GIFs for Texting on Android: Where to Get and How to Send Them

When we don’t know what words to say, we can always rely on stickers and GIFs. We live in a time when texting goes beyond words. Because there are things we can say best by sending GIFs. Good thing that it’s now very easy to search, use and send GIFs for texting on Android.

GIF is short for graphic interchange format. We see them everywhere: on social media, websites, messages, etc. They are moving images, whether animated, a clip from a movie, and whatnot, which play in a loop (that usually just lasts a few seconds). They are now widely used as comments or reactions on social media and messages.

These animated GIFs are now so easy to get. The best way to get and use them on Android is to download GIF keyboard and instant messaging apps from Google Play. Using these apps, you can search and send GIFs, and even create your own.

Below are some of the best GIFs for texting on Android.

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5 Best GIF Keyboard Apps for Android

You can use GIFs for texting using keyboard apps for Android. Some of these apps not only allow you to send GIFs, but also let you to create your own GIF.

Here are the best keyboard apps for finding, creating and sending GIFs.

1. GIF Keyboard by Tenor

GIF Keyboard by Tenor makes sending and sharing GIFs super easy. You can do it conveniently directly from your keyboard. Tenor has a library of millions of GIFs and videos to choose from. Just type a keyword and search the right GIF for the right moment or the right conversation.

Whether you just want to post a reaction, a comment, a joke or to express an emotion, you can do it using Tenor. With just a tap, you can send and share animated GIFs, videos and emojis in Messenger and others.


  • Millions of available GIFs and videos
  • Browse by category
  • Collect your favorite GIFs
  • Send via Messenger


If there’s an app or website that has become synonymous with GIF, that would be no other than GIPHY. This app is basically a search engine for GIFs. Here, you can find the largest library of GIF, including the latest and the trending. It even allows you to create your personalize GIF.

With GIPHY, you can explore from your favorite TV shows, movies, sports highlights and others. When you install this app, it lets you text GIFs to your friends, and share them on social media or send them through Messenger, WhatsApp and other messaging apps.


  • Explore GIFs from movies and sports highlights
  • A large collection of animated GIFs
  • Text, share and save GIFs
  • Send and share via Messenger, WhatsApp, Email, Pinterest, Instagram and others
  • Animated stickers are also available

3. Gboard

Gboard is the popular Google keyboard. It’s a great alternative to your built-in keyboard. Designed for speed, reliability and ease, this app allows you to search and send messages, videos, GIFs and more without switching apps. You can practically send anything directly from this keyboard.

While it’s known for its typing features (glide typing and voice typing), it is also lauded for its handwriting, emoji and GIF features. You can easily search and find the right emoji and GIF, and share them for the perfect comment or reaction.

Say it in GIF


  • Search and send GIFs
  • Emoji search
  • Glide typing and voice typing
  • Multilingual typing and Google translate

4. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard is more than just for GIFs. It’s one of the most trusted and feature-rich keyboard apps. Designed for productivity, this keyboard learns and adapts to your writing and typing style. It understands how you interact and knows the emojis, slang, words, reactions, nicknames and comments that you usually use.

With its emoji keyboard, you can easily search and then send the right stickers, emojis and GIFs.

Thousands of GIFs and stickers


  • Built-in emoji keyboard
  • Browse and send GIFs
  • Custom keyboard
  • Multilingual keyboard

5. Fleksy

Fleksy is designed for faster and predictive typing. With its Flesky next AI, the app recommends words, stickers, GIFs and emojis while you’re typing. It also has an advanced autocorrection feature.

This app has an emoji and GIF keyboard, which allows you to easily access its large collection of GIFs, stickers and emojis. It’s a faster and more convenient way of sending GIFs on Android.


  • Access to a large compilation of GIFs and stickers
  • Easy access and use of emojis
  • Access to hundreds of themes
  • Advanced autocorrection

If you encounter problems with GIFs that are not working on Android, here’s how to fix them.

How to Send GIFs on Android

The easiest way to search and send GIFs as text messages is to download and use any of the abovementioned apps. However, if you have downloaded and saved GIF files on your phone, you can send them as text even without using keyboard apps.

Just follow these simple steps.

1. Open Messages

Newer phones come with pre-installed Android Messages. Just look for this icon and open it. If you don’t have this app on your phone, you can download for free at Google Play.

2. Select contact

When you’ve opened the app, start chatting by selecting a contact. Just tap the (+) button in the bottom-right corner, then you’ll be prompted to select a recipient from your contact list.

3. Tap the attachment button

The attachment button is found at the left side of the text field. It either looks like the (+) button or the paperclip icon.

4. Tap the image icon and go to gallery

To select a GIF from your phone’s storage, tap the image icon and then go to gallery or Downloads (depending on where you’ve saved your GIF files).

5. Select a GIF


Select the GIF that you want to send. You’ll see a small preview of the GIF you’ve chosen on the text message. This allows you to check the GIF play before sending it.

6. Send

To send the GIF as text, tap the icon that looks like a paper airplane or an arrow which is located on the right side of the text field.

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Wrapping Up

Whether you’re using Android Messages or keyboard apps, you can now easily send GIFs through text or on messaging apps like Messenger and WhatsApp. Just remember that GIFs are just an alternative to words (when we just want a fun and creative way to reply, react or comment to a message.

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