How to Fix Samsung Smart Switch that’s Not Working

So you finally have it—your shiny new device that you’ve been waiting for. However, you’ve no doubt stored lots of contacts, media, music, messages, apps, settings, pictures, and more on your current device; and there’s no way you want to lose all of that or get stuck transferring it manually. But it looks as though that’s exactly what you’ll be doing, because Samsung Smart Switch is on the blink. Maybe Smart Switch randomly crashes, or worse yet, won’t even launch at all.

Or, infuriatingly, perhaps you are receiving a message that the sending device doesn’t have enough space. Does make much sense, huh? Yet it sometimes happens. But don’t worry; you’ve got this.

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Method 1: When Switching from iPhone to Samsung

For starters, let’s go over what process should work and then we’ll talk about what to do when it doesn’t. Even if your old phone is an iOS, Smart Switch should still function. The one exception is if you are switching from iOS 9.0. In that case, you will need to use the Smart Switch for PC app.

Download: Smart Switch for PC/Mac

1. Perform iCloud Backup

Wired transfer from your iOS device to Galaxy or PC/Mac using an iOS cable or USB connector is also possible, but for example’s sake, we’re going to discuss the iCloud method.

2. Download Smart Switch on Galaxy

Install the app on your new device, and open it.

Download: Smart Switch Mobile

3. Run Smart Switch App

4. Import from iCloud

Sign in using your Apple ID and password. Choose the latest iCloud backup, and select contents to be transferred before you press Import.

5. Enjoy

You might have to press the Done button, but that should be about it.

Method 2: Troubleshoot Issues Transferring from iOS

While in most instances it should be possible to transfer content from iOS to Galaxy without any hitch, in reality that’s not always the case.

Here are a few pointers:

1. For iOS 9, Use Smart Switch for PC/Mac

You can also connect to your old device using an OTG cable.

Download: Smart Switch for PC/Mac

2. For Issues Connecting to iCloud:

You will be prompted to retry connecting. Make sure you are using a strong Wi-Fi connection, and tap OK to try again. Also, ensure you are using the correct Apple ID and password.

3. To Transfer iTunes Music

Use Smart Switch for PC or Mac to transfer iTunes music. Music files purchased prior to 2009 are not DRM-free, and cannot be transferred.

Download: Smart Switch for PC/Mac

4. Regarding iTunes Videos:

iTunes videos are encrypted and cannot be transferred. This is not something you can fix on Samsung Smart Switch; it’s working by Apple’s design. Videos you have made yourself can be transferred, and will be playable as long as you obtain a video player app that supports .mov files from Google Play.

Download: MOV Player

5. Verify Smart Switch Version

Open Smart Switch and go to More > Smart Switch Information. The version must be V3.3.02-4 or greater.

6. For Issues Using a Mac:

Ensure the Mac OS is 10.6 or later.

7. For Problems with Network Connection to iCloud being Interrupted:

When this happens a notification will appear. Press OK to log back into iCloud and try again with a solid data connection.

8. Contact Samsung Support

The phone number is 1-855-795-0509.

9. Try a Smart Switch Alternative

Aiseesoft is recommended by many. It allows you to transfer data in one click.

Download: Aiseesoft

TunesBro Phone Transfer is another great alternative if you are frustrated with Smart Switch. It’s basically just Wondershare MobileTrans.

Download: TunesBro Phone Transfer

Method 3: Troubleshoot Smart Switch Randomly Crashing

There were instances of users encountering this problem and trying to manually transfer 500 items. Try these steps first.

1. Ensure Device is Supported

If you receive a message that says Unsupported Device, this is definitely a factor. Check compatibility at the Samsung Smart Switch website.

2. Check USB Connection

Make sure you are using the MTP (Media Device) USB connection setting. To change the USB setting, reconnect the USB cable, then swipe down from the top of your phone’s home screen. Select Connected as Camera, and tap Media Device (MTP).

3. Restart Smart Switch

Close the app and launch it again.

4. Delete Smart Switch & Start Fresh

This helps to address the possibility of a corrupt installation of Smart Switch. Uninstall Smart Switch, and restart your PC. Install it once more.

5. Manually Download Drivers

If you do a quick search for your device, you should be able to find the USB drivers fairly easily. Also, try installing the drivers in Compatibility Mode. For instance, on Windows 10, you would right-click on the driver file and click on Troubleshoot compatibility > Troubleshoot Program. Conversely, the Smart Switch app on your PC has options for reinstalling a malfunctioning device driver on your mobile device. Look for the More button in the upper right of your screen. Here you will see an option to Reinstall device driver.

6. For Corrupted Microsoft Outlook PST Files:

Run scanpst.exe, then run Samsung Smart Switch again.

7. Download Kies

Kies will still work for older Samsung devices, if applicable. Some users like/liked it better.

Download: Kies

8. Use Odin Instead

Yes, Samsung Smart Switch can help you if you are trying to update your device too. However, there are limits to this feature. If you are trying to flash firmware, Odin might be a better tool.

Download: Odin

Method 4: Overcome Error Message: Content Too Large for Device

It’s understandable that space is normally at a premium on our phones, but on a brand new device? Or else why would you get a message about not having enough space on the sending device? It’s possible, nonetheless. Here’s how to fix Samsung Smart Switch not working due to insufficient storage space.

1. Check Storage Space on New Device

Go to Settings > Storage to see what space you are working with. If you have 500 MB or more in the internal memory, this device shouldn’t be your problem.

2. Check Storage on Old Device

To transfer data, both devices must have a minimum of 500 MB free space in the internal memory.

3. Delete Cache

Make some room on the offending device. Cache is a good place to start.

4. Delete Content from Old Device

The idea is to reduce the size of the backed up files you are transferring.

5. Deselect Some Content to Transfer

Then see the following step about alternate methods to backup content.

6. Use a Smart Switch Alternative for Select Content

SMS Backup+ can put your text history into a Gmail inbox folder.

Download: SMS Backup+

SMS Backup & Restore is another popular option.

Download: SMS Backup & Restore

7. Delete Content from New Device

Backup what you can elsewhere.

8. Contact Samsung

Call 1-800-SAMSUNG.

9. Use an Overall Smart Switch Alternative

APowersoft is powerful software that has many uses, and content transfer is among them.

Download: APowersoft

Wondershare MobileTrans is a simple one-step solution.

Download: Wondershare MobileTrans

Method 5: Solve Other Issues, Including: Getting Stuck, Only Some Content Transferred, App Failing to Launch, and More

1. When You Are Getting Stuck at Less than 100%

Try transferring your content in increments, by category. You can also try uninstalling Smart Switch, rebooting your device(s), and reinstalling.

2. What to Do when Only Some Content Transfers

Make sure the content is eligible for transfer. Confirm that it’s an eligible file type, meets any associated terms and conditions (and isn’t encrypted or DRM-protected media), is a smaller size than the memory available on the new device, and that the new device has a newer software OS version.

3. When Smart Switch Won’t Launch

Ensure that all devices being used meet the recommended system requirements. If they do, and you are still experiencing problems, contact Samsung.

4. If You are Experiencing Problems with Permissions on Marshmallow

Manually grant permission to Smart Switch for your backup by visiting the app settings or preferences.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of whether you change out devices more than you change underwear or just when your Android breaks beyond repair, transferring your content shouldn’t be difficult. If you keep getting stuck, or it’s taking hours, try contacting Samsung or even an alternative method. You might also consider recruiting the help of other services you’ve probably been syncing to, such as Google Drive. Finally, let us know in the comment section if we can be of assistance in fixing Samsung Smart Switch that’s not working, or if you can help others in this predicament.

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