Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera(Google Home)-Review in 2022

Security should be your priority. Google home cameras are useful whether you live in a dangerous neighborhood or you’re just curious about what happens outside.

Interested in Google home security? Stick around with us, as we look closer into Nest Cam Outdoor!

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What is the Nest Cam Outdoor?

What differentiates the Nest camera from a traditional one is the painless set-up, friendly design, and smart monitoring.

This outdoor security camera is weatherproof – making it extremely reliable.  Additionally, it is part of the Works with Nest program – so you can use it with other smart-house products. Pretty cool!

Nest Cam Outdoor front view
Friendly design

Nest Cam Outdoor – Build and Design

If you need a camera that is easy to install and also has a neat design – the Nest Cam Outdoor checks out both. While you can never say that security cameras are desirable, this Nest camera aims there. With its round and smooth design, it comes closer to a modern spotlight than the traditional security camera.

Nest Cam Outdoor 4
Sturdy build

When it comes to its build, it’s incredibly resistant -rated at IP65, it withstands water jets with low pressure and blows off dust effortlessly.


Don’t worry. You don’t have to be an engineer for this! This is one of the DIY Google Home security cameras so that you will be done with it in a jiffy!

The Nest Cam Outdoor comes with a power supply – made of two parts – that is also waterproof. Also, a joint box is provided, hard-wired to a three pin plug, – to which the captive USB cable is connected.

nest cam outdoor waterproof
All-around weatherproof

What you only need to do is to stick the junction box to a surface, like a wall, with the supplied bracket and plug it into an outdoor socket.

Another impressive part is the magnetic mount – screw this into a wall surface, touch it with the camera and the magnet grabs hold. It is strong enough to keep the camera posted, but still leaves room for some movement – thus the camera can be rotated or moved to capture the best view.


The Nest Cam Outdoor needs to be connected to the Wi-fi network, through its own application. There is one master app for all the Nest devices. Once it’s connected, you can use the live preview to be sure you’re recording what you want to be surveilled.

The recording can be automatically disabled when you get home, based on the information the app provides. You can also schedule it to run only within certain intervals of time.

Nest cam outdoor 2
Easily customizable

Additionally, the Nest Cam Outdoor has both a microphone and a speaker included to help you speak with whoever’s outside your house. It can also be integrated with other smart-home devices – to turn on the lights when you come home, or when movement is detected.

Another impressive feature is Nest Aware – a subscription service that can be a bit pricey, but definitely worth it – that is able to detect persons and differentiate them from animals of other types of movement, create customizable Activity Zones, to monitor certain areas in the field of view and also create a Sightline – detailed timeline of detected activity.


The Nest Cam Outdoor can record at 1080p – however, you get a warning if you manually set it like this, but the default is 720p. Generally, Nest said that a 720p video uses, as an average 200Kbps or a maximum of 500Kbs, while 1080Kbps goes to 450Kbps- 1.2Mbps. If the network is strong enough, the video quality will automatically adjust, to make the experience as good as possible.

Nest cam outdoor 3
Great video quality

Video recording is also possible at night when the camera goes into IR mode. It is really reliable and not easily fooled with tricks.

Should you buy the Nest Cam Outdoor?

The only thing that comes close to being a dealbreaker could be the Nest Aware subscription, that at the time of this article (7/04/2019) was $5 a month, or $50 a year for a 5-day video history, $10 a month, or $100 a year for a 10-day history, and $30 a month or $300 a year for 30-day video history.

The subscription offers you 24-hours recording, excellent motion detection, and a great app to view everything. The good news is that for each additional camera you own, the price for any subscription drops in half.

However, if you have a broadband bandwidth good enough to accommodate it, the Nest Cam Outdoor is one of the best Google home security cameras out there.

You can purchase the Nest Cam Outdoor in 1’s, 2’s, and 4’s. Visit their respective Amazon buttons below to purchase your pick.

Nest cam outdoor 3
Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera 1’s
nest cam 2 pack
Nest Cam 2-pack

Questions you might still have

Do Nest cameras work with Google Home Hub?

Yes! You can connect your camera to Google Hub through the google home app. Once you do that you can watch the live video feed on your Google Home Hub.

Can I use a Nest Outdoor Camera inside?

Yes. However, since the features are specifically made for outdoors, it will be more efficient when it’s used outdoors.

Is Nest Outdoor Camera waterproof?

Definitely! Actually, it is weatherproof, it can sustain low-pressure water jets, so the occasional rain has no chance of doing any damage.

How long is the cord for the Nest Outdoor Camera?

It comes in 2 parts, with a total of 25 feet. The first part is waterproof -10 feet, the second one is not and needs to be inside.

Final thoughts

The Nest Cam Outdoor is one of the best Google Home Cameras, and it’s really worth the price of buying the Nest Aware subscription. It will keep you and your family safe 24/7, and the efforts of installing it or checking the information it provides are minimal.

Did you buy the Nest Cam Outdoor? Did it live up to your expectations? Let us know it the comments!

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