How To Install Flash Player For Android 4.1 to Watch Without Worry

Do you like watching videos and playing flash games on your Android phone or tablet? Have you tried searching for Adobe Flash Player on the Google Play store but couldn’t find the flash player for your device?

Adobe discontinued its Flash Player app for Android versions 4.1 and higher, meaning that you cannot get it from the Play Store. Even though the app is still available on the Play Store, it only supports previous Android models running versions lower than 4.1.

Learn how you can install flash player for Android 4.1.

Step 1

Go to the Settings app and tap on Security. Make sure that Unknown Sources under the Device Administration tab is checked. This is needed for installing the apk file, as you won’t find flash player on the Google Play store.

Unknown Sources Enable

Step 2

Download the Adobe Flash Player apk file. You can get the latest apk file here. Once downloaded, move the apk file from your PC to your Android device using a micro USB  cable.

Step 3

If you don’t have any file manager installed on your device, download ES File Explorer or any other file manager from the Google Play store.

Step 4

Open your file manager, browse to the directory where you moved the apk file from your PC and tap on it. The installer should now open. Press the Install button and wait for the installation to complete. You are now done installing Flash Player on your Android device!

Flash Player Install

Step 5

It is unlikely that your default browser supports flash, specially if you are running Android Jelly Bean. Default browsers like Chrome will not work with the flash player. For using the flash player, you can use Firefox, which can be downloaded through the Google Play button below.


Step 6

Open Firefox, tap on the Menu button and click on Settings.

Step 7

Tap on Plugins and select the Enabled option. This is necessary for loading the flash content and without enabling it, the flash player will not work. You can now enjoy your favorite videos and flash games on your Android device.

Firefox Plugins Enabled


If you are running Android 4.1 or higher, then this is the only way you can install flash player on your Android device. It might not work perfectly on some Android devices and you may face bugs because flash player is not officially available for Android 4.1 or higher. That being said, you should be able to do most of the stuff on your browser with the flash player installed. Make sure you follow all the instructions correctly and feel free to ask any questions below. Most people looking to use Flash player want to watch videos, so you can also check out the best movie and TV apps for Android.

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