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15 Best and Free Go Launcher Themes and Wallpapers (Android)

Cat Wallpaper

I’ve never understood people who have all plain, blank and boring walls in their house. To me, art and design make everything better. A wall, or an Android screen, is a piece of canvas. If you can beautify something you have to look at frequently, why wouldn’t you?

That’s where GO Launcher comes in. There are plenty of other launcher options out there on the Android market, but very few offer this many themes and wallpapers. Themes transform your app drawer, icons, and home screen. Some even come with their own widgets. Listed in no particular order are 15 of the best free GO Launcher apps.

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1. Dia De Los Muertos

Los Muertos

Often compared to Halloween in the U.S., the Mexican holiday is less scary and more reverent of the dead. That doesn’t stop people from all cultures from admiring the seductive artwork that’s a product of the holiday.

Of course, this theme is probably more sultry and feminine than some of the traditional sugar skulls and marigolds, but that’s part of its creepy allure. Unlike regular wallpapers, it comes with special icons, folders, and changes the look of your app drawer.

Also check out GO Launcher Anime Minimalista.

Download: Dia De Los Muertos

Download: Anime Minimalista

2. Steam Age

Steam AgeFor your steampunk fix—lots of bronze and brown, cogs and gears, and a Victorian aesthetic. The theme is very suggestive of a bygone era with lots of steam-powered machinery, yet still manages to seem futuristic somehow.

It features clockwork and a compass, embracing a nautical tone. And it’s especially designed for GO Launcher—with the works—including icons, wallpaper, and a modified app drawer. Try this with the Steampunk GO Keyboard Theme.

Download: Steam Age

Download: Steampunk GO Keyboard

3. Miracle

Miracle Launcher

Sunset colors blurred into the shapes of city lights—this theme is beautiful. Once screen combines mountain silhouettes with another gorgeous sunset.

Your Android is about to get a lovely makeover. Miracle is aptly named. Click below for one of the best GO Launcher themes and wallpaper.

Download: Miracle

4. Cute Cat Wallpaper

We would be remiss not to include at least one cute furry animal. Maybe your apartment won’t let you keep pets, but Android makes no such stipulations. No, you don’t get any special icons or app drawer, but personally, I found GO Launcher wallpapers to be less invasive and annoying. Sometimes all you need is a good background.

5. Starry Night Sky Wallpaper

Starry Night

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our daily grind that we forget what a wondrous place our world is, and that it’s only a miniscule portion of a vast universe. This wallpaper, with its beautiful colors, serves as a reminder.

The lone small individual gazing in wonder at the immense and beautiful night sky, with its innumerable stars could very well be you or me if we were in the right place and right time. Anytime is the right place and time with this GO Launcher wallpaper.

6. Glass

Glass Theme

Ever notice the way streetlights appear through rain drops on your car windows? Glass can be described as abstract, but the water drops are quite realistic-looking. The theme comes with two wallpapers and 28 icons.

Glass Theme is widely popular, probably at least partially due to all of its components coordinating with each other in complete harmony.

Download: Glass

7. Fairy

Fairy Launcher

Your Android can do some pretty magical things; why not give it an alluring magical theme? Fairy glows bright in an enchanted forest, and its icons have been designed to match.

Your Contacts might be mistaken for a book of spells, and all of the icons possess a mystical old-timey feel. Overall, Fairy is pretty adorable. It earns its spot as one of the free GO Launcher Themes and wallpaper for android.

Download: Fairy

8. The Fox

Fox Launcher

The Fox conveys the same level of enchantment but has an added bonus of featuring a cute little fox. The fox looks quite cuddly curled up in a meadow full of flowers. We get to see the fox upright and alert again on the People icon, and the other icons match the theme quite well.

Be warned, you might find yourself turning on the screen just to stare at this beauty. Download it from GO Launcher Ex. For a GO Launcher theme that is cute, don’t skip The Fox.

Download: The Fox

9. HD Pier Wallpapers

Add depth to your home screen by using this wallpaper. Who knows how long this hallway really is—it borders on optical illusion. No money for a vacation in Europe? No worries.

One could easily imagine oneself in Italy or Greece every time you glance at this wallpaper. This would be a beautiful GO Launcher wallpaper for your tablet.

10. Dark Zero

Dark Zero

Bright colors against a dark background makes for some nice contrast. And if you have an AMOLED screen a dark theme can help conserve your battery life. The app itself is free but beware that you won’t have full access to everything without in-app purchases.

Nonetheless, Dark Zero remains very popular as part of the free GO Launcher theme. Try with the Dark Colors Keyboard Theme. For a GO Launcher theme in black, go with Dark Zero.

Download: Dark Zero

Download: Dark Colors Keyboard Theme

11. Rosegold

Simple but lovely. The theme comes with two wallpaper options—one a silky sheet of rose mixed with gold—and the other a pure white rose that is the actual flower. The icons couldn’t be more fitting in their femininity.

Liquid gold itself doesn’t even look this good. This is much better than a plain pink GO Launcher theme.

Download: Rosegold

12. Elegant

Elegant is what the creators of Gentleman wished they had designed. No doubt that the two themes are similar; but elegant is more, well, elegant.

It’s the perfect combination of metals and blacks and whites—proof that opposites can attract and be attractive. Each wallpaper option makes perfect use of color gradient. Elegant is brought to you by GO Launcher Ex.

Download: Elegant

13. Calm

Calm Launcher

Calm grew on me the more I saw it, which is what you want in a theme you will see the multitude of times you look at your phone each day. It still reminds me of umbrellas, but the shapes are pleasing and the icons bring cheer.

All aspect complement one another. Calm really is soothing.

Download: Calm

14. Tonight

Tonight Launcher

Remember that night out on the town when the colored lights looked so beautiful? That’s the image on one of Tonight’s wallpapers, and the other shows a brick road in downtown at dusk.

The icons are also full of bright colors, electricity, and excitement. For an illuminating experience, install Tonight. Tonight is a GO Launcher Z theme.

Download: Tonight

15. Love

Love Launcher

Warning: If you don’t like hearts and glitter, this is not the theme for you. But if you are into those things, and are pro-love and pro-chevron pattern, this is the perfect theme for you (Hopefully everyone is pro-love).

Gold, black, and white is a hot color combination right now, too, and each icon was crafted using that same motif with great attention to detail. One ecstatic user describes the theme as “magnificent”.

Download: Love


Didn’t find the theme you want for your Android? That’s okay, because GO Launcher has about 10,000 more. GO Launcher themes can be applied through the general GO Launcher app, or by installing the theme itself directly from Google Play. You can also design your own theme using the GO Launcher app.

GO Launcher is an extremely popular Android personalization app. Google Play estimates it has been downloaded up to 500 million times. The app has earned a 4.5 star rating at present. It offers many free themes; the only downside being the advertisements, which can seem intrusive.

Do you have other favorite GO Launcher themes you want to tell everyone about? Have you tried any of these? Let us know how you like them in the comments.

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