Fix Samsung Galaxy On5 Keyboard that’s Not Working or Showing Up

Not having access to your keyboard can run from annoying to rendering Samsung Galaxy On5 practically useless.

No doubt it’s aggravating having to double tap every letter, but what’s worse is finding yourself locked out of your phone because no keyboard displays to allow you to even enter your password or pin. Or maybe you can get in, but can’t do a whole lot while inside without “Unfortunately Samsung keyboard has stopped working” popping up every couple of seconds.

No matter where you fall in this spectrum, it isn’t good, and you need an answer.

We’ll help you get your voice back—at least the one that responds to Facebook messages and texts, fills out website entries, and verifies passwords. This communication breakdown is only a temporary blip. Then you can get back to your excessive status updates.

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Problem 1: Can’t Unlock Phone Due to Disappearing Keyboard


Restart Device 

Long-press Power until your device shuts off.

Use USB or Bluetooth Keyboard

Use a micro USB adapter to plug your On5 into a keyboard, or if you have a Bluetooth keyboard or are willing to buy one, it would come in handy in this situation.

Clear Cache from Recovery

First, use the Power key to turn off your On5. Now long-press Volume Up, Home, and Power simultaneously for a few seconds. Release only when the Samsung logo appears. Welcome to Recovery Mode, where you navigate using the Volume button and select options using the Home key. You will want to select Wipe cache partition.

Make Mock Emergency Call

We’re not saying you should call 911 to help you out with your phone problem. They have better things to do. Instead, use the emergency call function to dial a non-emergency number, like 912.

Factory Reset via Recovery

From the same place you had the option to wipe the cache, you will also have the option to factory reset. It’s usually not anyone’s favorite, because it wipes all of your data. But it will restore it back to the state it was in when it left the factory, which means you at least won’t be locked out of it.

Problem 2: Everything You Do, You Get “Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard has Stopped Working” 

You are probably well aware that the keyboard has stopped, and this message winds up being a nuisance more than anything.


Restart the Keyboard 

Force restart the app if necessary.

Turn off Bluetooth

It may sound weird, but if you previously had a Bluetooth keyboard paired to your phone, turning Bluetooth off will unpair it.

Clear Keyboard Cache and Data

First, go to Settings > Applications > Application Manager. Now select All, then the Samsung keyboard app. Then, go to Storage > CLEAR CACHE. Go back to storage and CLEAR DATA too.

Clear Cache and Data for Dictionary App

The Dictionary app is closely related to the Keyboard app.

Update Keyboard App

Open Google Play Store. Tap the Menu icon on the left-hand side of the search bar, and select My apps & games. Apps with an available update will be labeled Update.

Use an Alternate Keyboard App

If you aren’t too attached to your current keyboard app, there are plenty of others out there. One such third-party app that is very popular is SwiftKey. Sometimes the best fix for a Samsung Galaxy On5 keyboard that’s not working or showing up is a different keyboard altogether.

Download: SwiftKey Keyboard

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Problem 3: Can’t Enter Text

You aren’t locked out of your phone, and you aren’t receiving any error message, but that doesn’t mean your keyboard is working. This set of solutions will help if your keyboard doesn’t automatically appear when you tap within text fields.


Reset Keyboard Settings

Select the gear icon next to the Samsung Keyboard, and from the bottom of the list, choose Reset Settings.

Remove Protective Cover

Remove any layers or barriers between you and the screen. This includes any screen protectors or similar accessories, as well as gloves worn on your own hands.

Set Default Keyboard 

Go to Settings > Language > Input > Default Keyboard. There should be a keyboard present for you to select, but if for some reason there isn’t, download one from Google Play.

Update Firmware 

Visit Settings > About device and select your software version. If an update for your system is available, a notification will be present. Make sure your On5 is fully charged, and then follow the screen prompts.

Use Touchscreen Repair App

This app analyzes and reduces touchscreen response time.

Download: Touchscreen Repair

Problem 4: Keyboard Lag

Follow these steps if your keyboard and/or touchscreen suffers from lag.


Restart Device

Typing this reminded me that I need to do this to my own phone—not for this, but for a different issue. A reboot can solve a variety of ills.

Turn Off Power Saving Mode

Typing on your keyboard typically involves short bursts of action for your phone’s CPU rather than consistent or prolonged activity. This means that your CPU ramps up to provide you some keystrokes; then goes back to its more energy-friendly, lazier state. This is especially the case when you are in Power Saving Mode. If you having Ultra Power Saving Mode turned on and wish to turn it off, tap the More button in the upper-right corner of your screen to see this option.

Turn Off Animations

Attain Developer status first by going to Settings > About device and tap Build Number about seven times. Go back the Settings menu, and you will find a new entry called Developer options towards the bottom. Tap on it, and then scroll down to find Window animation scale. Turn animation off or reduce it to get snappier keyboard performance.

Remove Memory Card and SIM Card

Sometimes a faulty micro SD or SIM card is to blame.

Problem 5: Having a Problem Only with Certain Letters and/or Punctuation

If your keyboard keeps missing some of the letters you type, or even inserts spaces or punctuation where you don’t need them to be, try the following advice.


Restart Keyboard

Close your Keyboard app and relaunch.

Clear Keyboard Data

Head to Settings > Applications > Application Manager. Now select All, then the Samsung keyboard app. Then, go to Storage > CLEAR DATA. This may be your best bet to fix your Samsung Galaxy On5 keyboard that isn’t working, or that has certain letters that aren’t showing up.

Reset Keyboard Settings

Your Keyboard app has been busy storing information about your preferences. However, much like cache, this stored information can sometimes cause issues. Go back to default by selecting the gear icon next to the Samsung Keyboard; and from the bottom of the list, choose Reset Settings.

Use an Alternate Keyboard

Fleksy has a ton of GIFs.

Download: Fleksy Keyboard

Seek Service

If you have insurance or a warranty, take your On5 to your carrier or Samsung.

Problem 6: Freezing Keyboard

These tips are for those with an unresponsive touchscreen/keyboard.


Soft Reset Using Hardware Keys

This process is equivalent to the old-fashioned battery pull. Ensure the On5’s battery is at a minimum of 5%. Simply long-press the Power and Volume Down keys together for up to 45 seconds.

Remove Case & Screen Protector

Make sure your screen is clean, as well.

Uninstall Apps

You can try uninstalling any suspect apps that might be misbehaving and are also having a bad influence on your keyboard. From Home, go to Apps > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications. Select the app you don’t want. Click on Uninstall, and OK to confirm.

Use Wired Micro USB or Bluetooth Keyboard & Bluetooth Mouse

Using Bluetooth to connect should be easy, and there’s the advantage of no wires. Go to Settings > Bluetooth and toggle it on. Your On5 will then scan for nearby Bluetooth devices, and then you can click on these to pair.

Hard Reset

Backup anything you want saved first. Then, use the Power key to turn off your On5. Now long-press Volume Up, Home, and Power simultaneously for a few seconds. Release only when the Samsung logo appears. Navigate using the Volume button and select options using the Home key. You will want to select Factory Reset.

Problem 7: Wrong Letters Appear when Typing on Keyboard

If it seems like a ghost is typing on your keyboard, or that maybe your keyboard is drunk, these solutions are for you.


Clear Keyboard App Data

This is often the best and first thing to do when you experience problems with any particular app. Go to Settings > Applications > Application Manager. Now select All, then the Samsung keyboard app. Then, go to Storage > CLEAR DATA.

Restart Device

Many bugs can be fixed with a reboot.

Use Suggested Words

If predictive text and/or auto correct doesn’t understand the word you type it will often change it to the wrong word. To prevent this from happening, type a few letters and tap on the suggested word. If you can’t beat it, join the keyboard in composing your sentences.

Remove Learned Words

If your On5 has learned some non-existent words, long-press the word from the predictive bar until you see the option to remove.

Avoid Water

Prevent your On5 from coming into contact with too much moisture, and make it dries out fully if it has an accidental encounter with water. Moisture is a major cause of Samsung Galaxy On5 not working or showing up.

Get a Bigger Keyboard

Literally, get a bigger keyboard. There isn’t a whole lot of space for your fingers to tap, and it’s easy for your touches to overlap one another.

Download: Classic Big Keyboard

Wrapping Up 

Hopefully, these simple instructions have resolved your keyboard problem. I personally have experienced the most issues with lag and autocorrect/predictive words, and know how embarrassing it can be to send a text with the wrong words. If you have questions, feel free to ask, and we’ll try not to listen and not ignore you like your spouse does. If you know of any tip we have missed, let us know.

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