The 10 Best Manga Reader Apps for Android (free & paid)

Looking for the best manga app for your phone that’s worth your time and money? Look no further because I’ve compiled the 10 best manga apps for you.

Being an avid reader of manga can be a hassle, with many online sites lacking a few chapters and the majority asking for a monthly payment. It can be annoying when you’re hooked on reading a manga you like and you suddenly see that you’ve skipped a chapter that they didn’t have.

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Find the best manga app for you

Manga is Japanese comics, written in the Japanese language. Many websites have translators dedicated to conveying the message and original tone of the manga. A site such as, for example, has been translating manga for over 3 decades.

Since manga and anime have become increasingly popular, there is also an increase in the number of these apps on the market. I’ve listed the best ones below:

Note: If you’re new to manga, remember that the comics are Japanese characters and are read backward from left to right.

Choose the right manga app that can accommodate your reading needs!

10 best Manga apps for Android

Best free manga appManga Box
Best for creating manga storiesManga Toon
Best English manga appTapas
Best app to download mangaManga Up!
Best manga app in cinematic experienceComics
Best manga app in reading experienceUr Manga
Best manga apps for Android

1. Manga Plus by SHUEISHA


  • Read Manga simultaneously with Japan
  • Read legendary Manga for free
  • Add the best Manga to your favorites
  • Spanish translation available
  • Add to favorites
Manga Plus Logo by SHUEISHA

Manga Plus is well-known among the manga reading community as they provide good scans, free reading of the latest manga, and simultaneous releases with Japan.

They offer the latest manga for free, although backreading would require you to subscribe to their monthly services. Manga Plus also has a vast array of famous and indie manga collections.

Read Manga on Manga Plus’ extensive selection

Add manga you like in your “Favorites” section, share comments on a chapter, and interact with the community. Manga Plus is one of the best manga apps on the Play Store, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves manga.

Check out the app on the Play Store.

Google Play badge

2. Crunchyroll Manga


  • Unlimited access to hottest Manga from Japan
  • Koma-view for maximum scale per panel (premium)
  • Unlimited reading access (premium)
  • Access to entire series catalog (premium)
crunchyroll manga app logo

Crunchyroll is also on our list of best manga apps for Android, with an extensive collection of popular and indie manga series.

The app is free to download with an option to apply for its monthly subscription service. Subscription to their services allows you access to their complete libraries ad-free.

Manga App
Crunchyroll’s Manga app interface

On the other hand, if you prefer to stay on the free side, you can still read several free manga and anime comic books. You can also put them on the favorites tabs or bookmark them.

Check out the Crunchyroll app on the Play Store.

Google Play

3. Manga Box


  • All Manga are free to read
  • Popular Manga authors
  • Daily content updates

Manga Box offers a wonderful reading experience for smartphone and tablet users alike. The application perfectly adjusts the document image to the screen so you can see and read the manga clearly.

MangaBox App Dashboard
MangaBox App Dashboard

What’s interesting about Manga Box is you don’t have to spend any money. You can read all of their manga for free! It also includes popular manga in addition to their lesser-known issues.

If this app catches your interest, check it out on Google Play Store.

Google Play

4. VIZ Manga


  • Read Manga for free
  • Read on the same day they come out in Japan
  • Free previews of paid volumes
  • Fan favorites and cult classics
  • Wide range of genres
  • Shonen Jump digital vault of 10k+ chapters (premium)
  • 7-day free trial for membership
Considered the best Manga App for Android: Viz Manga

VIZ Manga is arguably the best manga app to read manga series. In fact, the best manga apps list without the mention of VIZ Manga would be incomplete. The company promises new downloadable content daily and they have manga comics readily translated into English.

You can directly read manga on the VIZ Manga reader when connected to the Internet. You can also download the titles and read them offline. It’s convenient for those readers who aren’t always connected to the Internet and are often on-the-go.

Viz Manga App
Viz Manga App

To make reading easier, VIZ Manga has a Bookmark Mode, and you can also choose from single or double-entry landscape reading. The app also includes customization settings such as zoom preferences, right or left reading preferences, and brightness settings.

The VIZ company also has a dedicated Shonen Jump Manga App for the Shonen fans. The Viz Manga app prices at $1.99 / month.

Check out VIZ Manga on Google Play Store.

Google Play

5. Toomics


  • New episodes updated weekly
  • Variety of genres
  • Free sign up for trial episodes
  • Keep track of favorites
  • Unlimited access (premium)
toomics best free manga app

Did you know that Korea is a country where manga is also popular? Manga originating from that country is called Manhwa. So if you’re into reading comics, web-toons, manga, and manhwa, then the Toomics app is an excellent app for you.

Find Manga and Manhwa to read in the Toomics app!

This manga app has an extensive collection of manga and Manhwa alike, so check out your favorite manga series on Toomics. This certainly isn’t the best “manga” app per se, since its manhwa collection is larger than its manga collection. But it’s still a great app for reading manga.

The VIP membership will cost you $8.99 / month.

Download the app on the Play Store!

Google Play

6. Ur Manga


  • Daily free comic release
  • Download and read offline
  • Mobile optimized UX
  • Login with Google or FB for premium service

Ur Manga is another popular manga reader app that’s free and has an extensive list of featured colored comics. It updates dozens of comics on the app everyday. The app is mobile optimized for best reading experience.

Ur Manga app
Ur Manga app

The best part of the app is that they release a new comic seven days of a week. All the comics are available in HD image quality with an option to change the language based on your region.

Note: Manga Geek does not own or host any content. It only aggregates links in a convenient, user-friendly interface.

Google Play

7. Manga Toon


  • Daily comic updates
  • Free weekly comic release
  • Pay-per-view comics
  • Download and read offline
  • Mobile optimized experience
  • Read in more than 6 languages
  • Write and share your own stories
  • Create engaging chat stories for fans
One of the best manga apps for android: Manga Toon

Manga Toon updates their collection daily. They have an extensive selection varied by genre, and they also have Manhwa translated into English. They also support reading manga in many different languages.

Share your stories on Manga Toon!

What’s different in manga Toon is that you can share stories you’ve written yourself, and you can share them with manga Toon’s subscribers. Manga Toon adapts the most popular ones into comic books.

The app also has a smooth scrolling feature for a continuous reading experience. This isn’t the best manga app out there, but it has a big enough library with unique titles.

Check out the App on the Play Store!

Google Play

8. Manga UP!


  • All Manga and Manhwa from your favorite sources
  • Download and read offline
  • Earn points and new levels by reading
  • High image quality
  • Faster image loading
  • Image caching to reduce data usage
  • Infinite scroller / Book reading mode
  • Multi-language support
Manga UP! Manga Reader

manga UP! is a fairly new manga reader app that has an extensive library. It features free reading without having to pay for any of the manga you read.

The app also has an offline reading feature, an immediate availability of new releases, a resume reading feature, and an “Otaku level” feature in which you can level up by reading manga.

The developers of this app kept their readers in mind, focusing on a more comfortable experience for the readers with its various features, non-intrusive ads, and preference of reading style (infinite scrolling or book-type reading.)

Although the app certainly isn’t the best manga app on this list, it’s still something worth checking out.

For a more detailed explanation, check the app out on the Play Store!

Google Play

9. Tapas


  • Most stories are free to read
  • Earn ink to unlock episodes
  • Expansive library of stories
  • Available only in English

The Tapas – Comics, Novels, and Stories app, allows you to read the majority of their comics, manga, or manhwa for free. You can purchase content later if you choose.

Read webcomics, manga, and manhwa on Tapas!

The Tapas app offers more than 10,000+ listings, ensuring you a wide variety of genres from which to choose, one of the reasons why it makes our collection of the best manga apps. They support webcomic artists, and they also have a good community of avid manga readers.

Although their entries are only featured in English, their app has good reviews and caters well to their audience.

Google Play

10. Comics by ComiXology


  • 100000+ comics, manga, and novels
  • 30-day free trial for ComiXology Unlimited
  • SD card support
  • Cinematic and immersive reading options

If you’re looking for the best manga app that offers a wide selection of manga, as well as comics. Then Comixology has a lot to offer, with content from over 125 publishers and thousands of independent creators sourced from various parts of the world.

Initially made for Marvel and DC comics fans, comiXology provides an unrivaled library of comic books, graphic novels, and of course, manga.

Comixology App
Comixology App

It has more than 100,000 stories to choose from. ComiXology is built explicitly for comic book reading and boasts a Guided View technology, which delivers an immersive and cinematic experience to the reader.

The App itself is downloadable for free, but you need to pay for the individual comics. If you require diverse selections, you can also opt to subscribe and spend a couple of bucks monthly to read their manga selections.

You can download the comiXology app on Google Play Store:

Google Play

Organize your collection with ComiCat (Comic Reader/Viewer)

best comic manga reader app

ComiCat (Comic Reader/Viewer)

Do you have a ton of comic novel digital collections? Do you want a way to organize and read them on your phone? Then, you’ll need a good catalog manager.

ComiCat is a fast and smart comic reader and catalog manager. It just takes a tap of a button to have your device scanned and all your comics nicely arranged on a virtual bookshelf.

The app is available for purchase on either Amazon or Google Play store.



Does Kissmanga have an app?

Yes, but due to legal concerns, they don’t have the app on the Play Store.

Are manga Apps legal?

The legality of these apps depend on the hosting of illegal content. The distributors license the Manga apps on the Play Store.

Why are most manga black and white?

This fact is mostly due to time constraints. Most Manga’s are released weekly, compared to their US counterparts that release content monthly.

Wrapping Up

The Otaku culture is indeed something that has seeped through into popular culture, with a lot of us growing up watching anime. I became aware of manga because I was too impatient to wait for the next season of the Naruto. I ended up reading the manga, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

The manga culture is something that gives the majority of us readers something to look forward to at the end of the week, and they’ve made it in such a way to maintain our interest over time.

I’ve been reading manga since I was young. I’ve seen many series’ ends, and I’ve seen stories reach up to 980 chapters. It truly is a mystical realm, very much on par with comic behemoths like DC and Marvel.

These manga apps give us the capacity to read manga wherever we are, compared to reading them on a browser. The best manga app for you would be the one that can accommodate your preferences and has all of the manga that you read.

Love reading manga? Which one is the best manga reader for you? Share your positive experiences with me. Your reviews will help other readers who want to give these manga apps a try!

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