How to Fix Problems the Nokia 3 Might Have

The Nokia 3 is the most affordable phone in Nokia’s new Android line that hasn’t launched globally yet. This line originally started with the Nokia 6 which has been in Chinese markets for the past year now.

The two other phones, the Nokia 5, and the Nokia 3 are slated to show up to western shores this year.

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Since the Nokia 3 hasn’t hit shelves yet, not all of its problems have surfaced yet. Since the Nokia 3 is the cheapest of the three new Nokia phones, most of the problems that the Nokia 6 has will be worsened for the Nokia 3.

Using the Nokia 6, and the Nokia 5 as an example, let’s look at what might be wrong with the Nokia 3.

A Non-Removable Battery and Battery Life

Let’s talk about one of the most important aspects of an Android, and what Nokia is hoping is one of their biggest selling points first, battery life. Inside of the Nokia 3 is a non-removable 2650 mAh battery that does an admirable job for the machine it’s in, but isn’t exactly top of the line.

Since you can’t remove it, being able to swap batteries isn’t a solution. All you can really do is conserve your battery use, and keep battery banks on hand for when your charge starts to get low.

If you aren’t familiar with battery saving strategies, we’ve put together more than a few that will make sure your phone lasts you the entire day. To make sure your battery lasts even longer, if you’re running any of these apps, try an alternative or keep them closed while you aren’t using them.

When the Nokia 3 launches in June there will hopefully be more ways to combat its smaller battery size, even though this isn’t out of the ordinary for a budget Android phone.

A Camera That Can’t Capture the World’s Colors

This isn’t a software problem, but more of a hardware shortcoming of the phones in this Nokia line. The Nokia 6’s camera is at 16MP 1080p, which isn’t bad by any means, and it has an eye for fine details, but it has a poor time accurately capturing colors.

Now take the 16MP camera on the Nokia 6, and cut it in half to 8MP for the Nokia 3, and now you’ve lost more fine details, and colors in the final product. This isn’t going to make it the worst camera on the market, far from it, but if you’re taking shots that you want to show off, expect to make some touch ups.

If you’ve never dabbled in photo editing before, it’s easy enough to get into, with plenty of apps that suit different needs.

One tip that always remains true, especially with Android cameras, is to make sure there’s plenty of light in your shot. It’s hard to take a picture in the dark, and with the camera on the Nokia 3, you’ll have more than a few problems making out anything in your pictures.

Weaker Performance Over Other Phones in the Line

It probably isn’t surprising to hear that the Nokia 3 is the weakest of the three new Nokia phones when it’s the cheapest, but this is actually a problem with the new line of phones in general. Even the Nokia 6 is using an underpowered chipset for this late in the year, so the Nokia 3 has the short end of an already small stick.

The Nokia 3 still holds up for small tasks, but if you’re looking to play any demanding games, or run a lot of processes at once, the low amount of power and 2GB of RAM isn’t going to help with that.

So what can you do about this? One of the only ways to combat performance problems is to look at your RAM allocation. I’ve talked more about the topic here, but every action and process on your phone eats up a certain amount of RAM. You only have so much to go around, and with only 2GB to pull from, you can’t do much.

Task killers are usually seen as a way to quickly free up RAM, and while they do clear up any short term problems, their long term effects aren’t worth it in my opinion.

A Lack of Internal Storage

The Nokia 3 ships with 16GB of internal storage, but after necessities take up their required chunks of storage, you aren’t left with much. If you’re hoping to get by on an internal storage along that just isn’t going to happen if you horde files like I always have.

Thankfully, the Nokia 3 has a microSD card slot, so you can turn that 16GB into 200GB+ in no time with the right card. The Nokia 3 is a dual SIM phone, but unlike some dual SIM phones, the second SIM slot doesn’t make you choose between a second SIM and more storage.

Very Few Problems to Mention

While the Nokia 3 hasn’t launched everywhere yet, previews and first impressions have overall been positive. The Nokia 3 is the weakest of the new Nokia trio on the way this year, but is a compact little phone that gets the job done without much fuss.

It retails for around $150USD, so for the price, there isn’t much I can complain about. The only other issue I can even think of is the UI, but it’s easy to fix that by adding a new launcher in just a few minutes.


The Nokia 3 looks like it’s going to hit western shores without too many problems to speak of, and any problems with it at first glance have easy and quick solutions. Time will tell once it gets into more hands if more problems arise, but until then, it looks like a solid budget phone.

If you have any thoughts on the Nokia 3, or the Nokia 5 and 6, please let us know down below!

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  1. Just bought new Nokia 3 phone And at home i noticed that volume key is not working at all (notification: sistem iu has chrased). I have no idea what is the real problem :(.

    1. This is usually a problem from a corrupted or unsuccessful update, so your Nokia 3 likely had a problem during setup. Try forcing a software update yourself. If that doesn’t work, just take it back to the store where you got it and ask them to redo the set up.

  2. Got my Nokia 3 and broke the screen the next day after it fell,please help now I need to replace the screen asap

    1. Hi, Anne. If you have insurance, then that’s the best way to get it replaced. Otherwise, you’ll need to take it to your vendor or a repair shop to have it fixed.

  3. i am think to buy nokia 3 but i read many comments regarding it that is confusing me so i am asking you that how s its battery life i dont play heavy games , i need a camera which can take good pics as campare with samsung s5 or s4 and has good performance if these qualities has in nokia 3 so please tell me or please tell me a good mobile to buy.

    1. Hi, Mustafa.

      The Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 both have larger and more efficient batteries than the Nokia 3, with the S5 having the best battery life of the three. However, the S4 is the only one with an accessible battery, so it does have the advantage that, should your battery run low, you can just pop in a new one and keep on going.

      The S4 and S5 also both have better cameras than the Nokia 3. While the S5 and S4 have 16 and 13 megapixel cameras respectively, the Nokia 3 has an only 8 megapixel camera.

      All that said, both of the Samsung phones are also a good bit more expensive than the Nokia 3, so which is the best buy really depends on how much you’d like to budget for a phone. If you have the money, I’d recommend going with either the S4 or S5, but if you have to keep your purse strings a little bit tighter, you can certainly also be happy with the Nokia 3.

      1. My nokia 3 went blank only the logo NOKIA is coming on the screen and nothing else. I have switched it off in airplane mode after which this happened please tell me how to fix this

      2. Hi, My Nokia 3 went blank, but if you make a call to the mobile it will ring and i can hear the message notifications, but not able to see the screen or can’t to restart. 🙁

        Is there any solution please help me

        1. Hi, Subin. This is a dead screen. Unfortunately, all you can do is have the screen replaced. Be sure to check if your phone is under warranty and/or see if insurance will cover the repairs before paying out of pocket for repairs.

          1. No itțs just a software problem. I have this problem again with my second nokia 3 and I have to return it for good. After a while the screen it will just start to work again or you can press and keep pressing the volume up + power until the logo will pop up.

          1. Hi, Avishek. Like I told Subin, this is most likely a dead screen and you will need to have the phone professionally repaired.

    1. Hi, Same issue. I found a little way to restart without touch 🙂
      please hold POWER button 10 seconds and release. then once again press POWER button and Volume Up button again for 15 seconds. then phone restart with the screen 🙂 i tested it 5-6 times. but still not found a way to resolve this issue.

        1. Hello! I have the same problem. The screen doesn’t turn on when I push the Power Button but It can still receive phone calls or sms because you can hear it ringing. That way to restart the phone works (hold Power Button and Volume Up for 15 seconds). But I don’t know how to solve the problem….

          1. Hi The same happened with me twice in the last 5 days. and yes it worked when Pressed the power button for 10 sec and then Power and Volume Up button for next 15 seconds. But are you really sure this problem is due to the dead screen. My phone is under warranty I can apply for its replacement, right?

  4. Hey Megan,
    My Nokia 3, newly purchased yesterday can’t connect to the computer with a portable hotspot, please help

    1. Hi Jerry! There are lots of things that could cause your phone to have issues connecting. To narrow it down, could you be more specific about exactly what the problem is? Is your phone unable to find the hotspot? Is it failing to connect? Is it saying it’s connected, but then not working properly? Thanks!

  5. Hi my Nokia 3 has 1 week today today after playing simcity buildit my phone just switched off. I pressed the power button it showed the battery logo 0% so I plugged the charger nothing happened. Now is completely off no signs of power on… I don’t know what to do

    1. Hi, Alex! To properly troubleshoot your problem I need to know a couple things. First, have you tried charging the device with a different charger that is successfully charging other devices? Second, were there any signs of overheating before the device failed? Last, did the device’s battery drain to zero, or did it appear to have a higher charge, then suddenly drop to zero?

        1. I have the exact problem. battery drained to 0% and never turn on again… i tried to soft reset and nothing… no sign of life… i need help pls

  6. Since the last update, Google Play Protect has vanished. I did a factory reset, but it hasn’t come back. Any ideas? Thanks

    1. Hi, Martin. Make sure that Google Play Protect is enabled. The settings to enable/disable it are pretty hidden. Go to Settings -> Google -> Security -> Google Play Protect to make sure it’s enabled.

    1. Hi Syed. Was there an incident that could have caused hardware damage? Did you download anything that could have caused the touch screen to malfunction? If the cause is hardware damage, you’ll need to have the phone serviced. If it’s software, and you believe you know what the cause is, you can try connecting the device to your PC to go in and manually delete the files. Otherwise, your best bet is a factory reset. This will cause you to lose any data on your phone though, so backup any files on your device that you can before resetting using a program like Nanroid or Titanium.

    1. Hi! There are a bunch of things that could be causing the problem. Some more detail would help me narrow it down. For example, is your phone unable to even start dialing, or does the call drop while attempting to dial? What happens on the other person’s end when they try to call you? Are you able to text?

      Regardless, there are a few common fixes that might help either way. First, go to Settings -> Applications -> All -> Find phone & phone storage -> Clear data. You can also try going to Settings -> Applications -> Reset app preferences. As a last resort you can do a factory reset, but this will cause you to lose all the data stored on your phone, so make sure you’ve exhausted your other options first.

  7. I buy NOKIA 3 Last 3 month before, last night work i keep it on my desk may be battery empty or what ever i trying to connect charger and start again but it can’t open, also i try to factory reset it not apper while press down volume key and swith on key. what to do?

    1. Hi, sudarshan. Let me make sure I understand your problem first. Your Nokia 3 shut down and won’t restart, and you are unable to do a factory reset because the device isn’t responding when you hold down the correct keys? Is that correct?

  8. Hello, my Nokia 3 phone has been shut down after 2 and a half months of use and I do not even respond to the phone itself but I have a black screen. please help me.

    1. Hi Martin. Could you help me make sure I understand your problem? Are you saying that you’ve used your Nokia 3 for 2 and a half months, then the phone started on displaying a black screen and became unresponsive? Are you receiving any audio or LED notifications, such as the charging light?

  9. Hi,
    I have faced a problem.I connected my Nokia 3 device with original charger while display show low battery.After 30 min or 1 Hr past when a call is incoming I not received willingly and unconsciously charger unplugged. After that when I checked actual time on the screen,then found my mobile no response. after tried to on the power switch key but phone no response.
    Note: I checked original charger by charged another phone & found OK.
    I checked Nokia 3 by connect another high power charger but failed.You would be also informed that no over heated found device & charger.
    Need your suggestion

  10. hi i have purchase nokia 3 last week it was working good but today my screen is not displaying any thing? any idea what to do. i can recieve msg call but can not ans b/c i am unable to look in the screen and the touching issue

    1. Hi! This is a dead screen. As long as you have not voided the warranty, you should be able to get a replacement or repair free of charge.

    2. press power button 10 seconds and once again press the power button + volume up for 15 seconds 🙂 phone restart with the display

  11. Hi my Nokia 3 is not charging . I pressed the power button it showed the battery logo 0% so I plugged the charger nothing happened. Now is completely off no signs of power on… only black screen

  12. I have an issue with charging with my charger, I used the original charger to charge my phone Nokia 3 but instead of charging it keeps dropping. From 40percent it drops to 39 instead of increase to 41. Pls what do I do?


  13. Hi i keep charging my phone but it is stuck at 69%, , tried using other chargers but same result. What must or can I do??

    1. Hi, Eben. Downloading an app like Ampere will help you observe the battery’s function and isolate the issue. You may also need to update your OS software, and should make sure you don’t have an excessive number of apps running in the background. Most likely, however, your battery has begun to fail and needs replacing. The Nokia 3’s battery is particularly infamous for losing capacity over time, especially if you’re a heavy user.

      Because the battery is non-removable, you’ll need to have it replaced at a service center. Do not attempt to do it yourself or you risk damaging the device and voiding the warranty.

      1. After week of purchasing Nokia 3 ,my screen cracked due to falling from small distance. But everything was working just fine. Now, It’s been 2 days my phone is not charging more than 80% with original charger. I have tried factory resetting, using another charger . I didn’t know what was the problem so I asked costumer service through support chat and they said battery saver enables during high and low temperature. But it’s not too cold here being minimum temperature 8° and maximum 23°. So is this the problem due to temperature. Please help

        1. It could be low temperatures causing it, but more likely there was damage done during the drop. I would advise having it looked at by a technician.

      2. hi ! is this the answer to a nokia 3 that wont charge further than 1%’?i used a different cable to charge my phone whilst it was on 80% and the cable drained it immediately and right now no matter which charger i use it wont charge further than 1% more like have to use it on the charger

  14. My new Nokia 3 of two weeks has suddenly decided not to connect outgoing calls? The screen indicates making a call but there is no ring tone and having tested on my landline the call is not received. Rebooting the phone sometimes cures the problem for a short time but after a call the problem resumes.

    1. Hi, David. This appears to be an issue with your service provider, so you’ll need to contact their customer support to have it addressed. Good luck!

  15. Hi, I have owned my Nokia 3 for only 2 months now and all the apps keep “stopping”. When I try to move an app from the app menu onto the home screen, an error message comes up saying “Launcher3 has stopped”; when I try to play a video in Youtube it says “Youtube has stopped”, when I try to edit the time on my alarm clock it says “clock has stopped”. There are many more, too many to list. Please help as my phone is pretty much useless except for extremely basic functions.

    1. Hi, Chris. Sounds like there’s a lot of RAM being used. Clear your system cache and shut down apps running in the background. Clearing the cache of RAM hogging apps will also help.

  16. Hi my Nokia one month old Nokia 3 keeps going on and off with the messeage to reboot i press the power button and nothing happens it goes on and off without switching on.what do i do.

    1. Hi, Franca. I’m afraid I don’t understand what your device is doing. Could you please restate the problem?

  17. MY Nokia 3 screen was shut when I woke up. I could hear the notifications and the incoming calls but couldn’t receive because the screen was blank.. after 1-2 hours my phone recovered it’s normal state. this thing happened twice. I have bought it on August, 2017.
    Please suggest me what to do..

    1. Hi, Saurabh. This sounds like a loose connection on your screen. You’ll need to have it professionally serviced. Be sure to check with your warranty and insurance to see if you’re covered. Good luck!

      1. Dear Joa Team,
        I get the same issue and send my phone back to the vendor. They changed the screen. Now after 4 days the screen again doesn’t respond. As I see in the comments this issue comes more that once. I don’t believe in a wrong connection or dead screen. After a soft restart (volume Up + Power) is works again fine. I think it’s a firmware issue.

        1. Thanks for the details, Nico. This appears to be a common problem, but Nokia doesn’t seem to recognize it as a known issue. Did you notice the problem occurring after a particular update?

  18. Hello, really glad about thé Nokia 3.

    Only problem I’m experiencing is the time: the time keeps freezing on my display… At some Point i have 3 diffrent times displaying at the same time. Setting my alarm to go working doesn’t help, since it doesn’t go off because time stands still

  19. Hi, i have owned my nokia3 has old 2months, my problem is often times wall screen clock time is not updating properly. Please help me to resolve it.

      1. Hi JOA team ;

        i have the same problem , i try every thing still the same , it was automatic from the network and i close it and close the automatic date & time but still the same problem , Kindly advice .

        1. Hi, Hendy. Is it just the clock on the home screen or all time displays? If it’s just the clock on the homescreen, try removing the clock widget then replacing it with a new one. If it’s all time displays, manually setting the time should fix the problem. Either way, please comment again if the problem persists and I’ll assist you further.

  20. I have 2 nokia 3, both wont connect to internet when data is turned on, i have to restart it to work, and also when i try to make a call it says its ringing but nothing happens then it ends call, i have to restart it to get it working again, no good if trying to make an 999 call, both phones have exact same problems,

  21. recently I am facing some problem which is when I watching movies or in youtube videos the video stopped automatically after some second.and its being whole the time.and when I trying to chat someone keyboard is gone.

  22. I have buy nokia 3 just before 20 days.Now while iam downloading apps from playstore its going error and download got canceled.now phone is not showing display but sound systems like phone call and msgs are working.

    Please help me with better solution.

  23. Nokia 3 that I bought only hours ago from Walmart just suddenly became unresponsive and has remained so for hours. The only smart thing it does is the word Nokia displayed on the screen for over 5 hour and counting. I am returning it first thing in the morning.

  24. hi! my nokia 3 is not switching after l had put it on charger when it had 8% now its just showing a back screen and also l have tried using another charger but its not responding and tried resting it but stil they is no change

    1. Hi, Jerry. Unfortunately this seems to be a relatively common problem with Nokia smartphones, but Nokia hasn’t released a fix. Contacting Nokia directly is the best option. Just to confirm, have you used the chargers with other devices to confirm that it’s not a problem with your chargers?

  25. Hi! I bought my Nokia 3 less than a month. It is functioning well except it HEATS UP everytime I use it. Not warming but heats up. I need to use a hankie so that the heat will not penetrate on my palm.

    Please email me your reply.

  26. I think I have the black screen problem. I had my phone fully charged in the morning, and after an hour or three I wanted to check something on my phone, and it showed a black screen only. Shutting it down wouldn’t work, but I held the power button and the volume button for a long time, together, and that helped. When restarting, there was a whiter (brighter) area at the edges of the screen. That has disappeared now. It’s acting normal again; for now.

    I’d like to know whether this is a software or a hardware problem. If it’s a hardware problem, I’ll send it in for a repair. I have the latest version of the software.

    1. Hi, Petra! Unfortunately this is a relatively common problem on the Nokia 3, but Nokia doesn’t seem to be willing to share much about the cause or how to solve it. Some users have noticed that this only occurs shortly (as much as a few hours) after they take a photo. Some users with this situation have found that it can be fixed by turning off “Press power button twice for camera” under Settings -> Display. If this is not the case for your phone, your best bet would be to send it in to Nokia for repair.

  27. I just bought my Nokia 3 yesterday… And I found out the Nokia 3 issue for “Multi touch Problem”.
    Sometimes, screen can’t detect two or more than two fingers.

    1. Hi Theos! As I’m sure you know, this is a relatively common problem with the Nokia 3. The bad news is that there doesn’t appear to be a obvious fix for each case. The good news is that it appears to be a software problem, and Nokia appears to be aware of it, so it should be fixed in a software update soon.

      In the meantime, make sure that any screen protector that you’re using is smoothly seated on your device. You may also want to try a factory reset, so you particular copy of the software re-installs. Just be sure to back up anything important first, since you’ll lose all of your personalization and any data stored on the device.

      When a better fix becomes available, we’ll be sure to update the post.

  28. I have purchsed Nokia 3 last night , Today morning I make one picture after that my mobiles screen gone black and till that screen is not reposnindg,but still i can listen calling tune if some one call me.

    1. Hi, Zeeshan! Some users have found that this can occur after taking a picture on the Nokia 3, and some have found that it can be fixed by turning off “Press power button twice for camera” under Settings -> Display. If this doesn’t solve the problem, your best bet would be to send it in to Nokia for repair.

  29. I am using a Nokia 3 and have an issue with the mobile data not working, the screen sows 4G connection however I get no internet. I then reboot device and all seems ok for a couple of days.
    I this a known issue or anyone else this problem.

    1. Hi, Barney. Try re-seating your SIM card. If that doesn’t solve the problem, check your APN settings under Settings -> Connections -> Mobile networks -> Access Point Names. You can try resetting APNs to default, but you may need to add an Access Point Name. How to do this will depend on who your carrier is. If you would like to add an APN, just comment again with your carrier and I’ll talk you through it.

  30. Got a Nokia 3 from bt ,the phone is not connecting to WiFi been on to by so many times it’s a joke. All my other devices work.Dont know what to do it’s using 4g data up.

  31. this is my second nokia 3 phone and i pluged in my headphones to my speaker and the phone completley shut down. ive bein trying to turn it on for the last 30 minutes but nothing. its also charging but not turning on. there is a small buzzing noise in the phone tho.how can i fix this issue.

    1. Hi, Ivan. This appears to be a hardware issue. You’ll need to have it professionally serviced or trade it in under warranty or insurance.

    1. Hi, Kojo! Try removing your SIM card, cleaning the contacts on your device and SIM card, and reseating your SIM card. Problems like this are usually the result of a slightly out of place SIM card or dirt blocking the card and device from communicating correctly. However, if your Nokia 3 continues to fail to recognize the SIM card, please feel free to comment again, and I can help you with some other possible solutions.

        1. Hi, Rameez! Would you please restate your problem? I’m afraid I’m not quite understanding. Do you mean that your Nokia 3 isn’t connecting with mobile data, even though you have mobile data turned on?

  32. hi, my phone n 3 was working good, its battery was low and a call came in, i was on phone and it went power off, till then its not responding, not charging (i have tried another charger already),
    power and volume button together press doesn’t worked, looking forward to your response thanks

    1. Hi, Abdul. Unfortunately this is a relatively common problem with Nokia phones. Your best option, if it’s still under warranty, is have it replaced via that warranty.

  33. I bought new Nokia 3 phone and on the same day when I tried to recharge the phone the phone switched off and is not getting started. After number of attempts it got restarted and on using the device the device getting hanged and a blue screen is appearing, I tried to update the software using Wi- Fi but not able to connect to the wi fi device. However wi fi devices are available and I am able to connect that with other devices successfully. Number of times phone getting hanged and not able to pick or disconnect the call.

  34. I have Nokia 3 phone. The problem with my phone is that screen saver is not showing in sleep mode. Screen saver is only starting while phone is charging. I want clock as screen saver whenever it is in sleep mode.

    1. Hi, Navin! Android only allows the screen saver to start when your device is charging or docked, or through the Always On setting for Ambient Display for the Google Pixel 2.

  35. We have bought 1000 nokia 3’s to distribute to our staff and we are having continuous wi-fi and Bluetooth issues where both of them keep losing connection. Very disappointed in this phone Nokia.

  36. my nokia 3 recently develop a problem of shutting down any app i open with 3 minutes of play, especially youTube and whatsapp, please i need yoru help.

    1. Hi, Chiedu. Clear your device’s cache and check RAM usage to see if any apps are hogging your memory. You likely have a few apps running in the background, taking up all your RAM.

  37. Hi I would like to know how to I insert the second son card in a sim card tray because for my Nokia 3 the other side is closed so when I insert the sim tray in it doesn’t go in.

    1. Hi, Sihle! The cards should go side by side in the slots in the SIM card tray. Can you expand on what you mean when you say it’s closed?

  38. Hi

    I bought a Nokia 3 about a month ago. The WiFi Hotspot is not working. I’ve tried two laptops and another cell phone – none of them are picking up the Nokia. I’ve used the hotspot with these devices before.

  39. I have a bought a Nokia 3. It will not maintain internet connection or bluetooth. I would not recommend to anyone. On line support have been helpful but problems persist. Going to get something else and just use it as a MP3 player.

  40. I bought my Nokia 3 a month ago. it’s amazing, I’m loving it. The only problem is the battery life but it’s okay. and also my the sim card tray has only one slot. The other slot is closed. like covered with a metal like thing so I can’t insert my second SIM. please help, I really need to use 2Sim cards.

  41. My Nokia 3 cant stop showing the message that the temperature is too high and shuting down. When I touch the phone its not even warm.. I turn it on and in a few seconds the same message appears and the phone died again.. Any ideas? Or advices, what to do?

  42. I have added a 64GB Micro SD on my Nokia 3. As soon as I added the card, I selected the option of using it as an internal memory. However, in no time it has come with the message that the storage is full. I keep all my photos on Google Photos and keep deleting WhatsApp files immediately. No matter what I do, the memory is full. I tried moving my apps to the storage but that too is of no use. Is it the phones limitation of is there something I can do?

  43. On my Nokia 3 the second sim slot is not working
    As I insert the sim in it. It still shows Sim slot empty.
    What can be the issue in this device ?

  44. Hello my Nokia 3 isn’t opening galary and the other problem is, it has got a shot! Even I’m not on the internet but it takes me back to the screen. Like if I’m checking the pics its not turning off but it takes me back to the screen

  45. my Nokia 3 drains a lot of battery …I want to know wat can l do..and when will l need to replace the battery over 2 years or how many years

  46. Hello
    I have a Nokia 3 and the battery dies if you don’t charge it frequently. If you wait more than 20 hours to charge, it begins to discharge when you plug it in. It happened twice. The first time I got the battery up and running again by AC the second time it didn’t work. So after a while I plugged in the phone out of no where it worked but the touch screen doesn’t work what do you suggest?

  47. I bought Nokia 3 the features on camera are very poor, the front flash light of camera is not working and the battery does not last long

  48. Hi, I have a new Nokia 3 and was I wondering if anyone else has experienced the phone making a noise constantly, which is similar to a flat battery warning, even though the battery is full?

    I would appreciate any advice, Thank you.

  49. I’d like to personalize my ringtones & message notifications but I’m finding it impossible to do. Any help please

  50. Pls I have a nokia 3 and it fell. Just from a very low height and it just went off. It’s not charging its nit coming on at all. It’s not vibrating. Recently it came on and of almost immediately please what could be the problem? Could it be that the battery disconnected?

  51. Hi, I had a problem with some app icons disappearing off the home screen. Internet advice was to go into launcher app storage settings and clear all data. Everything reset as expected but I no longer have any screens other than the home and Google screen. There are no dots across the bottom to show which screen you are using and swiping only moves from home to Google. Any ideas? Thanks.

  52. Hi, my Nokia 3 has recently stopped connecting to internet even when the mobile data is on,no Whatsapp connections, and if the data is turned on it will automatically turn itself off..

  53. IBought Nokia3 just for the brand but I can tell now is the most stupid phone I ever had. The most overwhelming thing is that it shows no notification when battery is too low, it just suddenly shuts off. I wonder, in 2019 is it possible a phone without this basic feature exists? Really a crap phone, wasted money.

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