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The network cuts out.

Is this what you experience when you talk to someone over your mobile phone?

Is the network connectivity keeping you from talking to loved ones?

Worry Not!

Joy of Android is here to rescue. Today, in this article, we’re going to have a detailed look at Android applications from which you can make free calls.

Yes, you heard it right! You can make free calls.

Calls play a vital role in our lives. From discussing serious matters to the fun talk, calling has uses almost everywhere. But, it does cost you a fortune and that too when you’re calling your friends in a foreign country.

Here’s a list of the best free calling apps for the legendary Android. So geeks, what are you waiting for?

Scroll down now!

1. Hangouts

First on our list is Google’s Hangouts. It includes free calling to the another person if the app is installed on their smartphone.

Apart from free calling, it includes various other features such as Instant Messaging, Emoji Support, Last seen, etc.

It’s an all in one messaging app with awesome free calling functions.

Free Version

2. Line

This the app you’ve been yearning for; this extraordinary app with tons of features will feed your need.

Some of more notable features in the version are:

  • Your personalized timeline.
  • Sending voicemail
  • Chat with cute and funny emoticons and stickers (that can be bought from the sticker store).

It powers 400 million users worldwide and came up with cool features. This list would be a fail if Line wasn’t included in this listicle.

Free Version

3. Skype

You know your life is being gradually weaved into a social life when connecting and communicating has become a vital part of life.

So too is an app called Skype. It lets you connect with your friends through messaging and video/audio calls so that you enjoy every phase of your life.

It’s a quality VoIP application for Android.

Free Version

4. Tango Messenger

Tango was often considered a popular and interesting app, though now, it has become a decent application involving standard features such as Instant Messaging and Group Messaging. It has cross-platform support for video chatting too.

The icing on the cake is that if you’re bored and want some fun, you can play mini-games and compete with your friends, although this might not a considerable feature.

Free Version

5. ooVoo Video Call

Up next on our list is ooVoo Video Calls, with a suite of cool features like group video calls, instant messaging and voice calls. You can make a video call with up to 12 people on a single call. You can also connect it with Google+ and Facebook.

ooVoo has received awards for:

  • Best Social Networking App 2013Tabby Award
  • Best App Technology 2013 Appster Award
  • Best Android App of 2011 PC Magazine

These awards justify the magnificence and usability of the app.

Free Version

6. WhatsApp

This wonderful messaging app, popular all around, has recently started to support free audio calling. With an exquisite material design, this app comes with an intuitive UI.

The audio calls may experience some lag, but the app is definitely overkill for the social fanatic! It too, like other apps, include standard features such as emoticon support, privacy option and an option to use WhatsApp on the web.

Free Version

7. Viber

Well, this too like Line, is an awe-inspiring messaging and free audio calling app. You can make high-quality VoIP calls you have a decent network connection (i.e., 3G/4G/Wi-Fi).

Not only this app is uniquely simple to use, but it does also feature a good user interface.

Viber includes super animated emoticons that convey complex emotions. Plus, it automatically syncs contacts from various places.

Free Version

8. magicApp by magicJack

Now here’s an app with a twist. It assigns you a magicApp number from which you can make free calls. You can also make free calls to non-app numbers, but with a restriction. The restriction is that you can only call to people in the US and Canada.

This app is truly made for free calling though you will have small fees if you make international calls.

This app is just for calling, so the geeks that love messaging, video call, etc. wouldn’t be satisfied.

Free Version

9. Facebook Messenger

Last but not the least is Facebook Messenger. Everybody knows Facebook is world’s most popular social networking website.

Facebook Messenger does a good job of letting you video and audio call your friends; not to mention the messaging, emoticons.  Unfortunately, it’s not as stable and powerful as other apps but is good enough.

Free Version


So geeks out there, what do you think about this list, did I miss your favorite?

Let me know in the comments below!

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