Methods to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth Issues
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20 Methods to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth Issues

No matter how far we have come with technology, there will always be problems. The S8 Bluetooth issues are case in point. In many ways it has been worthy of its hype, but in other ways I find myself wondering, “Why can’t they get this right?” But establishing and maintaining a connection between the S8 and every possible car manufacturer’s device, plus every other type of Bluetooth device, is no simple affair.

Still, there must be a workaround for each problem. Simply resigning and chalking it up to “no phone can be perfect” won’t cut it either. You paid for a device with the understanding that it would provide Bluetooth. Let’s make sure you get your money’s worth without any further S8 Bluetooth problems.

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1. Toggle Airplane Mode

Enable, then disable Airplane Mode. The mode disables all broadcasts and cell reception while it is configured. Make sure that it isn’t. The S8 provides easy access through Quick Settings with a swipe downward from the top of the screen. Select Airplane/Flight mode. Make sure it’s off. This can help resolve any Bluetooth pairing issues.

Airplane Mode

2. Update

Updates have become available for the S8 that specifically target these Bluetooth issues. To make sure your Galaxy is up-to-date, go to Settings > About device > Software Update > Check for updates.

Software Update

3. Restart All Devices

If you are experiencing problems maintaining a continuous connection, try rebooting both your S8 and the device(s) you are connecting to. Although it seems far too simple and ubiquitous, it’s a must for troubleshooting this and many other problems.


4. Unpair, then Re-pair

Unpair all devices first, then reboot. Re-pair each device one at a time. This is another must-try step to resolve any Bluetooth problem on any device.

Paired Devices

5. Clear App Cache

Go to Settings > Application Manager and swipe right or left to the All tab. Select the Bluetooth app itself. Force stop the app, then clear its cache. No doubt cache is there for your convenience, but sometimes it can lead to previous settings interfering with current settings.

App Cache

6. Check Bluetooth Switch

The Bluetooth switch puts your S8 in discoverable mode so that other devices can “see” it. Be sure to check the Bluetooth switch just in case it isn’t toggled to the ON position–I’ve done dumber things.

Bluetooth Menu

7. Wipe Cache Partition

Turn off your S8, then long-press both the Volume Up and Bixby keys. Now press and hold the Power button. When the Android logo appears, release all of the keys. Use the Volume Down key to navigate to Wipe Cache Partition, and the Power key to select it. A reboot is recommended afterward.


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8. Factory Reset

First, backup your Samsung to retain any changes you might have made. To backup and reset all in one, go to Settings > Backup & reset. Tap on Backup my data. Then go to Factory data reset, Reset my Device, and Erase Everything.

Factory Reset

9. Check Your Manufacturer’s Manual for Device

It’s not a bad idea to check your S8’s manual, which you might even still be able to find, given that your Galaxy is pretty new. The S8 contains pretty new Bluetooth technology (5.0), which can mean great advancements in range, speed, and audio quality, but it won’t be fully supported until Android O. Ask any IT professional if any rollout of any new technology ever goes 100% smoothly, and they will tell you no.

But also don’t forget that Bluetooth takes two to tango. So if you are having problems connecting to your car, check your auto’s manual for advice. There will often be tips for how to reset and troubleshoot your car’s Bluetooth connection.

10. Refresh Network Settings

Sometimes all you need is a fresh start. Navigate to Settings > Backup & reset > Reset network settings > Reset settings. This is also a useful tactic if you aren’t able to access the Internet, send and/or receive texts, and/or send and receive emails.

11. Update/Remove Conflicting Apps

Some apps haven’t hit it off very well, and Bluetooth has suffered because of it. An example is the FitBit and Spotify apps, which when downloaded to the same device in the recent past, have reacted like sparring siblings. Making sure that all of your apps are up-to-date in Google Play could help, and you might as well remove any apps causing problems that you don’t really use. If you are quite sure which app might be creating your issues, try testing it out with Safe Mode.

On the S8 you can enter Safe Mode by first turning your device off. Long-press the Power button and you will first see the model name appear, but keep holding until you see the Samsung logo. Once you release the Power key, immediately press Volume down until the phone finishes rebooting.


12. Use Android Auto Support

You have to at least be using OS version 6.0 and up, but that shouldn’t be a problem on this phone. Make sure that your car is compatible though, because even though the app purports to work on any car, there is still a list provided of vehicles that are compatible. Granted, it is a long list.

Download: Android Auto – Maps, Media, Messaging, & Voice

Android Auto

13. Check Distance Between Devices

Even though one of the key advantages of Bluetooth 5.0 is increased range, Bluetooth can only go so far. 400 meters is what Bluetooth 5.0 is potentially capable of, but a more realistic range is probably 120 meters (which is still considerable, at 393 feet). To play it safe, if you can’t see the device you are trying to connect to, you might be too far away.

14. Toggle Bluetooth Switch

Remind it to do its job. Try switching it off and back on on both devices. Then try to pair and share files.

15. Check Bluetooth 5.0 Compatibility

While most of your old devices should still work with your shiny new Samsung’s Bluetooth, here’s the thing: don’t expect them to benefit from Bluetooth 5.0’s potential capabilities. That’s why distance still matters, and your connection probably isn’t going to be any faster. That does change if you go out and buy all new Bluetooth 5.0 technology. At that point, it is fair to have that expectation.

16. Visit Samsung Service Center

You can also hit up your carrier for help as well. This is a new phone still. It should work.

Samsung Service

17. Use Bluetooth Auto Connect App

This app could prove useful to establish a Bluetooth connection automatically with your other devices.

Download: Bluetooth Auto Connect

Bluetooth Auto

18. Remove Interference

Not only does distance matter, but also any competing devices and/or blockages. If your Bluetooth is too busy trying to connect to your car when you want it to connect to your headphones, your S8’s Bluetooth agenda is likely to get placed ahead of your current agenda, and your current agenda will be ignored.


19. Maintain Full Charge

Battery/Power Management will turn Bluetooth off to preserve battery/power. After all, you aren’t going to be connecting to any Bluetooth when your phone is dead, and Battery/Power Management is looking out for the long haul/big picture.


20. Update Drivers/Firmware

Are you trying to connect your PC to your S8? Don’t forget that drivers can require updates too. What about your car’s firmware? Have you been ignoring its request for an update? Simply worrying about applying updates to your S8 won’t cut it when there are other devices involved that have their own needs.

Download Drivers


You shouldn’t be longing for the good old days with your S7 or S6. Plus, you’re probably too busy driving to be dealing with this on a day-to-day basis.

Problems with any new technology or phone may be par for the course, but so is trying out 20 solutions and finding at least one that solves your problem. If not help hopefully is still on the way, as most flagship problem get ironed out eventually.

Do you have other tips you would like to share? Perhaps you have found the perfect solution. Let us know what worked or didn’t work for you in the comments.

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  1. I completed all steps and none worked for me. My Galaxy S8 Plus connects to my Bose 10 for a few minutes but then it drops. I’m beyond frustrated with this drive. I used to use Apple and i’m strongly considering going back to it, primarily because of the Bluetooth connection issue. Please help.

    1. Hi, Hector. I’m sorry you’re having issues, and I understand why you’re frustrated. Are you able to maintain a connection with bluetooth devices other than your Bose 10? Are other devices able to maintain a bluetooth connection with your Bose 10?

  2. I received an update this morning which stated that it fixes the Bluetooth issues. I will check later to see if it pairs correctly with my vehicle.

  3. My s8 has no problems detecting and connecting to bluetooth devices but the quality and range was not great.I hear a lot of chirping sounds when listening to music and the range was not even 12ft.

    It appears to me that aftermarket case on my s8 is afecting bluetooth quality. I removed it and tested today. I now have very clear Bluetooth connection everywhere in my 1300 sqft apartment. I even kept the phone in one of the closets that is farthest from my vizio sound bar and closed the door but the connection did not drop or did not hear any chirping sounds.

    I put the case back on and now the range is reduced to 12 ft again and i hear lot of chirping noises while listening to music. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi, Ravee! This is a good tip. We get solid cases to keep our phones safe from the outside world, but they can also create problems with things like bluetooth.

    2. This is precisely what I have noticed too with my S8. Have tried various cases and to some extent each blocks the bluetooth – some considerably (carbon fibre back case) and some less so (rubber case). Ironically however with the rubber case on, forget wireless charging whereas with the the carbon fibre case (which is gorgeous!) the wireless charging is ok. Sometimes however even simply placing my hand on the phone while it is in my pocket can be enough to stutter the music/call in my Bose headphones. Matter of fact remains that surely something about the bluetooth in the S8 is not right. I just PRAY it is software related not hardware and that it is fixed with a patch ASAP.

  4. My old S4 as well as my wife’s year-old S7 connect automatically to my 2015 Subaru. My S8 does not. The S8 successfully completes the pairing process, but when I turn the car off and then back on, my week-old (29 Dec 2017) S8 cannot automatically reconnect with my Subaru. To get the phone to reconnect with the car’s Bluetooth, I have to go into my car’s Bluetooth profile on my phone and repeatedly enable both call and media audio. The phone will continually turn off both connection “buttons” for a couple minutes (while I am continually turning them back on) until my S8 finally connects – all while the engine is idling (I have to do this -after- starting the engine, because the connection is lost in going from “ACC” to “Run”).

    I have tried everything in your list, as well as some things you don’t mention. However, the phone simply refuses to automatically reconnect with my car.

    Googling this issue yields thousands of complaints about this problem. Apparently, Samsung doesn’t care, since the problem has been reported ever since the S8 came out, and yet, here we are.

    The state in which I live (Oregon) has very strict laws governing cell-phone use while driving (and rightly so, IMO). Even -touching- a mobile device of any kind while driving is an infraction. Get caught doing this twice in a year’s time, and you’ll lose your driver’s license for a year, plus incur a $2500 fine.

    Consequently, I -must- have Bluetooth capability in order to take calls in my car. My older phones can do it, but my supposedly “amazing and awesome” S8 cannot – at least not without first burning both gasoline and time in order to accommodate the S8’s crappy Bluetooth capability.

    My phone is still under warranty, and I am about 98% of the way to handing it back in for an upgrade to an S7.

    1. Hi, Forrest. Be sure to check that your car is set to allow your device to auto-connect, and that you haven’t reached a limit on the number of devices able to auto-connect. If the problem continues to persist, you can comment again and we can discuss other possible fixes, or you can cash in on that warranty and go ahead and switch back to the familiar S7.

  5. The S8 is rather buggy. It has issues with Bluetooth connectivity (my S4 functioned perfectly in this regard), and I’ve just learned today that my S8 doesn’t sync nicely with a POP email account – something my old S4 did and my wife’s current S7 does well.

    I regret not getting an S7 instead of an S8 when I “upgraded” from my S4.

    1. You’re right Forrest, the S8 is buggy when it comes to Bluetooth, and you’re not the first person to say that they wish they’d gone with an S7. If the phone is still under warranty, you may actually be able to trade it in for an S7.

  6. Noise canceling Bluetooth headsets that work on my S7 fail to cancel noise on my S8. People can hear background noise louder than my voice! Have tried 3 different headsets and had the same problem. Also, new shower speaker is jumbled on S8 but sounds incredibly good with S7.

    1. Hi, Cheryl! Do you have any kind of case on your S8? A thicker case can often interfere with Bluetooth connectivity.

  7. S8 bluetooth with motor cycle headset
    Worked great all last summer just getting everything ready for this year and my Bluetooth on my s8 doesn’t play media anymore
    Use to say thru my headset play music and it sed ok playing google music
    Now it says playing a mix in google play music goes to google play that’s it nothing els
    Iv tried everything even factory reset what passed me of
    Only got the s8plus in may last year on release day
    My s7 was perfect

  8. I have been struggling with a Bluetooth issue for a week now (connection somehow scrambled and could not unpair the bad connection). Tip #1 (aeroplane mode) worked like a charm. Once Bluetooth re-established I could unpair the dodgy pairing, then re-connect it and the device now works as expected.

    Thank you so mush for publishing this article.

  9. I tried all of the fixes including Clearing the partition cache. None of it worked. I uninstalled and app that was installed just before this problem started. Then restart, still no good.

  10. Hello i’m running with a problem that the Bluetooth in my S8 does not toggle to the ON position. Can someone help me? Thanks

  11. I have the S8 and it connects to Bluetooth in my Isuzu with no problem for the phone but not for Media. Same car previously with the S4 had no problem and I could happily listen to internet radio all day long. Not so with the S8. It is just the Media which will not connect. Any suggestions please?

  12. I have a Samsung S8 and have difficulties getting it to connect to my Denon AVR-X520BT receiver. It has I believe Bluetooth 2 . I had no problems with my old phone Galaxy S6. Is there a solution you can suggest?

  13. I found a fix for this that should work for most. First, what causes the problem is when you have your phone connected to another output, say earbuds or headphones, sometimes you may get a call and it causes the phone to pause media play. However, if you disconnect from that output source without reengaging media play and then try connecting to your car audio, media play is still paused without the phone recognizing the new connected output. So, to fix you have to reconnect to another output source and play media…then disconnect and reconnect to the car audio. This should reset media play for the car.

  14. My phone will connect and make calls but will not play audio, both car receivers say there’s no device connected despite having a successful connection and playing call audio

    1. Hi Austin,
      We are sorry to hear about your phone. In spite of that, may I know what phone you are using? If it’s a Samsung Galaxy S8, please try out the methods mentioned in this article to fix your Bluetooth and see whether they work for you. Thank you.

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