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4 Android Apps Every Lazy Person Needs

Being lazy is not a bad thing; showing laziness is. So don’t show laziness in front of the boss/teacher/parents/spouse and you are golden. You know what else is golden as well? These Android apps every lazy person needs. I’m a fairly lazy person who is famous for taking his running apps on long drives. That is all good and well, but we lazy folk sometimes need something extra from our apps. Regular apps just won’t cut it for us as they either require a lot of effort from us or need our undivided attention for more than 15 seconds.

Thankfully there are some Android apps every lazy person needs in their life which not only make day-to-day life easier but also enjoyable. However, until Android comes in a fully functioning robotic body we won’t have the luxury of ordering our Android around. I’m pretty sure you’ll see a functioning Google powered Android robot in the near future but until then will have to make do with these convenient apps.

Note: The 6 Android apps every lazy person needs were tested on a lazy person; me. I performed perfectly fine during the testing phase and didn’t have to even get up from the couch. I’m writing on laziness version 6.4 and it is fairly stable. In case you’re wondering, the apps also worked fine. The apps are in random order because of their diverse nature but mostly because I’m too lazy to arrange anything in my life.

1. Munchery

Cooking your own food is nice, but ordering it is nicer. Eating fast food daily is okay, but living longer is awesome. You don’t want to get up and cook for yourself, but also don’t want to eat junk food. This is a dilemma every lazy person faces at least at one point in their lives.

This is exactly where Munchery fits in. The app delivers affordable, nourishing and chef cooked meals right at your doorstep. The chefs use seasonal and fresh ingredients to create dishes in their own unique style which brings a different flavor to their offerings. There are a lot of dishes to choose from you and the menu changes every day, so there is always something new to try out.

The best thing is, the meals can be scheduled to arrive at a set time every day. For example, if you are new to the city and miss your mom’s great cooking; you can get the next best thing by ordering these chef cooked meals daily for lunch. There has to be a catch here as well, right? Unfortunately, there is.

The app only works in San Francisco Bay area, New York City, Los Angeles and Seattle. The company is looking to expand so I’m hopeful that it will reach other cities as well. If you’re in these cities, you might as well just delete the best cooking apps for Android that make you feel guilty every time you open your app drawer.

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2. Uber

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It is always bad that we have to leave our house and go anywhere; driving there makes the experience worse. Rightfully there are apps which can make your life easier. Uber is one such app that has revolutionized travel. If you live in a busy city, then Uber will be a lifesaver for you.

Owning a car in a city like New York is a pure nightmare, especially if you’re not rich and can’t afford a dedicated driver. Thankfully with this nifty app, you will be able to, afford not only a driver but also a car in one go.

The app tasks designated drivers to pick you up from the location you specify. The best part is, you don’t have to pay the driver; app takes care of the payment for you. The driver gets paid, you get to where you want, there are no parking problems, and you didn’t even have to do a cash exchange.

The Uber drivers are thoroughly vetted and are usually nice regular people, so you don’t have to worry about your safety that much. However, it is always better to take a look at the driver before getting into the car, whether it’s a taxi or an Uber ride.

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3. Instacart: Grocery Delivery

As the name suggests, Instacart: Grocery Delivery is an app about getting groceries delivered to your house. The app claims to deliver groceries in one hour, which is a big plus if you are cooking in a hurry. If some unexpected guests drop by and your parents or spouse wants you to pick up some extra ingredients, this app is the perfect escape.

Just create a grocery order and select a local store, that’s about it. You can even schedule groceries to be delivered weekly or monthly. The app also lets you keep a list of your favorite items, so the next time you’re ready to order in mere seconds.

You will also be able to add a note to the items, so you get exactly what you wanted. This app deserves to be on the best grocery list apps for Android.

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4. TaskRabbit

Ever wanted to do house chores but you are just a lazy person with other things to do? I’m sure you have. Introducing TaskRabbit, an app which is basically Craigslist for daily chores. The app follows the same job posting mechanic we have seen countless times.

Specify the task or tasks, include a hidden price and wait for the bids. After that, select the bid you like and you are on your way to completing menial tasks. The app offers house cleaning, handyman services, errand running, grocery deliveries and even moving. So in short, if you need any errand run, these are the guys you should contact.

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While these apps may not help the lazy person in Alaska, they will surly help the city dwelling slothful person. I would write a tremendously long and detailed conclusion but chances are if you are interested in the list, you won’t be reading this ending anyways. So let’s call it a day and go watch some epic movies on the best video players for Android or even play a great RPG game for Android. Also, don’t forget to show your face to people every 24 hours, people do get worried easily.

If you have any questions about the app, or more importantly, have found another bunch of Android apps every lazy person needs, spread the love in the comments below.

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