Google Announces Latest Android Jelly Bean 4.3 update

In the much awaited press event, Google proved speculators right and went on to release the latest version yet of the beloved Android OS, in San Francisco. Android 4.3 is an update of the Jelly Bean version. Although the OS update isn’t everything you’d expect in a major OS forward-shift, it adds significant changes in design and features. Android fanboys will have to wait for Android Key Pie Lime (5.0) to experience major enhancements.

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

The newborn android version comes with a number of new, significant features:

OpenGL 3to Motivate Embedded Systems

With this enhancement, developers on the platform will finally be able to engineer detail-rich mobile games. Android developers can access these embedded features either via APIs or the OpeGL ES 3 (framework).

Notification Access

With the notification access feature, apps are now allowed to make interactions with the status bar notifications as they’re posted and more so easily send them to other connected android gadgets via bluetooth.

Bluetooth Smart

With Bluetooth smart, also popularly referred to as BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), android buffs can now easily connect all sorts of devices (including weather gadgetry and heart rate sensors) to their android devices via Bluetooth connections….

Restricted Profiles

While you can still make use of the multi profile sign-in feature in previous android versions, the latest tweaks in android Jelly Bean gives users more controls over profiles. Creating restricted accounts/profiles just got easier! With this new addition, Google obviously is targeting parents and Big Wig business users.

DRM for Media Companies

Media Developers, through the Digital Rights Management enhancement, will be able to include DRM into the streaming protocols for their contents. Top-notch quality video recording also becomes possible via the inbuilt VP8 encoder.

Enhanced Profiling Tools

The update enables developers to motivate the performance and speed of their applications, through tagging and screen GPU profiling. the latest version of Android, Google also makes the OS faster with a CPU input boost (better with the phone or tablet’s primary processor), reduced touch latency, hardware accelerated 2D rendering and improved buffering, and syncing.

All in all, the new updates and features will help improve the android user experience on devices installed with the android 4.3 versions.

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