Galaxy S6 Vs Note 5 Vs Nexus 6P

Galaxy S6 Vs Note 5 Vs Nexus 6P Big Screen Phone Showdown

Galaxy S6 Vs Note 5 Vs Nexus 6P

Now that the latest crop of flagship smartphones has started to arrive, it’s the perfect time to get a slightly older Android smartphone. This comparison article between Galaxy S6 Vs Note 5 Vs Nexus 6P is all about identifying the perfect smartphone for you. We all know that the new flagships will cost an arm and a leg to purchase, so it makes great sense that we take a look at the flagships from last year. Although comparing a Samsung Galaxy S6 to a relatively newer Nexus 6P is unfair, but we will also count the lower cost of Galaxy S6 as a plus point.

You might be thinking that why are we comparing these particular smartphones. They belong to different categories and cater to different markets. However, this comparison between Galaxy S6 Vs Note 5 Vs Nexus 6P is there to help you in identifying the best smartphone for you, regardless of their nature. So without further ado let’s start the comparison between Galaxy S6, Note 5 and Nexus 6P.


Size – Personal Preference

Galaxy S6 (1)-horz

The size of the smartphone is a very subjective matter. Some people like big smartphones while others prefer smaller screen sizes. Therefore, it is hard to decide between Galaxy S6, Note 5 and Nexus 6P when it comes to size.

If you’re looking for a compact smartphone which packs a punch then Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the best options available. It is a 5.1 inches smartphone which weighs only 138 g. Unsurprisingly the premier Phablet from the Korean manufacturer comes at 517 inches and weighs 171 g. The biggest of the lot, the Nexus 6P also comes at 5.7 inches but weighs 7 g more than the Note 5.

Aesthetics – Galaxy Note 5

This is the first time when almost every manufacturer is looking to make their smartphones stand out. The Nexus 6P, galaxy S6 and Galaxy note 5 all come with a unibody design. The Nexus 6P has a metallic finish on the back while the other two have glass backs.

All three of the devices have a unique design and look beautiful. However, Samsung has four different colors available for their devices while the Nexus only comes in three. Samsung has also introduced some uniquely colored variants and they all look beautiful. All three of the smartphones come with a fingerprint sensor which is a great addition.

Cases – Galaxy Note 5 Wins

All of the smartphones in the list have some stellar cases and protectors but Galaxy Note 5 has hands down some of the best I have seen. We all know that this smartphone has sold really well and case manufacturers give extra attention to successful smartphones. To take just a look at the what you can expect in terms of cases, check out our 5 best leather cases for Galaxy Note 5 list.

Screen – Galaxy Note 5 Wins

Note 5 (2)

All three of the smartphones in the Galaxy S6 Vs Note 5 Vs Nexus 6P comparison have beautiful screens. I have always been partial to Samsung and their AMOLED displays due to their bright and vivid nature. This time around Samsung has delivered what we expected from their premium devices. While the Samsun g Galaxy S6 also comes with a great screen, it’s the Galaxy Note 5’s Super AMOLED that takes the cake here.

The larger screen looks absolutely stunning and watching videos on it is just wonderful. The Nexus 6P is not far behind with its AMOLED 5.7 inches screen. However, after using it for a while I can clearly notice that the brightness is not as sharp as the GalaxyNote 5.

When it comes to resolution, the smaller screen size of the Samsung Galaxy S6 makes the QHD resolution look better. As a smaller screen estate is still packing 1440X2560 pixels, it becomes a lot sharper than the competition. The 577 ppi pixel density of the smaller smartphone makes it a sharper display. Both of the bigger smartphones also have the exact same resolution but are at a disadvantage because of the extra screen size.

Processor – Galaxy Note 5 Wins

Nexus 6P (3)

All three of the devices have extremely reliable and fast processors. However, the Galaxy Note 5 just edges ahead in benchmarks. The difference is not that drastic and to be honest you will not see any difference in daily usage. I will not bore you with the technicalities of the processors and their course here but you don’t have to be worried about the processors in any of the smartphones in this comparison.


If you are into technicalities, all of the smartphones come with a 64-bit processor. The Samsung variants use their own Exynos processors which use eight cores. The Nexus 6P comes with Snapdragon 810 processor.

Gaming and GPU – All Win


If you’re into gaming you would also want a better GPU in your smartphone. The Samsung smartphones all come with Mali-T760MP8 GPU’s while the Nexus 6P has Adreno 430 GPU. However, all three smartphones have eerily similar performance in videogames. No matter what smartphone you chose, you will have a great time gaming.

Memory and Storage – Galaxy Note 5 Wins

Note 5 (1)

When it comes to memory, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes with 4 GB of RAM. The other two come with 3 gigs of RAM. The nature of the RAM is same so naturally the larger one wins here. A point to be noted here is that the extra one GB of RAM will hardly affect any day to day usage. The only instance it will come in handy is when you are actively switching between multiple apps which frankly, not many people do frequently.

All three of the smartphones come with 32, 64 and 128 GB variants. And none of them feature a microSD card slot which is a shame.

Cameras – Everyone Wins

I really appreciate Huawei taking the initiative and including a stellar camera on their Nexus 6P. However, taking down the King of Android smartphone cameras is a very hard task. Samsung has fitted both of the flagships from last year with the same 16-megapixel camera. I have personally tried the Note 5 camera as well as the Nexus 6P and there are a few differences.

The back shooter on Nexus 6P is a 12.3-megapixel one while the Galaxy brothers have 16-MP cameras on their back. I know that megapixel doesn’t really quantify the quality of the camera and that is the case here as well. The Nexus 6P comes with a larger pixel size so that more light comes through. Surprisingly, the low light performance of all smartphones is eerily similar. Thankfully, they are all great camera so you don’t have to worry about anything.

The Samsung smartphones also come with optical image stabilization which makes a lot of difference when you’re trying to capture footage while moving. On the other hand, the Nexus 6P comes with IR laser-assisted autofocus that can focus almost instantly. They Nexus camera also comes with a larger pixel size of the sensor making it capture more light.

Galaxy S6 (2)

Selfies – Nexus 6P Win

However, the Nexus 6P comes with the 8-megapixel front camera. This is a big benefit if you are into taking selfies. The camera works well with some of the best selfie apps for Android as well.

Battery – Galaxy Note 5 Wins

Battery Timing

When it comes to battery size the Google nexus 6P wins hands-down, however, the Galaxy Note 5 comes with better battery optimizations. The Nexus 6psmartphone features a 3450 MAH battery and fast charging through USB type C. On the other hand, the Samsung large screen note 5 comes with only 3000 MAH battery.

Understandably the Galaxy S6 comes with a considerably smaller battery due to its smaller size in general. But I expected the note 5 to feature a larger battery. There is no need to worry about battery timing at all three smartphone, though. Even though the Nexus 6P has the largest battery, stress tests show that the Galaxy Note 5 leads the pack with better battery timing.

Sound – Nexus 6P Wins

sound results

Sound is the only clear department where the Google Nexus 6P wins hands-down. The front facing stereo speakers on the Google flagship smartphone are amazing to listen to. Combine the speakers with a large screen and you are ready to consume media like you have never before.

Unique Feature – Tie Between Note 5 and Nexus 6P

Note 5 (3)

The Samsung Galaxy Note series is famous for its inclusion of the S-Pen. I’m a big fan of the pen and have used it extensively on my Galaxy Note 3. If you’re looking for a well-crafted stylus for your smartphone then Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the one you should look at.  We have already listed some great S-Pen apps for Samsung devices make sure to take a look at them.

Nexus 6P (1)

On the other hand, we have the Huawei Nexus 6P that comes with an incredibly fast fingerprint scanner on the back. I was not going to use it because usually fingerprint scanners are inaccurate and sluggish. However, Google Nexus 6P features a remarkable fingerprint scanner which unlocks your smartphone in half a second.

I haven’t ever had trouble unlocking my phone by using the fingerprint scanner, it is that good. I’m one of those people who usually don’t lock their smartphones or tablets but believe me this fingerprint scanner is so hassle free that you will start using it.


I really hope that the comparison between Galaxy S6 and Note 5 and Nexus 6P has helped you in reaching a conclusion. I would personally be torn between the Galaxy Note 5 and the Google Nexus 6P but hey, you’re not me. These three smartphones were the most sought after phones from 2015 and they are still some of the best devices available today. The general trend in the Android industry is that the companies offer very slight upgrades to the components and this is a case with the latest Galaxy S7 smartphones as well. So, it will be better to go with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and save a lot of money in the process as well. Rest assured, whatever device you choose, you will have a great Android experience and will love it till it’s time to for an upgrade.

Do tell us about your thoughts about these great Android devices in the comments below and give us a reason why you selected one of them.

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