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15 Best and Free Go Locker Themes For Android

GO Locker is a screen-locking application found in the Google Play Store. It is the most popularly downloaded screen locker right now at over 100M downloads. It primarily locks your home button to prevent unlocking without the right credentials. The popularity comes from the various themes that can be downloaded for free.

The number of themes this app has, keeps increasing every month or so. The free version of the app comes with plenty of free themes to personalize your phone. There is also a paid version that will give you more features and themes to go along with it.

There are also many themes that you can buy if the free ones do not suit your fancy. However, this will feature the best themes that you can download for free from the Google Play Store. Here are the 15 best free GO Locker themes:

1. Cybernetic Eye

This free theme is of the robotic kind. It is black and blue with lighted and shaded parts, which do not affect the readability of the screen. It features a robotic eye in the middle of the screen that will go slightly left or right as you flip through the pages of your home screen.

Download at Google Play

It is quite a remarkable theme as it looks more like a modern piece of art right there on your home screen. It does change the font of some widgets like the clock, so it makes it a flashy neon white and blue. It adds to the theme in a futuristic kind of way.

2. Ultra-Lock Theme

This colorful theme would make Woodstock-goers jealous. This theme is customizable. You can change the buttons on the lock screen to interact with notifications and other apps without unlocking your phone.

Download at Google Play

When you touch the screen, it lights up a laser light show, giving you a bright color light dance while keeping your phone safe. It is a colorful phone super-hero. This theme is free to download with any Android device with GO Locker installed.

3. The Infinity Love Theme

This theme is for the content. It is for the balanced people who love to have positive vibes coming at them from everywhere. This theme has a beige background with a black feather and a line coming from it. In the line, it says infinity and love.

Download at Google Play

The theme is visually bright and positive, giving you a message every time you open your phone, and that is to love forever. It is popular and appealing because of its simplicity. This theme does not do anything extra, it just looks nice and is guaranteed to put you into a better mood.

4. The Star Heart Theme

This theme features a colorful pinkish heart that shines in the night sky. This theme is also a positive one. It is visually appealing but also keeps your phone safe from the negative bad guys.

Download at Google Play

Girls and teenagers will love to put this theme on their phones. It is free to download and is to be used with the GO Locker application.

5. ArcadeHoops Theme

This theme is interactive. It has a basketball hoop in the center of the screen and a ball on the bottom. Does this sound familiar? Any arcade has a game like this, so think of it as a mini digital basketball game.

Download at Google Play

You can shoot the hoops from your lock screen. It will tally the score, keep your highest score, and still lock your phone to keep it safe. Sitting and waiting for appointments or meetings does not have to be boring anymore.

6. Electricity Theme

This theme looks like it belongs on a futuristic holographic screen like you see in the movies. It changes the way the display shows the clock and other apps and widgets you may have on your lock screen.

It has blue organizational lines throughout, dissecting the elements of the display and looking awesome. It is easy to see and navigate. It is also customizable.

Download at Google Play

You can put your widgets and apps on the lock screen so that you can access them without unlocking your phone. It is also free to download and to be used with the GO Locker application.

7. Monster Zipper Theme

Your lock screen becomes a scary red monster with zipper lips with this theme. Well, it is a cartoon monster that is not very scary, but it still does have zipped lips.

This theme will keep your secrets. To unlock your phone, simply touch the zipper, slide to the right, and the mouth will open to reveal the home screen.

Download at Google Play

This theme is a one-of-a-kind theme that is neat to interact with. It is free to download for use with the GO Locker application.

8. Black Theme

This theme is just like the name: it is a dark black with different shades of black in the middle of the screen where you would slide an unlock button to unlock the phone.

It is simple yet modern and stylish. It is a theme that is customizable. You can change the notifications you get on this theme as well as the quick-launch apps you want on the lock screen.

Download at Google Play

Black phones will look especially good with this theme. It is free and available for download for use with the GO Lockers application.

9. X-Ray Print Theme

Upon locking your screen, an x-ray of a handprint will appear like something out of x-files. It is a very cool theme that will give you HD wallpaper to go with it. You can customize the theme through the GO Locker app.

Download at Google Play

It features matching sliders and camera shutter sliders. The lock screen will bring up notifications for messaging and calls.

10. Draw Theme

This is an interesting theme because it gives you the option to set your own pictures as a wallpaper while still using the security of the locker. It does have preset wallpaper and lockscreen themes if you like simplicity.

Download at Google Play

It will give you notifications of messages and missed calls. It has a sliding bar to unlock the phone. It is different with each wallpaper.

11. Multi Theme

This theme is designed to be changed whenever you want. You can slide the bars to change the color or change the background without having to go anywhere to do it. Simply slide around on the screen, and it will change the background. It will give you notifications for missed calls and texts.

Download at Google Play

There is easy access to the phone, messages, and camera functions. Slide up from the bottom to unlock the phone. It will display your to-do list on the locked screen. it also tells you the date, time, and battery information so that it is available to you anytime.

12. Luxurious Theme

This theme is of a more elegant type. It does not have the features that some of the others have, but it does look professional and classy.

Download at Google Play

It has a gold ring around some easy-to-navigate buttons for the camera, messages, phone, and the unlock function. The design is superior to others but with features that some just would not need. If you want a simple locker that will not embarrass you in front of the boss, this one is highly recommended.

13. Magnolia Theme

Magnolia is the brand that makes this theme. They are in the business of designing luxury digital watches and clocks for use in widgets, themes and wallpapers. This one is extremely elegant.

It has a red background with a unique silver luxury watch in the middle. The watch has buttons on it that you can use to access functions like the messaging app, phone, and camera.

Download at Google Play

You can also pair this theme with the clock widget, which you can put anywhere on your home screen to fit the look. There is a wallpaper to complete the look of the widget and a locker as well. This is a modern, professional-type theme and looks great on any phone.

14. Atlantis Theme

This theme is at number 14, but many may consider it the best of the bunch because it has the best design and features. It has a classic silver and black layout with designs out of a sci-fi movie. It is not overdone, so it stays classy but has a modern sleekness as well.

Download at Google Play

The brand calls the theme a “designer” type, and everyone should believe them. It has a 4-button layout so you can access calls, texts, your camera, and the unlock button to unlock the phone. This theme is truly unique, and when people see it, they will ask you where you got it. So, it is a good attention-getter.

15. K-Program Theme

The design is a representation of a futuristic holographic screen, although the technology has come to life in this theme. It displays all the necessary information to manage your phone, like battery life, time, date, and notifications. It has a circular module in the middle of the screen for you to run your finger around and activate the buttons you need.

Download at Google Play

It features quick access to your camera, phone, messages, and the unlock button. This is the best futuristic-type theme for its design. It is meticulous and addicting to look at. It has bright colors and great organization for the information it displays. This one is a must-have.


All themes listed here were free and had the listed advertised features when this list was made. There are so many free ones that you should have an easy journey to your new theme destination.

Keep in mind that there are even more themes available for just a couple of dollars—if you cannot find one that is free, of course. Use this article as a reference for what is the best theme out there for the GO Locker application so you get exactly what you want to keep your phone or tablet safe from harm and look good doing it.

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