10 Absolutely Free Shooting Games for Android

10 Absolutely Free Shooting Games for Android, Bang Bang!

There is something amazing about killing an enemy from a safe distance and watch them die slowly. Well don’t be alarmed, I’m talking about playing one of the free shooting games for Android here. You didn’t think I would kill a man, did you? However you take my opening sentence, you can’t deny the satisfaction of that one winning shot. It is in our nature to dominate and now we can do just that in virtual worlds against AI or human opponents.

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One of the best things about free shooting games for Android is that they are free. While they still provide some sort of incentive to purchase additional content, they are essentially a free experience. This means there is absolutely no barrier in trying them out. To be honest, if I were listing paid apps I wouldn’t have played a ton of games to select these ten. Nothing beats playing games in office time.

Note: The free shooting games for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The apps worked fine during testing. Most of the games require a hefty download so I recommend you download them on Wi-Fi connection. The online components of some games require a constant and a little stable internet connection to avoid lag or disconnections.

1. Brothers in Arms® 3 by Gameloft

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Let’s start the list with an action oriented yet easy to play shooting game. Brothers in Arms 3 continues the tradition of introducing historical wars in an entertaining light. The game casts you as a soldier who needs to rake up some kills.

There is a standard story behind the events but looking for historical accuracy is inadvisable. The game features great looking graphics and hence was listed in our best 3D games for Android list as well. The gameplay is cover based and the game itself plays really smoothly.

Free Version

2. SHADOWGUN: DeadZone

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There are not a lot of multiplayer shooter games on Android. This is exactly why I loved playing SHADOWGUN. The game allows you to simply connect to a game and start playing. That’s right, there is no mandatory login required if you just need to join in the fun.

The gameplay is pretty much standard for a first person shooter game on Android. You move and aim with virtual joysticks and shoot with a button. There is also a grenade button to give the enemy, a reason to hate you.

Free Version

3. Modern Combat 5: Blackout by Gameloft

Modern Combat 5 is the definition of military shooter game for Android. The game is made by the same guys who made Asphalt 8, one of my personal favorite racing games on Android. Naturally I played the game with high expectations and boy did it deliver them all.

Stunning graphics? Check, Great gameplay? Check, amazing action set pieces which rival Hollywood blockbusters? Check and double check. Suffice to say, this is the free modern military shooter game on Android. I would recommend using a controller for all the online fun though.

Free Version

4. Blitz Brigade – Online FPS fun

I’m going to be straightforward with you here. Blitz Brigade is a complete rip off of Team Fortress 2 which was released a long time ago on PC. Another good thing is that it plays as good as the game it was inspired from.

Basically this is an online team based game which values collaboration over solo skills. This means you will need that medic by your side if you want to win any matches. The cartoony graphics add in to the charm of the game, much like the original game, I might add. It is without a doubt one of the most fun multi-player games for Android phones and tablets.

Free Version

5. N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition by Gameloft

I have covered a historical shooter for Android and even listed a modern military shooter for Android. Now it’s time to look towards the future with N.O.V.A 3. The paid version of the game was released a while back but this is a slightly improved and free version.

Gameloft realized that more players will actually play the multiplayer component of the game if it is free. The game features some of the best looking graphics I have seen on an Android game. The effects, the animations and the sound all are of top grade.

Free Version


Everyone loves zombies. Even the programmers and game designers love them a lot because they are easy to make and code. It’s no wonder that one of the great free shooting games for Android is a zombie game. Dead Trigger 2 builds up on the basic premise of surviving a zombie apocalypse and takes it to the next level.

There are a ton of weapons which you can use to kill zombies. There are multiple upgrades you can equip to become the most ruthless zombie killing machine. The best part is, the zombies burst into gobs of blood and guts after you are done with them. I recommend a handy shotgun for your zombie killing needs.

Free Version


I personally really love dinosaurs. They are simply fascinating creatures. Dino Hunter allows us to kill those fascinating creations and have fun doing so. Well, as this is free shooter game for Android list, the aim is always to kill something or someone and in this case the lucky winners are dinosaurs.

There are a lot of weapons which you can use to hunt the poor dinosaurs. However you will need to gain coins to purchase said weapons. If you injure the dinosaur but fail to kill it, don’t worry the game has a handy slow motion mode which allows you to land one last shot.

Free Version


If you are looking for a tight shooting experience with challenging difficulty level, then check out Frontline Commando. This game features a fully loaded commando, tasked with killing hostile soldiers. The game has some of the best graphics I have seen and plays really smoothly.

Although the game could be improved a little, the shooting mechanics are really satisfying. The enemies show a health bar which needs to be depleted and headshots really help you do that. Accuracy and timing is the key in this cover based shooter game.

Free Version

9. Dead Effect

I was really surprised to play this game because I was expecting another mindless zombie slaughter title. Turns out Dead Effect is a horror game which doesn’t throw zombies at you. The game has a well-crafted story which is genuinely engaging.

I was only supposed to play the game for around 15 minutes but ended up playing for around 40 minutes. The game is definitely inspired by the famous Dead Space series, this is evident from the setting and pacing. But the game looks and plays amazing and that’s all we need.

Free Version

10. DEER HUNTER 2014 by Glu

Are your hunting plans dampened by your mother in law? Install Deer Hunter on your Android smartphone and get a great experience. The game can’t come close to the real thing but it sure can keep you entertained until the weather is clear.

There are some great rifles to unlock which make the game much more enjoyable. You can actually hit the vital organs of the deer in the game. The game moves into a great cinematic slow motion sequence for the kill shot.

Free Version

This ends the free shooting games for Android list. I know there may be more games available on the Google Play Store but these are the ones which provide a unique experience without pestering you for money. Sure, just like every free to play game these games will also occasionally remind you that they are free and you own them some compensation. But most of the time it is smooth sailing. Do you have any shooting game you love? Do list it in the comments below.

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