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Fixing Problems with Nexus 9

I really have been fortunate when it comes to my Android because I haven’t had too many problems. But drop any phone in the toilet and it’s bound to misbehave. I even thought I might have to get a new phone, but tried some troubleshooting instead. Now my only problem is my lack of an excuse to buy a new gadget.

Hopefully, by the end of this article, not having an excuse to buy a new tablet (because your Nexus 9 works just too well) will be your biggest problem too. And maybe being stuck with your Nexus 9 isn’t so bad after all. You certainly could do worse than owning a powerful and nice-looking device built by giants Google and HTC. So let’s get past these problems.

Problem 1: Charging Troubles

So there’s the peculiar issue where the lock screen loops when the Nexus 9 is charging. Then there’s the matter of the tablet charging painfully slow.


Use the Original Charger

Try the charger that came with the Nexus 9. If that charger isn’t available, or won’t work on any device, just make sure you are using a charger designed for a device like the Nexus 9.

Nexus Charger

Establish a Good Connection

Look at all external connections to make sure they are firmly attached. If the problem is internal, it might not be so easy, and you might have to seek outside assistance.

Check Outlet

There is a third possible culprit besides your Nexus and charger—test another outlet to see if the one you were using might be the problem.

Socket Tester

Discontinue Use While Charging

Give your Nexus a chance to refuel.

For Screen Loop: Change Language

A lot of people had an issue when the language was set to French Canadian, in particular, but this resolved when any other language was selected.

Language Input


You can always check for and apply updates by going to Settings > About tablet > System Updates, and then following on-screen instructions.

Problem 2: Performance is the Pits

Even with its powerful processor, the Nexus 9 still manages to be laggy. What gives?



Although this is often just a short-term fix, it still might just do the trick, or can at least get you by a little longer. Try turning the tablet off, then on again.


Some have found that this issue is closely linked to certain versions of the operating system, so make sure you are using the most recent version available.

Software Update

Try a New Launcher

If startup is full of disappointment, try using a new launcher. Go Launcher claims to improve efficiency and performance. Honestly, I personally didn’t see the huge gains that some attest to, but if nothing else, launchers are also great for personalization.

Download: Go Launcher

Uninstall Individual Apps, or Start Fresh with a Reset

This step can go a long way in fixing problems with the Nexus 9. First, try uninstalling any app that you think might be responsible for deficient performance, but if that doesn’t work, try a factory reset. Go to Backup and reset from Settings and tap on Factory data reset. Instruct the Android to Reset the Device. This wipes data so you might want to backup what you wish to save!

Uninstall App

Problem 3: Sorry Speakers

Some describe Nexus 9 speaker problems as popping or crackling that takes place immediately, while others describe it as a fuzzy sound that gets progressively worse. Either way, it’s not fun.



Start by closing and reopening the app, but if that doesn’t work reboot your Nexus 9.

Turn Off “Surround Sound”

Get your show going, then tap player settings to ensure the box next to Surround Sound is unchecked.

Replace Speakers

If you feel up to it, you can take the Nexus 9 apart to replace the speakers yourself, but this isn’t recommended for amateurs.

Download Poweramp

The free version is only available on a trial basis, but the pro version is worth paying for.

Download: Poweramp (Free)

Download: Poweramp (Full Version)

Problem 4: Wi-Fi Woes

Wi-Fi problems that are commonly associated with the Nexus 9 include connection dropping, or possibly no connection at all.


Toggle Wi-Fi/Reset Device/Router

Turn the Wi-Fi feature off and back on again. Do the same with your tablet and router if necessary.

Get Closer

Make sure that you aren’t too far away from the router.

Forget/Reset Network

From your Home screen, visit Apps > Settings > Wi-Fi. Long-press the network and choose Forget network. You will have to set it up again.

Forget Network

Change Frequency to 5GHz

Navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi > three dots > Advanced > Wi-Fi Frequency Band.

Wifi Frequency

Ensure that MAC Filtering isn’t Interfering

The benefits to MAC address filtering on your router are usually far too minimal to make it worth it. It generally doesn’t do much for security and it could interfere with one’s Wi-Fi connection.


Ensure you have the latest update for your Nexus. This largely depends on your carrier. Do the same for your router’s firmware.

Apply Update

Problem 5: Won’t Turn On

This may be the fault of the battery, but it could also be a hardware issue involving the motherboard.


Let it Charge

Charge for at least 10 minutes, if not more like 30.

Check Accessories

Make sure that no case or battery pack is pressing buttons or affecting sensors. 

Combat Water Damage

Your Nexus 9 doesn’t like water. Allow your Android to dry for one day. Remove its back panel, including the battery and immerse in rice or silica gel (if you have enough). After you’ve charged the device, try starting your Android in Recovery Mode, wipe the cache, and reboot.

wet phone

Check Charging Conditions

Does your tablet have a broken or bent port? Does the charger fit too loosely? Have you tried a different charger? A different outlet?

Replace Battery

If your phone won’t turn on unless it’s connected to a charger, you could have a faulty battery. If a hard reset or a new ROM doesn’t solve things, you’ll either have to keep your device on life support, get a new battery, or purchase a new Android altogether. You have to pick your battles, and some problems with the Nexus 9 might not be worth fixing.

Remove Battery

Problem 6: Overheating

Your Nexus 9 shouldn’t overheat when you are just doing mundane tasks that don’t require much processing. And yet there have been so many reports of this happening.


Avoid Usage

Don’t use your tablet while it’s charging. And go easy on the gaming.

No Phone

Avoid Hot Environments

This is not the time or situation to fight fire with fire. Or to leave your tablet on the hot dashboard of your car for several hours.

Hot Environment


Keep both your apps and operating system up-to-date.

Try Cooling Master

This app is supposed to detect the apps that are causing your device to overheat. Even if it doesn’t, you won’t be out any money since it’s free. Similarly, you could just go to Settings > Battery to see which apps are using the most energy.

Download: Cooling Master-Phone Cooler

Turn Off Wi-Fi Scanning

Wifi Advanced

Many of the same things that drain your battery will also cause your tablet to overheat. Disable Wi-Fi scanning by going into Wi-Fi settings > Advanced and disable Scanning Always Available to help both your tablet’s temperature and battery life.

Must Read: How to Increase the Battery Life for Android Phones

Problem 7: Apps Crash

Apps may crash or you may experience difficulty accessing them.


Clear App Cache

Go to Settings > Apps and select the app that keeps crashing. Select Clear Cache.


Restart your Nexus 9.

Reinstall Apps

Uninstall and then reinstall your problem apps. You can perform a Factory reset if you wish to uninstall all of your third-party apps at once.

Factory Reset2

Look Through Files

If your apps have disappeared, but you still have the same amount of space, use a file manager to peruse your files.

Download: ES File Explorer

Install App/OS Updates

Go to Google Play > My Apps to find out if updates are available. For OS updates, go to Settings > About tablet > System Updates.

My apps


Is the issue plaguing your Nexus 9 not listed? Tell us about it below. Can you think of solutions we left out? Fill us in.

We also have articles for basic troubleshooting of Android phones, as well many, many more for Nexus devices. If you have a serious problem, especially involving hardware, the best solution might be to contact Nexus support or the retailer for your Android.

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