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I’m somewhat of an expert at procrastinating; I even spent 5 minutes looking up the spellings of procrastinating on the internet. I know this is an unproductive way to kick off things but hey, what can I do when I love to stall things. Aiding me in this great habit are some of the funniest joke apps for Android.

Wasting time is an art; we just can’t force it to happen. You need to master the power of time wastage and then continue to harness it in unproductive ways. Some joke apps for Android allow you to ignore responsibilities and have a good time for a little while.

I take short smoking breaks at work. Not to smoke, but just to browse jokes on one of these great apps. I sure hope Dan is not going to read this, though.

Note: The funniest joke apps for Android were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III, Galaxy SIII, Sony Xperia Z and HTC M7 over the course of around 2 years. Recently I tested the apps on a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and the experience was astounding. The apps work great on any device no matter what tier they belong to. The apps will need a constant internet connection to work properly.

1. 9GAG – Funny, LOL, Meme & GIF

This site has taken almost half of my work hours on the desktop. Now that they have made it an app, I spend a ton more time on the site than I would care to admit. If you see my browser, there will always be a tab called 9 GAG on it somewhere.

The app streamlines the whole browsing process and makes it easier to see the content just with simple swipes of the finger. The content is user-uploaded and is generally quite funny.

The only downside is some of the pictures and gags go down a boring route. Thankfully the app comes with great category system to differentiate things which are funny and not so funny.

I usually lurk around the geeky category because it’s more in line with my interests. Press the volume buttons to navigate posts. I know you will be using this app in the bathroom as well so the shortcuts will come in real “handy”.

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2. Rage Comics

Rage Comics is one of my personal favorite joke apps for Android. This is because usually the rage comics depict something that actually happened to the uploader. That personal touch makes the comic so much more relatable and hence exponentially funny.

So what makes this app that special?

Well, there are rage comics on 9 GAG as well but you will need to zoom in some comics to actually read the jokes. This app, however, does away with the need for that.

Using some magical advanced computer techniques, the app recognizes each panel of the comic separately. This allows the app to display one panel at a time on the full screen making it highly legible and easier on the eyes.

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3. LOL Pics (Funny Pictures)

This one is all about funny pictures and jokes. The app is more like an optimized Reddit reader than a joke app but hey, if it delivers the LOLs then who cares, right? The pictures in this app are quite funny and it seems there is a moderation team scanning each and every post that is available.

Despite this great quality control, there are posts on the app each passing minute. I have yet to find stale comment when I open the app and I have been using it for almost a year. Sharing on social media is also streamlined and made easy. If you are looking for a great time, this joke app for Android will be able to provide just that.

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4. Funny Jokes

Funny Jokes Apps for Android is the traditional way to go. If you like the old fashioned way of reading the jokes in text format, this app is for your liking. The traditional jokes come in all shape and sizes and will most definitely impress you with their epic punch lines.There are thousands of jokes for you to read and enjoy on this app.

However, there are some downsides to the app as well. The color scheme makes the app look like a depressing course book than a funky joke book. However, the funny jokes will soon divert your attention towards some seriously funny content.

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5. 8CRAP – Most Obvious App Ever

This one has the most obvious name in the list. While the name might be a little unorthodox, the app provides some hilarious facts about almost everything. The app states the obvious in a funny way and most of the time the jokes come out extremely laugh-worthy.

The app itself could use some updates in terms of interface and design. In the start, the updates to the content were frequent, now the app is a little slowing down. Probably they have run out of obvious facts to state.

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These are some of the funniest joke apps for Android I have found while being an irresponsible chair potato in office. Well, I would argue that my hard work finally paid off in the shape of this article but no one would agree with that. So what are you looking for in a joke app? I know most of them deliver jokes via pictures, but this is the world we live in now.

Rage comics and memes are the way to go and quite frankly they are funnier than a lot of text based jokes if executed right. Do tell some jokes in the comment section, I’ll laugh, I promise.

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