20 Free Christmas Live Wallpapers with HD, 3D or Music

We all know this:

Everybody loves Christmas! Christmas is a season to be jolly.


We’re living in the age of technology. So it’s pretty much expected that the holiday of giving will be celebrated with coalescing of technology. Most of us will do so by using a Christmas Live Wallpaper on our computer and gadgets like a smartphone.

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So if you’re looking for free live Christmas wallpapers that are high-definition, high quality, and that can be in 3D or with music, look no further as we list down 20 of the best Christmas Live wallpapers that are free for your Android phone.

The best part is…

You have lots of options! Since Christmas wallpapers are quite popular on the Google Play Store, you can pretty much expect an ample amount of apps for it. Whether it’s a live picture of a few red and green candles or a 3D picture of a stunning Christmas tree, these wallpaper apps will put anyone in a festive mood.

NOTE: Experience the apps below. You do NOT need to download apps. You can also see how irritating ads pop up

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Best Free Christmas Live Wallpapers for Android

1. Christmas Candle 3D Wallpaper by Wiktor Bronowski

Christmas Candle 3D Wallpaper

Christmas Candle 3D Wallpaper, as the name suggests, is an app that installs a 3D wallpaper of a Christmas candle. The app has been around since 2016 and its simplicity and design make it one of the simplest yet worth recommending app on our list.

Christmas Candle Live Wallpaper
Live Wallpaper Set Up

If you want a Christmas candle 3D wallpaper that uses Christmas balls in the color red—to warm yourself up in the cold winter, then better check this app out.

Tip: If you’re using Gboard as your default keyboard for your phone, you can change the way it looks to complement your Christmas wallpaper. Simply tap System and then Languages & input > Virtual Keyboard > Gboard. Tap Theme. Pick a theme. Then tap Apply.

Google Play

2. Winter Holiday Live Wallpaper by Acinis

Winter Holiday Live Wallpaper Acinis

This wallpaper app takes advantage of 3D parallax, HD graphics, and OpenGL, enabling this app to provide realistic snow falling live wallpaper to any Android phone.

Winter Holiday Live Wallpaper

To further elevate the effect, the app uses the wallpaper of a beautiful house on the edge of the forest. If you want to get rid of the ads, you can buy the premium version of the app for a small fee.

Google Play

3. Christmas in HD Gyro 3D by CodeKonditor

Christmas in HD Gyro 3D CodeKonditor

Let’s stick with Christmas trees for a minute and look at another one, but this time a little closer than before.

Live Wallpaper Set Up

What’s special about this 3D wallpaper is that it uses parallax scrolling and the gyro sensor in your phone to give you a truly 3D experience. It even has a shimmering candle in the background for people like me that enjoy the gentle glow, so what’s not to love?

Google Play

4. Christmas Wallpapers by eBook Apps

Christmas Wallpapers eBook Apps

Instead of another live or 3D Christmas tree wallpaper this time, what about almost any Christmas theme you can think of?

Christmas Wallpaper
Christmas Wallpapers List

This pack of HD wallpapers has different Christmas scenes, festively dressed pets, and winter scenery to choose from. You can switch wallpapers at any time, so if you get bored of having just one wallpaper to look at, it’s easy to swap them as many times as you like.

Google Play

5. Christmas Puppy Live Wallpaper by Live Wallpapers 3D

Christmas Puppy Live Wallpaper Live Wallpapers 3D

We still don’t know where we fall on the cats vs dogs debate, but we know that we still love animals getting into the Christmas spirit. If you’re the same way, then you’re going to love the HD Christmas dog wallpapers.

Puppy Wallpaper Set Up

There’s more than one dog to choose from in this pack of wallpapers. So find your favorite, or even switch between them as much as you want—it definitely adds cuteness to your home screen.

Google Play

6. 3D Christmas Live Wallpaper by Wallpaper HD

Have you ever wanted a Christmas themed house? We don’t mean just the decorations on the inside, but the whole thing, outside and all. While it costs way more than we have in our savings to build a house like this, there’s a set of great 3D wallpapers that have the next best thing.

3D Wallpaper Set Up

You get to choose from different styles and designs, and then see what your Christmas house would look like during the snowy middle of winter right on your home screen.

Google Play

7. Winter and Christmas Wallpaper by Cosmic Mobile

Winter and Christmas Wallpaper by Cosmic Mobile

Next up is a wallpaper set that you can change on the fly with just a few taps as you watch snowflakes rain across your home screen.

Winter Live Wallpaper

There are a few different winter scenes to choose from here, with all of them worth a look, and all of them able to remind you of a cold winter day. We wouldn’t recommend looking at these wallpapers if you’re already feeling cold, but they’d be good to watch on a toasty day.

Google Play

8. Xmas Cat Live Wallpaper by KKPICTURE

Xmas Cat Live Wallpaper KKPICTURE

Are you a cat person? Then check out this app that offers a wide list of Christmas cat wallpapers. The app specializes in offering wallpapers that incorporate cats and Christmas together.

Christmas Cats Wallpaper
Cat Live Wallpaper Set Up

If you’re more of a cat person you’ll probably like this HD wallpaper pack more instead, but even if you like them both equally it doesn’t hurt to have both pet packs on your phone for later.

Google Play

9. Christmas Moon free by TDL media

Christmas Moon free TDL media

We’ve always been fans of looking up at the moon, and a full moon on a snowy night is one of the best sights we can see out here for free.

Christmas Moon Wallpaper
Winter Moon Live Wallpaper Set Up

Instead of waiting for the winter months to come around and hopping on that perfect night, there’s a Christmas themed live wallpaper that does the same thing. This is the free version of the app, so a few of the live features are locked off, but the free version is still great in its own right. It may not be the exact same thing as looking up at the sky, but it still puts a smile on my face thinking about it.

Google Play

10. Santa 3D Live Wallpaper by Bratanov

Santa 3D Live Wallpaper by bratanov

Nothing’s more iconic in representing Christmas than Santa himself riding his sleight with a reindeer pulling it. The app does just that. It installs a peaceful, interactive, 3D rendered wallpaper of Santa Claus and his faithful reindeer, Rudolph, carrying the sleigh with Christmas presents.

Santa Live Wallpaper Set Up

The app takes advantage of the 3D parallax and gyroscope of your phone for the wallpaper effects to work. It currently has 8 different animations including Running, Galloping, Barrel Roll and more.

Google Play

11. Christmas Live Wallpaper by BlackBird Wallpapers

Christmas Live Wallpaper BlackBird Wallpapers

There’s nothing like a roaring fireplace on a cold winter night, or at least that’s what we’d like to say; we don’t have a good one to use anymore. However, we’ve got the next best thing—a live wallpaper that we can just look at on my phone to scratch that itch.

Fireplace Live Wallpaper Set Up

This isn’t just a fireplace either, it’s a whole Christmas themed den to help get you in the spirit even if you don’t have a fireplace or the space to do this yourself.

We can’t feel the roaring fire from our phones, but we’re sure it’d be overheating if we did anyway.

Google Play

12. Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper by 7art Studio

Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper 7art Studio

It’s been a long time since we’ve been to a skating rink, but this customizable wallpaper has put the thought back into our head again.

Ice Rink Wallpaper Set Up

Once you’ve chosen an ice skating rink that looks like one you’d like to plaster over your home screen, it’s easy to populate it and add other personal touches that help make the live wallpaper feel like your own creation.

Google Play

13. Christmas Free Live Wallpaper by maxelus.net

Christmas Free Live Wallpaper maxelus.net

If you want a wallpaper that uses Christmas lights to form various Christmas elements, then we recommend checking this app out. It uses gyroscope and 3D parallax to work wonders with its effects.

Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper Set Up

The app has a total of 15 different Christmas elements with changeable background colors, lights, spark colors, and more.

Google Play

14. Christmas Live Wallpaper by Sergey Konyukhov

Christmas Live Wallpaper Sergey Konyukhov

We’ve got another Christmas tree wallpaper up our sleeve just in case the other ones didn’t have what you were looking for. Instead of being an inside tree this time, how about a beautiful outside one, still adorned with glowing lights?

You can sit and watch this live wallpaper for as long as you want without feeling as cold as you would watching something like this outside normally, and it’s completely free! The lights change their intensity the longer you watch, so give this one a look.

Google Play

15. Christmas Live Wallpaper by Aqreadd Studios

Christmas Live Wallpaper Aqreadd Studios

This next live wallpaper features Santa’s sleigh, but it does more than just fly its way across your home screen.

Live Santa Wallpaper Set Up

If you give your phone a shake while staring at this Christmas themed wallpaper, it even starts to play holiday jingles as you watch Santa make his journey across the world.

The wallpaper uses a gyroscope sense, so try moving your phone around to watch his sleigh fly as the music plays.

Google Play

16. 3D Christmas Fireplace by Christmas Wallpapers HD

We’re not done with fireplace scenes and imagery just yet, because we’ve got one last 3D fireplace wallpaper to show you.

3D Fireplace Wallpaper Set Up

You’re free to customize and explore this 3D den to your heart’s content. Take a spot by the fire, sit and admire the tree, or just lounge around in the den until Christmas is finally here; it’s up to you.

Google Play

17. Christmas Live Wallpaper by Appspundit Infotech

Christmas live wallpaper by Appspundit Infotech

While this next pack of live wallpapers isn’t all about fireplaces, it still has a few to sit by and admire. This is a great collection of different winter scenes, and cozy winter rooms to hide from the cold in.

Live Christmas Wallpaper Set Up

If you want to get a healthy amount of live Christmas wallpapers on your phone, but don’t want to download a bunch of apps, this is a good place to start.

Google Play

18. Countdown Live Wallpaper by Wasabi

Countdown Live Wallpaper 2019 Wasabi

We also have a countdown live wallpaper app. This app basically does what it says it does and that’s to countdown all special events in a year.

Countdown Live Wallpaper Set Up

If you want a live wallpaper that does a countdown of events like New Year & Christmas, then better check this app out. It already has over a million downloads from the Google Play store.

Google Play

19. Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper by ⭐ Live Wallpapers HD ⭐

Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper Live Wallpapers HD

Another Christmas Live Wallpaper from the Live Wallpapers HD developers is the Christmas Tree Live app. This app is quite simple, it portrays a beautiful Christmas tree decorated with fairy lights that pulsate like true Christmas lights. The panorama also depicts a small city handling a fireworks show for the festivity occasion.

Christmas Tree Lights Wallpaper Set Up

The wallpaper also comes with a sweet melody. Other than that, you can also customize the aspects of this wallpaper. You can change the snowfall intensity, snowflake speed, snow direction, presence of Christmas tree fairy lights, presence of Christmas music, and presence of fireworks.

Google Play

20. Waiting for Christmas Live Wallpaper by Acinis

Waiting for Christmas Live Wallpaper

Another popular live wallpaper from Acinis is the Waiting for Christmas Live Wallpaper app. As the name suggests, the wallpaper used by this app focuses on times where one waits for Christmas.

Waiting for Christmas Wallpaper Set Up

Additionally, the app incorporates various parallax effects and other decorations with effects as well.

Google Play

Commonly Asked Questions: Christmas Wallpaper

Where can I download a free Christmas wallpaper?

The best places to download free Christmas wallpaper are sites that offer them free and of no charge. We recommend checking out https://unsplash.com/ if you want high-quality wallpapers that are not generic and are professionally taken. Every image you download from that site can be used on your phone, computer, and TV.

Where can I download free Christmas live wallpaper apk?

The best place to download free Christmas live wallpaper apk is from the Google Play store if you have an Android smartphone. Otherwise, you can try the Amazon AppStore.

Christmas Live Wallpapers for Android – ‘Tis the Season!

These are some of the best Christmas wallpapers for the winter season, but don’t let that stop you from getting more to yourself.

Winter is our favorite season and we’re glad that there are so many great live wallpapers to choose from.

If you don’t see your favorite Christmas wallpaper up here, feel free to tell us about it in the comments below!

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  2. Wow the wallpaper collection is good. As winter season and Christmas is coming, I am going to download all of them and use it on my mobile screen one by one. Thank you sir

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