Free Word Games for Android

9 Free Word Games for Android

Learn and fun don’t exactly go hand in hand, especially if you can get easily bored. Free word games for Android combine both of the worlds and make a unique enlightening and entertaining combination.

I have been playing scrabble as long as I can remember. Slow winter evenings, a hot chocolate mug in hand, we used to play the game until someone got mad and the board went flying. Those were simpler days and there was only one game to play.

These days we have a ton of great free word games for Android. Although the kids are a little bit erratic and moody, they can still enjoy a good challenge. To be honest I learned a few words myself by playing word games, I never know concordat was a word before I started to work on this list.

Note: The amazing free word games for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. The apps worked fine and no problems were faced during testing. Some of the apps may require an active internet connection to work properly.

1. Word Academy

Looking for a simple game which you can enjoy in quick bursts? Word Academy can be that app for you. It is a fairly simple word game for Android which allows you to find words. The game basically shows you a grid made up of hidden words. All you need to do is find them in the right order.

The game starts off slow but gradually picks up pace and difficulty. A fair warning though, sometimes you will get stuck on a puzzle, this means you solved the words in the wrong order. There is a handy redo button in the game as well which can help you start over in no time at all.

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2. 4 Pics 1 Word

This is another simple Android word game. The premise is quite simple, four pictures will be displayed on the screen. All four of them with either be related or have something in common. You are tasked to find the one word which binds the pictures together. This is an amazing family game which is best enjoyed with a lot of people.

I highly recommend that you play the game on an Android tablet so everyone can clearly view the pictures. Don’t worry, while some of the words will be easy to guess, some will take some serious time.

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3. Four Letters

This game starts at the lowest level possible. The words are extremely easy to guess and the game moves very fast. Thankfully the game is capable of ramping up the difficulty and making the puzzles harder as you progress.

The gameplay is very simply, all you need to do is find a coherent word among the squares and run your finger on it. You need to slide your finger in the precise order of the letters to form a word. There are no timers running in some modes so you can take your time in finding the words.

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4. Word Search

I distinctly remember playing this very game on newspapers. I even had to wake up early on Sundays to get my hand on the paper first. If this game existed back then, I would have slept more. Word Search gives you a grid of alphabets and you need to find words in them.

The words can go horizontal, vertical or diagonal and will always be in sequence. To make things easier, the game also gives the number of words and the actual words you need to find.

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5. Crossword Puzzle

You must have solved at least one crossword puzzle in your life. I took clippings of crossword puzzles to school and solved them in the mathematics class.

This game makes my life so much easier. Now I take this game to university and play while “supervising” a class. It’s a simple crossword puzzle game with good controls. Tap on a square to see the hint and use the keyboard to type in the word.

I admit it is kind of a hard game as there are no hints involved. You will need one of the best dictionary apps for Android to solve some puzzles.

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6. WordBrain

WordBrain is a great and fast paced word game for Android. The app displays a number of cubes with one letter on them. You need to arrange them to form a word. While the formula seems simple, the game itself makes it hard to solve the puzzles.

You see the game starts off with easy words, then ramp up the difficulty as you move ahead. To add to the challenge, there is a timer ticking down too. So you will need to be fast in order to get that high score.

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7. World’s Biggest Crossword

I don’t know about the claim this game is making, but I do know that it is one of the best free word games for Android. Every list I make, one app gets to stay on my smartphone. World’s Biggest Crossword takes a permanent residence on my smartphone from now on.

It’s a great crossword puzzle game which makes the whole process a lot more accessible. Tap on a square and the app will give you a hint as well as limited number of alphabets which can fit into that bar.

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8. Words With Friends

This is the one of the best online multiplayer word game on this list. The app allows you to connect with another player and instantly start a game. The matchmaking is nearly instant and the gameplay allows you to have a lot of fun.

The game is simple to learn but will test your vocabulary to the max. To be honest, I lost almost all of the matches I played thanks to the uneven matchmaking. I should have listened to the tutorial though.

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9. Hangman

This article has so many nostalgic games on it and I love it. Hangman used to be one of the best games you could play in elementary school. One of my teachers was also a big fan of the game and we would spend free classes playing this game.

The digital version of the game translates the same gameplay to your phone perfectly. Although the version I played had only a few tries until the man was hanged, this version seems to be a bit forgiving. You need to find out the word before the man gets hanged and you have limited number of tries to do so. This trial and error gameplay is really exciting.

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The amazing free word games for Android are a great way to learn the English language. Combine these with the best language learning apps and you have a winning combo. The games will constantly test your ability to remember appropriate words and apply them to win.

I highly recommend these apps to the parents who want to groom their kids in a fun and interactive way. The games were a prominent part of my childhood and will forever be associated with some of the best memories I have. Make sure you make some great memories for yourself by playing the games with friends and family.

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