Fixing speaker problems on Android phones: 5 Solutions

“There is no sound coming out of my phone! It’s ruined!” Instances like these are not new. Nothing is perfect, nor is your Android phone.

Save your hysteria for later. Before you go running to the nearest phone technician, this article will guide you with the first aid fixes when your phone’s speaker starts acting up.

First, let us identify the issues. Make sure to check the following beforehand:

  • The volume isn’t on silent mode and is not muted.
  • You are not connected to any Bluetooth device.
  • Your phone’s speaker is clean, and no foreign object is blocking the sound passage.
  • Disconnect your headset/earphones.

When your phone’s speaker is not working, it could either be a hardware or a software issue. We will be presenting different scenarios. Identify where your issues are and follow the necessary quick fixes.

Generally, to distinguish where the problem is coming from, you need to run a device diagnostic test. This will verify if the issue is on the hardware or the software.

Note that the steps in running a diagnostic test depend on which mobile you are using.

To run a diagnostic test on a Samsung phone, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *#7353# on your phone to enter the diagnostic tool.
  2. To check your phone’s external speaker, select Speaker. You will hear loud music if your phone’s speakers are working fine.
  3. To check your phone’s internal speaker, select Melody. You will hear music playing from the earpiece if it’s working fine.

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If you are using an Asus phone, you can run a diagnostic test for your loudspeaker and headset. To run, follow these steps:

1. On your calculator, type 12345+=

2. You will be redirected to the SMMI Test screen. Select Single Test.

Asus SMMI Test Screenshot
Asus SMMI Test Screenshot

3. You will be redirected to the Single Test Screen where you can select the test that you want to do. Look for the Headset Test or the Speaker Test.

Asus Single Test Menu Screenshot
Asus Single Test Menu Screenshot

4. You will be asked to do a set of instructions. Follow it and you’re good to go.

Asus Speaker / Headset Test Screenshot
Asus Speaker / Headset Test Screenshot

This article has a list of common Android codes that you can use.

If your phone passed this diagnostic test, this means that there is no problem with your device. It could either be that the media that you are trying to play is corrupted or the music source is not supported. It could also be that the music/video app that you are using is damaged.

Here are the following ways to fix speaker problems on your Android phone.

1. Your phone automatically sets to silent/vibrate.

Are you making a phone call when suddenly you can’t hear the person on the other line? You try to call again. You’ll hear him/her then suddenly the sound goes off once more.

A third-party app might be interfering with your phone or there might be an outdated cache data.

Quick Fix:

  1. Set your phone in Safe Mode. This will temporarily disable all third-party apps. Use your phone normally and check if still mutes even under safe mode.
  2. Run the recovery mode and clean the cache partition.

If you are using a Samsung phone, you can do this by turning off your device first.

  • Press and hold the volume up button, home key, and power key at the same time. Wait for the phone to vibrate.
  • Immediately release the power key while still holding the other two keys. Once you see the recovery mode menu, you can release the rest of the keys.
  • Select wipe cache partition using your volume keys.
  • Press the power key to confirm.
  • Reboot your system.

2. An icon indicating that a headphone is connected even if there’s none

You can still hear the sounds using a headphone/headset, however, when you remove it, the loudspeaker isn’t working. Your device might be stuck in headphone mode which is interfering with your speakers.

Quick Fix:

  1. Blow through the jack to remove dirt/dust or clean it using a Q-tip.
  2. Plug in and plug out your headphone several times.
  3. Restart your phone.
  4. If the icon doesn’t disappear, do a factory reset. Be sure to do a back-up so as not to lose important files on your device.

3. There is no sound when using Bluetooth

If you are having difficulties with your Bluetooth, check first whether the device is working when connected to other phones.

If it doesn’t, your Bluetooth device is faulty. If it does, you can go to your phone’s settings, find the Bluetooth menu, and click on the Byte headset icon. Tap listen to music. If it’s not repaired, have a professional look at it.

4. I dropped my phone in the water and it is not water-resistant! Now the speaker is not working!

You like listening to music or watching your favorite movie while in the shower. We get it. But today you aren’t extra careful.

Quick Fix:

  1. Turn off your device. If it automatically turned off, do not try to turn it on.
  2. Bury your Android phone into the rice and leave it for at least 24 hours. Be sure that the device is fully covered. This will eliminate the moisture.
  3. Retrieve your phone after a day and use as you would normally.
  4. You can also use a blow drier to remove the moisture from the phone. Do it on low heat for about a minute. Keep the blower on a safe distance.
Bury your phone in raw rice
Bury your phone in raw rice

5. Your phone failed in the diagnostic test and there is no sound at all

This means that your hardware is faulty. Try pressing on the speaker a few times as the wires might be loose. Else, you should send it for repair.

In a nutshell

Note that the quick fixes will vary depending on which Android phone you are using. If you have recently purchased your phone, check your warranty. The manufacturer will fix it for you for free. Just make sure that you have not rooted your Android phone before going to the manufacturer or the shop.

Also, make sure that you have not dropped or played with your device that can cause damages to the device itself. Else, your warranty is deemed void.

Share your Android phone’s speaker problem and let us try to find a solution for you. Alternatively, do you know any quick fixes for the same problems? Help a fellow Android user through the comments section below.

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