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Best 9 Fun Apps for Android to Lol All Day

Would you mind decreasing your stress levels or even expanding your lifespan for a few years?

You get to work late, talk to a nagging boss all day and then get stuck in traffic on the way home. Your bills are piling up and the neighbors dog won’t stop barking.

All that stress isn’t good for you. How can you counter the constant barrage of stress?

Laughter may extend the average person’s lifespan by about eight years according to the Examiner.

Learn about the best fun apps for Android to tickle your funny bone and bring yourself into a more healthy, happy environment.

Note: We used Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (running on Android 4.4.2) to test these fun apps for Android. The apps work well on any Android smartphone. Just make sure your smartphone fulfills the minimum software requirements.

1. 9GAG – Best Funny App Ever: [Free]


The official 9GAG application

The official 9GAG application on the Google Play Store is awesome. All the GIFs, rage comics, memes, fail images, cute pet videos, and funny pictures with one-liners make the application a can’t miss. When you first open the app, it gives you an option to either sign up (via Facebook or Google +) or login (for old members). You can also skip these parts and enjoy the fun without registering.

This fun app for Android is smooth, and it features three main categories: Hot, Trending and Fresh. All the categories are divided in to sub-categories such as GIF, NSFW, Cute, Geeky, Cosplay, and Meme. The NSFW section has all the funny things that are intended only for adults and hidden via the Settings menu. Like or comment on anything funny and share it with friends and family via social networking sites. Add your own funny picture or create a meme.


  • Facebook or Google+ login
  • GIFs, rage comics, memes, fail images, cute pet videos, and funny pictures
  • Hide all the NSFW stuff (Safe mode)
  • Share via social networking sites

Notable Feature: Upload your own funny pictures and memes

Download on Google Play

2. Monster Dentist: [Free ad-supported]

monster dentist

Become a dentist for monsters

Monster Dentist is a fun game for Android available for free on the Google Play Store. The user interface has a cartoon feel that’s great for the little ones. Choose the monster of your liking and get points for treating him. Different monsters have different kinds of dental problems. You have an array of tools to treat them.


  • Treat dental problems of monsters
  • Extract teeth, clean a dirty teeth or drill through tooth Plaque
  • Capture a photo after successfully treating your monster

Notable Feature: Different monsters to choose from

Download at Download Atoz

3. Pou: [Free and Paid]


Own a virtual pet

3.a Pou: [Free]

Pou is a fun app for Android where you take care of a cute virtual pet. Feed him, clean him with soap, give him a bath, do different experiments with potions, play different games or take him outside to have fun. You also earn in-game coins by taking care of your precious pet or playing different games with it.

Use game coins to buy or unlock various items. Customize your pet with various outfits, body colors, neckwear, eye shadows and eyeglasses. The main drawback is that most of the items are locked and you either have to wait until a particular level or buy it in exchange of in-game coins. The Status bar on the top shows Pou’s Food, Health, Fun and Energy levels.

3.b Pou: [Paid $0.99-$12.49]

To buy different items in the game, you need game coins. To earn coins, play with Pou or pay money. You can buy various coin packs starting at $0.99. The biggest pack has 50,000 coins and costs $12.49.


  • Take care of Pou
  • Take him to different rooms
  • Use different backgrounds
  • Feed him, do experiments, customize him or play with him

Notable Feature: Unlock items with game coins

Download on Google Play

4. Crack Your Screen: [Free and Paid]

crack your screen

Trick your friends

4.a Crack Your Screen: [Free ad-supported]

Crack Your Screen is an app that cracks your phone’s screen. Don’t panic, it will not actually crack the screen. It only generates various types of cracked layouts to trick others. Accompanying sound and vibration makes this illusion more realistic. On opening the app, you see a floating screen to start the app or go into settings to change things.

Set a trigger for the crack screen effect to start. It can either be started by shaking your phone or by touching the screen. Use this fun app for Android to pull a prank on your friends or family. Make them believe they have cracked your screen. You can download additional crack screen formats for free.

4.b Crack Your Screen: [Paid]

Buy the additional dynamic crack screen through an in-app purchase that costs $0.99. It also makes the app ad-free.


  • Crack by touching or shaking the screen
  • Automatic cracking after a pre determined time delay
  • Additional cracked themes

Notable Feature: The broken or cracked screen doesn’t have any advertisements

Download on Google Play

5. Motion Fart ™: [Free ad-supported]

pocket fart

Most realistic farting app

Motion Fart ™ stands out by using a motion sensor. Other farting apps in the Google Play Store offer only a farting soundboard, but this app triggers a farting sound by detecting motion. Set sensitivity in the Settings menu. Start the motion sensor feature, put it in your jeans pocket and lift your leg to trigger the farting sound. You can also generate different farting sounds by clicking on the screen. This fun app for Android is ad-supported.


  • Most realistic farting app
  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Different farting sounds

Notable Feature: Motion sensor to trigger farting sound

Download on Google Play

6. Spy Kit – Universal Mailer: [Free ad-supported]

spy kit universal mailer

Mail anyone with any email address

Spy Kit – Universal Mailer is a fake e-mailer app for Android. Send anybody an e-mail from a fake e-mail address. You can add a fake sender name too. The application doesn’t use your original e-mail address so the recipient never knows who the real sender is. With this fun app for Android, you can send yourself an e-mail from any fake e-mail address you like.

Amaze people by showing that you got an email from a celebrity or secret crush. Make a child happy by e-mailing them as Santa Claus. At first, the application allows you to send 10 e-mails per day. Then the limit increases as you send more e-mails and keep the app installed on your phone for more weeks. The developer has taken this preventive measure so that no one can use this fun app for Android as a tool for spamming. Don’t use it to disturb someone deliberately because police can easily find by your IP address and arrest you.


  • Send fake e-mails to friends and family
  • Send yourself fake e-mails from any fake sender address
  • Powerful Reply To feature to get replies on the fake e-mail ID

Notable Feature: Doesn’t disclose your real e-mail ID to the sender.


7. Face Swap: [Free ad-supported]

face swap

Put your face on your dog’s head

Just imagine your face on your pet’s body and your pet’s face on your body. How funny is that? This application is made to swap or Flip faces on any photo. The application detects faces in photos (photos consisting of two faces) and then swaps them. Capture a photo with your child, pet, friends or family members and then interchange the faces using this fun app for Android.

You can capture a photo or choose one from the gallery. Then the app will auto-detect faces. After that, you can re-size the mask and then hit the Swap button. The application has some intrusive in app advertisements which can affect the overall experience.


  • Capture a photo or choose it from gallery
  • Auto detection of faces in a photo
  • Intrusive advertisements
  • Share on social networking sites

Notable Feature: Swap or Flip faces

Download on Google Play

8. Fake Call, SMS, Balance, Battery: [Free and Paid]

fake call sms

Fake calls can be amusing

8.a Fake Call, SMS, Balance, Battery: [Free ad-supported]

You can use this app to generate fake calls, messages, balances and battery percentages. Prank your friends or family by generating a fake call or a message from famous personalities. The fake balance and battery percentage feature can save you from your nosy friends. A credit system has also been implemented.

Download on Google Play

8.b Fake Call, SMS, Balance, Battery: [Paid-$0.99]

The Pro version is ad-free and costs $0.99.

Download on Google Play


  • Easy to use
  • Fake call
  • Fake SMS
  • Fake battery percentage
  • Fake balance

Notable Feature: Different calling and messaging screens

9. Beat the Boss 3 [Free and Paid]

beat the boss 3

Take revenge on your boss, virtually

9.a Beat the Boss 3 [Free]

Had a hard day at the office? Want to get back at that slave driving boss of yours? Then Beat the Boss 3 is made for you. This fun app for Android is a free app but it has in-app purchases. After opening the application, you see a character, which looks like a boss in the office.

You have to beat him by taping on the screen. You can also slide your finger on the screen to drag him and throw him anywhere you want. Create new boss characters. The Weapons tab gives you the option to choose different weapons. Earn coins or weapon parts by beating your boss.

9.b Beat the Boss 3 [Paid-in app purchase]

Unlock weapons, stages and different tools in exchange for game coins and gems. If you’re in a hurry, buy more game coins and gems by paying real money through an in-app purchase. The game offers different coin and gem packs starting from $1.88. The biggest pack costs $94.24.


  • Nice animated graphics
  • Beat your boss like never before
  • Unlock or buy weapons
  • Unlock new stages such as-Tibet mountain, Australian ocean, Russian winter and Roman Colosseum

Notable Feature: Create new boss characters

Download on Google Play


Time flies when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? All these fun apps for Android tickle your funny bone with just a few clicks. Feel free to take screenshots or record your experience when playing with these fun apps. It’s always nice to remember a good laugh with friends or family.

Did you like the apps we included? Are you already using any of these apps? Which one is the funniest? Let us know in the comments section below.

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