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6 Free Facebook Video Download Apps (Android)

If there’s one piece of social media anyone with a smartphone is connected to, it’s Facebook. Personally, when it comes to Facebook, I prefer a much more minimalist experience without a lot of the bloat. However, one thing amidst all that bloat is the sheer amount of amazing video content on Facebook.

With the lack of video downloads integrated into Facebook already, it’s necessary to turn to apps to download what you want without a price tag. All of the Facebook video download apps I’ll be talking about are free. Only two of the six allow you to pay to remove the ads.

1. Video downloader
fabu easy facebook downloader icon

Something you’ll probably notice about this list right off the bat is that the names included aren’t very creative. However, creativity isn’t the most important factor of a video downloader, which Fabu Easy Mobile Applications is aware of. Fabu’s downloader acts as a competent Facebook browser in its own right, that comes coupled with video download capabilities.

The interface is easy enough to use and get through, as you’re essentially just using a mobile version of Facebook, albeit with more ads. The real make-it-or-break-it factor about Fabu’s app is the frequency of ads and the inability to pay to turn them off.

This app is worth your time if you don’t mind full screen popup ads, and don’t feel like learning a new interface.

Free Version

2. Fast Facebook Video Downloader

fast facebook downloader icon

Fast Facebook by Video Downloader Apps. has more going for it than just a straight to the point name. While the app does not feature a video tutorial on the download page, it features one on the first screen of the app, followed by an advert for the Pro version of the application.

The Pro version can be purchased for $1.09 if you find the ads impeding on your experience. Aside from the first screen, Fast Facebook’s UI is essentially just browsing Facebook with included ads, which is the price to pay for video downloading. The process itself is explained well in the tutorial, and easy enough in practice.

Free Version

3. FB Video Downloader

lambda facebook downloader icon

I hope you like this name, because you’ll be seeing it again at the bottom of the list. Fb Video Downloader by Lambda Apps is a slight departure from the previous two Facebook apps. While the browser it uses is identically the same, the UI is an easy on the eyes, dark shell.

Additionally, a tutorial is available on boot, and is accessible from a question mark placed in the top right corner. You can easily access your downloaded videos from one tab, and currently downloading videos in another. Around the same level of advertisements are present in this app as all the others, but Lambda Apps’ app gets my recommendation.

Free Version

4. Video Downloader

smart applications ye facebook downloader icon

No need to scroll back up to number one, this app by Smart Applications YE just shares the same name. This is the second and last app on this list that allows you to remove ads for a small fee. The fee this time is $0.99, but thankfully the ads that are present aren’t too annoying.

The UI in place is pretty standard for mobile Facebook browsing, but thankfully has a sidebar you can access that lists your favorites, videos you want to download later, downloaded images, and your time line.

Despite the uninspired name, Video Downloader does a good job at living up to its name.

Free Version

5. SVD

xcs technologies facebook downloader icon

SVD by XCS Technologies is an app that took me aback at first. You’re asked to sign in to Facebook right from the start, but once you do, the UI you’re presented with seems designed with browsing in mind. There are multiple different options for searching for videos, browsing videos, and even exploring to find videos from new sources on Facebook.

The UI is pleasing to look at, and easy to navigate, so that’s always a plus in my book. Included in the options is a HQ toggle switch to download higher quality videos only when the option is turned on. Additionally, you can set the directory yourself where videos are placed when downloaded, which is always nice.

SVD is fairly easy to use, and thankfully won’t cause any headaches from an ugly looking UI.

Free Version

6. Fb Video Downloader

linterna apps\facebook downloader icon

Do not adjust the color of your set, you are in fact seeing the same name again. This app, however, is by Linterna Apps instead of the previous developer. This Fb Video Downloader in particular features an orange and black UI that I’m not very fond of, but I can’t argue about the app’s functionality.

Linterna Apps gives you a tab to browse all of your downloaded videos, and then a Facebook browser built in to find videos with. There are ads aplenty in this app, and unfortunately as far as I can tell, no way to pay to turn them off. However, this downloader does feature a nice tutorial, so I have to give it credit for that.

Linterna Apps’ Facebook Downloader is a solid app with slightly questionable color choices.

Free Version


The application options for downloading videos on Facebook are many, but not without their costs, even when the apps are free. Annoying adverts are always a necessary evil of free apps, but I’ll always wish more apps would offer a paid version without them.

Even so, if you want to download videos on Facebook with Android, you have plenty of apps that could suit your needs.

Now that you have six apps to help you, why not explain why you want to download those videos in the first place in the comments below? There are plenty of possible reasons why, but what’s yours?

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