit your messaging apps may cause issues.

App Permissions - Call Failed
App Permissions on Messenger

To manage the permissions, follow these steps:

a. Go to Settings.

b. Then, tap on Apps and choose the messaging app you want to fix.

c. Tap on Permissions and permit the app to use your phone’s functions by toggling them on and off.

Grant the app access to your phone’s Microphone, Camera, Phone, and Contacts.

3. Clear Cache

Clear Cache and Data
Clear your messaging app’s cache and data.

a. First, go to Settings and tap on Apps.

b. Next, tap on the messaging app that’s having the call failed error.

c. Finally, tap on Clear Cache and wait for a few seconds.

4. Update the App

Sometimes, the call failed issue happens because your apps aren’t updated.

You have two options on how to update your apps.

By Google Play Store

Update Apps through Google Play Store - Call Failed
Update your apps through the Google Play Store

a. Open your Google Play Store. Then, tap on Menu on the upper left corner of your screen.

b. Next, go to My apps & games.

c. It will automatically show you the Updates tab. Here, you can already see if your messaging app has a pending update.

d. Tap on UPDATE ALL if you want all to update all your apps or choose the ones you only need.

By App Settings

a. Go to Settings and look for the Apps option.

b. Tap on the messaging app you want to update.

c. Tap on the Update button if necessary.

5. Reinstall the App

In some cases, a corrupted app may cause a call failed error. Reinstalling the app might fix the problem.

Make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is stable as you reinstall the app.

6. Relog into the App

Another simple fix would be to log out and log in to the messaging app.

7. Specific Fix for Hangouts

Hangouts Logo - Call Failed

If the call failed error occurred with Hangouts, try to follow these steps.

a. Log in to the Google Admin page. It’s easier to use a computer for this solution.

b. Next, click on Apps and G-Suite. Then, go to Google Talk Hangouts and Advanced Settings.

c. Under “Choose an option for online chat”, change it to “Google Talk Only” and click on Save.

d. Wait for at least 15 seconds, then change it to “Hangouts Chat or Google Talk” and click on Save.

e. Log out of the Google Admin page and reset your browser.

f. Wait for a few hours for the changes to take effect. Sometimes, it may take 24 hours. While waiting, try to do something else like playing idle games on your phone.

Once you’ve solved all your calling problems, why not use a retro telephone handset to make calls?

You can connect this cordless handset to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This can make all your calls clearer. You might also find this more comfortable than using earphones.



I tried inserting my sim card to another phone. I was able to call without any problems. What does this mean?

It could mean that your phone has a technical problem. You should bring it to a reliable service center and get it checked.

If I block other people’s numbers or accounts, will they know?

No, they’ll only get notified that the call failed.

Is there any way to find out if the person I’m calling blocked my number or account?

One way to find out is by calling that person using another number or account. When the call goes through, it could mean that the person blocked you.


Call failed problems are such a pain in the neck especially when you need to make urgent calls.

In my personal experience, it’s best to have a backup plan if you rely a lot on making calls.

Get a second phone with a sim card from a different mobile service provider. You can also buy a smartphone that can accommodate two sim cards.

These are just some ways to ensure that you can always make important calls anytime.

But I do understand that not everyone can have this luxury.

If you ever face call failed errors with your phone, I hope these solutions can help you.

Do you have a specific problem that wasn’t mentioned in the article?

Ask us in the comment section below and we’ll try our best to help you.

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