How to Fix Common Problems with the Nokia 5

The Nokia 5 is right in the middle of the three phones in Nokia’s new line, the Nokia 3, 5, and 6. All of the phones are fairly similar, except with each being a slight improvement over the next.

Since all of the phones have a similar design, similar tech, and the same philosophy behind the, they all share a few problems.

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The Nokia 5 actually has the least amount of reported problems that I’ve noticed between the three phones in the line, so this list won’t be very long.

Most of the issues with the Nokia 5 stem from this Nokia line as a whole, but here I’ll get into the specifics on how you can fix, or at least minimize these problems with the Nokia 5 over the 3 and 6.

Small Internal Storage and Low Amount of RAM

This is less of a common problem with the Nokia 5, and more of an issue with budget priced Android phones in general. The Nokia 5 comes with 16GB of internal storage, not unlike its siblings, which sounds like a lot at first, but will quickly run out.

In situations like this you only have two to three options to expand your storage capabilities. Thankfully, all three are possible on the Nokia 5. The easiest option is to slot in a microSD card to bump up your storage by an extra 200GB+, and since both the single and the dual SIM version of the Nokia 5 have a microSD card slot, you’re already golden.

Your other two options are cloud storage for files you don’t need to access right away, and on the go USB storage with the addition of an OTG cable and a separate storage device. If you don’t already have all of the materials this is usually a costly addition, but if you don’t have one already, I recommend you buy an OTG cable because of their utility.

At the same time, the Nokia 5, much like the 3 and 6, only has 2GB of RAM. This is more than enough for simple day to day tasks, but if you want to do anything demanding, expect slowdowns and crashes.

There’s no real fix to having a low amount of RAM, the only thing you can really do is manage your RAM effectively, and understand what takes up RAM and when.

Once you understand where all of your memory goes at what time, it becomes much easier to use what little RAM you have available effectively. It’s possible to rely on task killers for quick boosts, but at the same time, using them too much has adverse effects in the long run. However, as long as you’re smart with your RAM, even 2GB should be enough.

A Passable but Weaker Camera

You’re going to see this problem with all of the Nokia cameras from this line, but the Nokia 5 at least handles pictures better than the Nokia 3, and is around the same level of the Nokia 6. If you haven’t gotten tired of the comparisons between the three phones already, you will soon, because they’re always going to be relevant.

The Nokia 5 has a 1080p 13MP camera on the back, and an 8MP camera on the front. While the Nokia 5’s screen is only at 720p, your shots will still be packed with detail. You’ll see more than you would with the Nokia 3’s camera, but unfortunately the Nokia 5 still doesn’t have the best color and contrast detection and representation.

Because of the camera’s faults, it’s best to run any photos you plan on readily sharing through an editor or some kind of touch up app to make sure each picture is at their best.

It’s not completely necessary since your pictures will still turn out looking fine, but if you want them to look even better, take a look at a few of these apps to see which one will help you the most.

A UI That Doesn’t Work for Everyone

This isn’t a troubleshooting problem in the traditional sense, but it’s something I’ve seen mentioned a lot about these three Nokia phones, the Nokia 5 included. Much like Touchwiz on Samsung devices, the Nokia 5 has its own UI design that hasn’t lined up with every user’s needs.

Thankfully with Android, when you don’t like the way something looks, it’s easy to change it. If the Nokia 5’s UI doesn’t strike you as something you want to look at on a day to day basis, then it’s easy enough to change with a custom launcher. All it takes is one download, and your UI has a different look and feel.

With the right tools, it’s even possible to customize both simple and complex aspects of your UI to really make it shine with your own personal flair.

Just Below the Nokia 6 and Just Above the Nokia 3

The biggest problem the Nokia 5 has going for it is actually the Nokia 6 and the Nokia 3. While the Nokia 5 is a clear improvement over the Nokia 3, it’s still forced to play second fiddle to the Nokia 6. If you have a choice between the two, and their retail prices are so similar, why wouldn’t you go with the better model?

The Nokia 5 is still a solid phone by every meaning of the word, but it’s difficult to choose it over the Nokia 6 if you have the option available. The Nokia 5 is still an objective upgrade over the Nokia 3, and has a few less problems to boot, but the Nokia 6 still looks like the best phone out of the bunch.


The Nokia 5 doesn’t have many problems to speak of, and it even improves on the battery life of the Nokia 3, even though it still isn’t removable. When the phone makes its way into more hands more problems will surely surface, but until then, the Nokia 5 seems like a worthwhile budget phone that’s unfortunately outclassed by its older brother.

If you have any thoughts you want to share on the Nokia 5, 3, or even the 6, please don’t hesitate to share them down below!

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  1. In my device Nokia 5 there many app is not work, when I open the app there is issue calculated has stopped,Google play has stopped etc
    Plz help me what should I do?
    This problem just I m facing or everyone getting this problem

      1. in my nokia 5 all office app wont work at all, word excel etc. when I start it says ” word is not opening” and it close, I have tried reinstalling the app but he problem still remains. any suggestion or help will be helpful.

        1. Hi! If your office apps are on external memory, you may need to move them to internal memory in order to have them function properly. If you have two step authentication turned on for your account, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve signed in through the Microsoft Authenticator app.

    1. I got this too in my nokia 5 , whith some apps and games , once I open them they stop working immediately.

  2. Hello. I have problem with my nokia 5. I was multitasking while coming back home. 1 of box ere youtube, i came in home, locked my phone and now its screen arent turning on. when i touch screen, bottom sensor buttons are glowing, but i cant unlock it and fingerprint sensor arent working too.

    1. Hi! This sounds like a dead screen. Unfortunately, that’s a hardware problem and will simply need to be repaired by a professional. If your Nokia is insured or under warranty, be sure to go through those avenues first before taking it two a different repair company in order to minimize your cost.

  3. I bought Nokia 5 and then it works but the day I bought and charge for 5-6 hrs then it’s not restarting..why plsss

    1. Hi, Dhanush. I’m afraid I don’t understand your question. Could you please try to rephrase it so that I can help? Thanks!

    1. same here bought mine 7 days before suddenly screen goes blank when watching videos doesn’t work again . Nokia should get it right the first time ..i have to travel halfway across the country to access a service centre .i regret buying your devices.

  4. I have a Nokia 5 14 days old, an error message saying “ phone has stopped” appeared and now the phone cannot be used! Any suggestions.

    1. Hi, Mike. Does the error message say “” or “”? Could you be more specific about why the phone can’t be used? Is it not turning on, frozen, etc.? Thanks!

  5. Hi I started getting the warning message “COM.ANDROID.PHONE has stopped” yesterday 9th september ,it seemed that the phone could not connect to the mobile network. A connection request seemed to issued every 10 seconds and this message displayed.
    I tried clearing the cache of the phone and SIM management apps , removing and re inserting thr SIM card but nothing worked.
    I called EE who were going to replace the handset (they presumed it was faulty!)but we tried a factory reset (chosen from phone settings) and this appears to have worked.

    I have absolutely no idea what caused this problem and neither do EE , its maybe worth anyone else reporting similar issues

    1. Hi, George. Glad you got it fixed. Just so you know, this error message is usually caused by a newly installed ROM or an update in firmware.

  6. I am just using nokia 5 for three days unfortunately it had fallen from me today and its screen got broken …still it had a tempered glass over it …first i thought that the tempered screen was only broken but i removed the tempered screen i am surprised that the main screen is also broken …I wondered even a corning gorilla glass will break with a small drop… i think i am cheated by nokia that they offering sculpted Corning® Gorilla® Glass…

  7. From one day to the other, two of the three home buttons of my Nokia 5 are not working, though they vibrate when touched, only the back button works. I don’t get any notifications any more, the language changed from German to English and the control on my headset (to stop music, or to take a call) doesn’t work any more. Nokia support doesn’t answer. Feels like a software problem, but there was no update last weekend. I’m really frustrated here.

  8. Hey, I’ve purchased Nokia 5 from india and right now I’m using it in Poland. So whenever i drop the running call, the SIM card lost it’s network connectivity. Please tell me how to fix it. Waiting for your kind solution.

    1. Hi, Ronak. Have you contacted your carrier letting them know that you’re using your device in a different country from where it was purchased? You may need a different SIM card or to have a geographic lock removed.

    1. Hi, Jolly! Could you be more specific about what the problem is so that I can more effectively troubleshoot your issue? For example, are you getting an error message? Is your phone acting as though it’s casting but your tv isn’t responding? Any details you provide can help me help you! Thanks!

  9. My nokia 5 screen is broken .. i cant get any nokia center near me ..i am in noida plzz help me..

    1. Hi, Parvinder. You may be able to take your device to the store you purchased it from repairs. If not, a third party repair service may be able to help you. Contact Nokia, particularly if you have insurance, to find out your options.


    1. Hello! Could you provide me with more detail regarding exactly what the issue is? Is the touch screen totally unresponsive, for example? Thanks!

    2. I am facing the same problem …my touch is not responding my phone is not even a month old …Help!!!!

      1. Hi Estella. This appears to be a known software issue for the Nokia 5. Nokia’s suggestion is to take it to a service center for repair.

  11. My Nokia 5 is 2 months old and yesterday when I tried to unlock the phone ,the fingerprint sensor dint work and I unlocked using the pattern and even after unlocking the phone ,the home button (fingerprint sensor) dint work , it didn’t even vibrate and every time I had to use the back button or clear recent apps to return to home . After restarting the phone everything worked normal . Is this a software glitch or a fault in the fingerprint sensor ?? Also most of the time, when I type , the keyboard letters are unresponsive and lagging and also there is a lag while scrolling the webpage . How to fix ?

    1. Hi, Johnson. Sometimes phones just do weird things, so I wouldn’t worry about the home button unless the issue occurs again. As for the lagging, try clearing your device cache, as well as the cache for any apps related to the problem, and make sure you don’t have too many apps running in the background. Issues like this are typically the result of overuse of RAM. If that doesn’t solve the issue, please comment again so I can help you further resolve the issue.

      1. Thanks Megan, that worked. Lately I’m finding issues when I use Google chrome and Facebook lite , the brightness automatically adjust to dim and bright as I scroll through the page . But I have set the auto brightness to off. How to solve this ??

        1. Hi there! I’m glad I was able to help you solve your problem.

          Do you have adaptive display turned on? This adjust the color and saturation of your screen and can make it seem like the brightness is adjusting, similarly to how blue light filters adjust the color of your display rather than the brightness to dull your screen.

          1. Hello! Adaptive Display and auto brightness are different settings. Ensure that Adaptive Display is also turned off.

  12. My Nokia 5 has suddenly started storing photos somewhere I cannot see or find them. I do have a 32GB card in the phone. Everything was fine yesterday. Now when I want to look at a pic I have just taken I get the message that the photo is being stored. Then it is not in the gallery Please help.

  13. Hi there. My Nokia 5 has a blue tint in the bottom left and right corners. Just about the capacitive keys. On a white background these are extremely noticeable. Is there anything I can do to get this rectified?

    1. Hi, Clint. What you’re describing is a form of “ghosting” or “burn in” where a previous image continues to be very faintly displayed. The good news is that it’s not permanent. The bad news is that there’s nothing you can do to stop it immediately. You can, however, hurry along the fading process by displaying a video in full screen for a while. Good luck!

  14. I have Nokia 5 phone already few months. However, I noticed that screen keeps lighting up.I have deleted all apps. Always checking all notifications, emails and closing everything. Unfortunately it is not helping. Please, any advice what could be the cause?

    1. Hi, Vilma. This is likely an issue with the proximity sensor. It may simply be calibrated to be too sensitive, but the sensor can also be triggered by a dirty screen or improperly placed screen protector or case.

  15. Hi there,

    Is it possible that my Nokia 5 has problems with USB connection? When I try to connect my phone with any USB cable, it is always seen by the computer, but sometimes the folder doesn’t open like it should, and sometimes it does. But even then it can stop transfer data in the middle of it. No error massage, nothing happens. The loading (transfer) line just stops and doesn’t move any more. Is it a hardware or a software problem? Did you have such situation with other customers?

      1. Hi,

        Is it a driver I need to find and download or is it the one that installs when you connect it from the first time to the computer? Where can I find this driver? (Didn’t find it at Nokia’s site and don’t want to download something bad.)

        1. The drivers should be installed when you first connect the device. If you’ve had drivers for other Nokia mobile devices, they may be interpreted as the proper drivers for your Nokia 5. Are there any other Nokia phone drivers on your computer?

  16. Hi please help. Since this morning my Nokia 5’s sound is not working.
    All sounds are on 100% but it is only vibrating. Frustrating cause I can not hear when ringing

    1. Hi, Peris. Check to see what devices are putting the most strain on your battery. Often, problems like this are because of a battery hogging app (or a few) running in the background. If you can’t identify any app or apps as being responsible, boot your device in safe mode. If the battery lasts much longer, one of your apps is most likely responsible. Start deleting apps one by one, starting with the most recently installed or updated in order to identify the problem. Be sure to wait long enough between deleting apps that you can be sure whether or not the deleted app is responsible for the issue. If booting in safe mode doesn’t make a difference, there are a wide variety of things that could be causing the problem. In that case, please feel free to comment again so we can narrow down possible causes.

  17. I just recently bought Nokia 5 it works good but suddenly screen dims and again brighten the light When the battery is even full charged may be there is some setting to do any one Plx help me out with this problem thanks

  18. I am experiencing problems in rear camera focus. During the image capture focus is not working well. Is there any settings especially to do focus ?
    I tried with some other camera apps, but not much difference. I think Nokia has problem in auto-focus. pleas reply.

    1. Hi, Pragyan! First, make sure your camera and all sensors on the back are clean and free of protective films. Then, try clearing the cache and memory for your phone app.

  19. Hi, I have been enjoying using the Nokia 5 for a week till it fell this morning at a very short distance like 15 cm above the ground. I am outside the warranty period and so might fixed. I suspect something has just moved coz it doesnt look broken. The problem i have is opening it. Any idea how to…??? Thanks

    1. Hi, Chisenga, if you aren’t experienced with electronics hardware, I wouldn’t recommend opening the device because you risk causing further damage. Take it to a repair shop so an experienced technician can look at it.

  20. Hi, I was just bought a new nokia phone. it was nice. but when the screen has to dim, it goes brighter. I have turn adaptive display off. please help me.. thanks

    1. Hi, Nhan. I’m afraid I don’t understand the problem. Would you mind restating it so that I can better assist you?

      1. hie this is maaz here… I have nokia 5. I want to transfer my app into my sd card. but when trie to move. there were no option in storage for move? what to do/

  21. Hi, when I go into photos on my Nokia 5 and press the cloud icon it automatically backs my photos up. Problem is I don’t understand how to access cloud. Can you help please?

  22. The day i bought my Nokia 5, everything was until it passed 4 months… So there are lots of problems waiting for their fix like: The battery doesnt show properly(im using it about 1 hour, and i know that it should around 10%, but it doesnt, once i left it for while i saw that it took these 10% when i didn’t used it), there is typoos in some parts in setting (i know it’s a minor, but it’s annoying), and last problem is that sometimes whetever i turn on wifi it says “google play movies has stopped workin”.

  23. Hi. My nokia 5 touch is stuck some time. When i using social media/browsing, it touch is not work better. Cant click some time. When i turn off screen and on it is work normally. Why is that?…..i went to shop and they put android os… But that problem is not sloved… What i do for it? Plz help me….

    1. Hi, Charith. Make sure you’re running the latest version of Android that you can, then check to see what apps are running in the background and shut down any unnecessary ones or RAM hogs. Finally, clear your device cache and the cache for your web browser and social media apps.

    1. Hi, zol. This is a relatively common problem for the Nokia 5. You can try a hard reset, but will most likely need to have it replaced. If you are under warranty, it should be covered.

  24. Hi,

    Why is my Nokia 5 difficult to find find my captured pictures? Also, my phone overheats, and it so hot, why?


  25. Hi , my Nokia 5 is not vibrating , the vibration switched on but even in coming calls it just rings without vibrating , please help!

    1. Hey, Simon! Are you able to get your Nokia 5 to vibrate for reasons other than notifications, like booting the phone or keyboard feeback (if that setting is on)? If not, your vibration motor is dead. You’ll need to visit a repair shop or go through insurance or your warranty to get it fixed.

  26. I bought Nokia 5 and then it works but the day I bought and charge for 5-6 hrs then it’s not restarting..
    And I put the charge phone
    E.g battery is 35% charge when I come after 2hrs it remain shows 35% charging
    Plz help me

    1. Hi, Mir. This is a common problem with the Nokia 5, and there’s no apparent fix. Try having it replaced through insurance or the warranty.

  27. I purchased a Nokia 5 two months ago and the camera worked perfectly. However, the autofocus stopped working about two weeks ago. When I touch the screen to focus on something, the image is still blurry. How can I fix this, please?

  28. I have a problem with my Nokia 5 and it’s charging port. When my phone is turned on then it doesn’t charge, but if I turn it off then it will charge but very slowly. Usually my phone is 100% charged about 2h but now it takes about 6h. Please help


  29. My Nokia 5 is just two weeks old but the SIM 2 slot just stopped working today. It indicates that it is empty using verities of Sims that all work in SIM 1.

    What could be the problem?

  30. When I am making a phone call (outgoing) my Nokia 5 cuts off after 6 rings. How can I get it to keep ringing until the person I am calling answers?

    1. Hi, Fred. This sounds pretty normal. If the person isn’t able to pick up, letting the phone ring and ring just wastes your time.

      1. Sorry Megan but this should not be normal! Both my wife and I have quite new Nokia 5s which cut out when ringing a number before the standard answer machine or call minder cut in. This means we cannot leave messages nor pick them up when we’re away from home. When the SIM card is inserted in a different model of phone, it rings for much longer. Thus it appears to be a problem with the phone software, not the provider. I am currently in correspondence with Nokia about this but so far they have not suggested anything that has helped. Surely other people must have encountered this problem?

        1. Hi, Martin. That’s not how I understood the problem that Fred was seeking a solution for.

          Clear your phone app’s cache and data, as well as your phone’s cache. Boot the device in safe mode to ensure that it’s not an app causing the problem.

          However, since it’s a problem with both devices at the same time, this is likely to be an issue with your provider or coverage, even though it’s not an issue on other devices.

        2. I have the same problem with outgoing calls dropping out after 6 rings. I have a replacement sim card which has not resolved the problem and a replacement mobile which is only 3 weeks old. The previous Nokia 5 also had this problem of calls dropping out after 6 rings. Answering machines normally kick in after 6 rings and it takes most people long than 6 rings to answer their phone. The overall effect of this is that I have to use the landline which is costing me money and the free calls under my mobile phone contract are useless. This is obviously a Nokia problem.

  31. Please help I cant get the sound on my nokia 5, all the sound setting are on even the volume is on high but its still on silent

    1. Hi! Do you get sound during calls? Try booting the device in safe mode. If your sound goes back to normal in safe mode, then it’s the result of an app overriding your settings. If not, it’s most likely the result of a damaged speaker.

  32. I have issues with my display. I am using two sim cards and each sim has a multitude of icon. My screen is overcrowded. How do I remove some of the icons?

    1. Hi, Kully. Did you recently install a new update? Check out our post on troubleshooting Android boot problems. There you can find solutions for several different potential causes, so you can get a solution faster than if I’d gone over them with you one by one via comments. Of course, if you don’t find a solution there, please feel free to comment again so I can help you further.

  33. hi team I have a problem with my Nokia 5 every time I charge it it’s restarting this is starting to worry me..

  34. My apps are not running in the background. It started after I recently updated the phone to android 8+.

    1. Hi, Otobong! Boot the device in safe mode. If the problem does not occur in safe mode, it’s the result of an app you’ve downloaded. Common culprits are battery savers, file cleaners, and similar apps. If the problem continues in safe mode, check your battery and RAM saving settings to make sure they aren’t set to shut down background apps.

  35. Hey I’ve recently updated to Oreo 8.1 on my Nokia 5 and suddenly video call isn’t working and share it too. Please assist me with that because I can’t even see voltE option on my phone menu

    1. Hi Kabelo. Go to Settings -> Network & Internet -> Mobile Network -> Advanced, then make sure Carrier video calling and Advance Calling are both enabled.

      1. That’s the problem ,there’s no that option on my phone . There’s no Carrier video calling option or advanced calling option in my phone it’s missing. Even when I search it I can’t find it

  36. My Nokia 5 has started giving me problems. The set is new was bought some time in November abroad.
    The first problem is in the Whats app, The pics don’t open nor does the videos open.
    Whenever I want to capture something on the camera, I get the message saying Camera error
    “There was a problem saving your photo or video”

  37. Hello. My nokia 5 have a problem at the touchscreen. Sometime it too sensitive, it frequently tap and scroll itself even when i dont touch the screen. But at some corner it has low sensitifity, such as when i typing, very difficult to type p letter because the screen is typing o instead…
    Is there any way to calibrate it?

    1. Hi, Paulus. This actually sounds like an issue with the proximity sensor, which is pretty common in the Nokia 5. You can lower its sensitivity in your settings. Problems can be worsened by certain screen covers or a dirty screen.

  38. Hi am siya am using a Nokia 3 all was well until my phone showed the networks strength was full but I couldn’t make calls and receive them also SMS could not reach me and when it does it will say calls restricted by access control but the network bar is full

    1. Hi Siya. Occasionally some people can get rid of this error message by turning on and off airplane mode, but it’s a carrier issue and you’ll need to contact them to get the problem fixed.

  39. HI
    am using nokia5. but recent days proximity sensor not working. during incoming or outgoing calls.

    1. Hi, Prabha. What’s the problem with the proximity sensor? Is it not functioning at all or is there an issue with the level of sensitivity?

  40. My Nokia 5 does not take pictures , even when I try to delete some pictures they can not be deleted . I can’t receive calls and can’t upload some files . I just updated to android 8 and ever since my phone has not been working properly . Can someone please help ?

  41. Hello – I recently bought the Nokia 5 when my old phone got a broken touch screen. I put in my microSD card and the photos that came from the old phone seems fine, and I can see my new photos with the photos app. I set up a new folder on the microSD card, and moved the new photos to it, but when I tried to copy these to my desktop pc for printing, the pc said the folder was empty.
    I tried moving the photos to a folder containing old photos that my pc was able to see, and this worked when viewed on my phone, but the new photos weren’t showing when viewed from my pc.
    I did check that none of the folders or photos were hidden and they were not. It looks like the pc isn’t able to see any of the photos taken by the Nokia 5 for some reason. I connected with a USB cable and tapped “yes” when I was asked if I was using it to transfer photos.
    My PC is running Windows 10. Any help would be much appreciated.

  42. good afternoon
    I’ve bought Nokia 5 three weeks ago. today since the morning it was working properly, but now my screen just turned black. I tried to charge it,still there’s nothing appearing in the screen. I’ve tried calling it using my other phone, funny enough it rings when I’m listening on my other phone, but when I check it, its still black and it doesn’t even vibrate.

    What could be the problem?

  43. My Nokia 5 set is hanged. When I tried to powered On my set I push on button. Now at screen only “POWERED BY android” is shown. What should I do now?

  44. My bokia 5 has stopped working I updated it and the following day I switched it off then it says powered by Android then it produce the sound bof Nokia and write Nokia then stays like that forever .and I love this phone it’s nice maybe the files are lost for Android plz help I tried to switch it off and press power button and up volume it says no command and show that Android symbol I bought it at Ackermans SA am in Gauteng province in Fochville near carlonville

  45. Hi.
    I’m trying to set my phone up to save photos on my SD card rather than in the internal storage.
    I’ve formatted to SD card successfully as it’s allowing me to move apps over.
    When I go into the camera settings, the data storage is greyed out so I can’t change it.
    Any suggestions?

    1. You can’t I have been trying this for months on my partners nokia5, We’re also getting really pissed off with the video autofocus issue that hasn’t been fixed yet.

  46. Hii there!! I’m using the Nokia 5. It’s nice but there’s just one problem I am facing… I use two sims one Airtel (4g) and the other is Docomo… I usually prefer Airtel for 4g but for Airtel it’s not giving any option for 4g rather it’s giving to Docomo. I tried exchanging the sim slots but it’s not working.
    Please let me know how to fix it.

  47. Hi
    My Nokia 5 is not ringing, tried to do all i could with no success, please advice what could be the reason?
    Thank you

  48. hi, can someone help me…I have a nokia 5 for almost 3 months now. Beautiful phone..but for the past 3 weeks I get a message if I want to download photos and videos from whatsapp. The message says that download failed. Can’t download because no internal storage is available. please unmount it as a disk drive, and try again. What does that mean? What must I do? I brought it to the service department of the cell shop where I bought it, but they don’t know what to do. Can someone help me please…I love my nokia 5. How do I fix the problem, what must I do…

  49. hi I have a problem with my Nokia 5, I ran out of battery yesterday afternoon and its been charging since then I haven’t removed it from the charger, it just wont switch on. is there a possibility that the phone is dead or there is something going on?

  50. I can’t install some app on my Nokia 5, I usually get this message (there was a problem parsing the package)
    Pls help

  51. Hi there.

    I am a very happy-ish Nokia 5.1 user….like many though, I purchased a memory card with the hopes of being able to use it for my apps and photos.

    I was able to move over some apps (not all), however funnily enough, when I use google files, it does not ‘show’ my SD card. Only internal memory. That said, I can use the apps on the SD card.

    Also, I am trying to move my photos, videos and music files to the card – again, unable. In fact, when I open the camera, go settings – data storage, it is greyed out and I can’t even select it.

    Any thoughts other than reformat the card? If I do need to reformat the card – which option do I choose (and is there some way I can make an image of my apps before hand so that i can reinstall them easier?

  52. when I select camera I get the display Camera error, Cant connect to the camera
    anyone got any solutions

  53. Hi. I’m having a problem with my Nokia 5. The ports that the ringtone and other sounds come from got blocked by toast crumbs. I got the crumbs out but I have no sound from the phone unless I plug my headphones in. How do I get the phone back to normal?

  54. Hi , i am having memory problem with my Nokia 5 . i interted 32 GB micro sd card. but when i restart my phone it shows sd card corrupt. because of that my phone is so slow . it has become irritating for me.

  55. My Nokia 5 is 2 months old and yesterday when I tried to unlock the phone ,the fingerprint sensor dint work and I unlocked using the pattern and even after unlocking the phone ,the home button (fingerprint sensor) dint work , it didn’t even vibrate and every time I had to use the back button or clear recent apps to return to home . After restarting the phone everything worked normal . Is this a software glitch or a fault in the fingerprint sensor ?? Also most of the time, when I type , the keyboard letters are unresponsive and lagging and also there is a lag while scrolling the webpage . How to fix ?

  56. can someone help me, my nokia 5 is saying to turn off the usb storage and try again. i can’t use whatsapp vn, dowload pictures, take pictures nothing. please help

    1. Hi Maria,
      We know how frustrating it must be not to be able to use your phone because of this issue. But don’t worry, we are here to help you with this matter. Have you tried turning off USB debugging from settings/ developer options? Under debugging turn off untick USB debugging. Try this and see whether you’re phone still works.

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