Fortnite for Android: Everything You Need to Know for the Launch

Fortnite for Android: Everything You Need to Know for the Launch
At long last, Fortnite is coming to Android.

Brace yourself as the long awaited for Fortnite for Android Beta is here to the joy of impatient Fortnite fans everywhere.

Epic Games’s release of the the quintessential Battle Royale saw the company reap about $90 million in the first three months alone, and now the game is coming to Android.

Fortnite will actually be skipping the Play Store option, instead opting for a system where players are emailed invitations with download links in waves. The idea is to avoid overloading the game’s servers and allow the development team to correct any problem or bugs before the game becomes widely available.

However, there’s speculation that this system is overly complicated and will lead to more problems than it will avoid. It’s also understandably frustrating for players with older devices who will undoubtedly be waiting much longer for their favorite game on their mobile device than those with a brand new phone.

Fortunately, the official site for Fortnite Beta has been loaded with an updated list of compatible devices, and that list is expected to grow.

At least one benefit to having to wait is getting to know more about the game before you actually start playing, especially with this useful guide.

Fortnite: The Basics

Fortnite Mobile Android Edition
Fortnite for Android can be played alone or in teams of up to four players.

Initially launched on Windows, macOS, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4 in September 2017, Fortnite Battle Royale is now aiming to conquer the Android OS.

It is a cooperative survival game that has infused construction elements. It can be played alone, with a partner, or in groups of up to four players.

Fortnite for Android is a game where teams build fortifications in order to be the last warrior or group alive. The game is essentially about searching, destroying, and defending.

You start the game with a pickaxe to use for harvesting resources. The resources that you find are the difference between being a weak or strong player.

So far, Season 5 Battle Pass boasts of new maps, as well as an All-Terrain Kart that will make you move faster.

Latest Updates on Fortnite on Android

Fortnite for Android
Fortnite for Android is undergoing updates to fix stability issues.

Epic Games launched the beta version of the game to a ton of fans with non-Samsung phones on August 13, with fixes made on August 16.

The Fortnite developers have admitted that the game still had stability issues at that point, and the game is still undergoing updates to totally fix them.

These issues appear to occur on Android devices with 4GB of RAM and were described as frustrating.

Nonetheless, this v5.21 version actually included a Sniper Shootout game and a Soaring 50’s game.

The full launch is expected to happen on September 23, 2018, but some gamers think it should be on season 5 of the game’s current iteration.

Why Is It Missing on the Play Store?

Fortnite for Android
Gamers won’t find Fortnite on the Google Play Store.

Don’t bother looking for Fornite for Android on Google Play. Epic Games decided not to release the game on the Google Play Store for security reasons.

The move was reportedly done to prevent crooks from making free versions of the game, which developers feared would only damage the original game’s stellar reputation.

In fact, just merely searching for the Fortnite app on the Play Store will prompt a special warning from Google that says the game isn’t available.

There is a legitimate way to get the game, but first you need to make sure that the game is compatible with your device.


Fortnite System Specifications and Features

Fortnite Compatible Devices
Fortnite will run smoothly on any Samsung device.

Downloading Fortnite on a device that isn’t suitable and that isn’t specified on the Epic Games website may have dangerous repercussions.

You can download Fortnite for Android without any hassle from Epic’s website if you’re using one of these Samsung devices:

  • Galaxy S7
  • S7 Edge
  • Galaxy S8
  • S8 Plus
  • Galaxy S9
  • S9 Plus
  • Note 8
  • Tab S3
  • Tab S4

You should also be able to play if you have a mid-range to high-end model from Asus, Huawei, LG, OnePlus, or Xiaomi.

Check Epic Game’s Fortnite FAQ for the complete updated list of compatible devices.

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Getting Your on the Waiting List

Fortnite for Android
Register at Epic Games to keep your Fortnite skins.

The Waiting List is crucial to those whose gadget is listed under the Fortnite for Android device list.

You will need to sign up for the beta version of Fortnite through the Epic Games website on your mobile or the web. You will need a free account with Epic Games to do so.

This also allows you to get a Battle Pass progression while you are on the game and is crucial if you want to keep your skins on Android.

When the full version is launched, hopefully by September of 2018, you will need to download both the installer and the game.

What’s Taking So Long?

Fortnite for Android
Tweaking Fortnite to be compatible for Android devices is taking longer than expected.

A lot of people are chomping at the bit, curious as to why an exact release date for Fortnite for Android hasn’t been announced.

Games like Fortnite for Android take a longer time to tweak so that it will become compatible with a wide range of Android devices.

It’s a more complicated process, as unlike the Apple iOS, which only runs on a handful of select devices, Android gadgets are extremely diverse.

Nick Chester from Epic Games previously told Forbes that the developers want to support as many types of Android devices as possible when it comes to Fortnite, which is why they need more time to get things right.

Despite the long wait, the Android version of Fortnite is sure to enjoy compatibility with almost all other platforms from the PS4 to Nintendo Switch.

Despite some minor differences, gamers are also hopeful that there will be Bluetooth controller support as an alternative to on screen controls.

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Now We Wait

Once you’ve ensured that your device is compatible with the game and signed up for the waiting list, there’s not much that you can do but wait, so Android users will have to be patient as Epic Games continues to work out the kinks from Fortnite.

However, the promise of better features, more support, and more devices covered will undoubtedly make it worth the wait.

Are you excited for the complete launch of Fortnite for Android? What features of the original game do you want Android to retain or modify? Tell us your thoughts and ask your questions in the comments down below, then share this article with your Fortnite-playing friends and family.

Who knows? You might just convince them to join the burgeoning Fortnite community.

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