Android Subscriptions

Google: Our Android Subscriptions Grow Like Grass

With $14 billion in revenues, which is a 19 percent increase from what the company collected last year, Google’s Q2 2013 earnings indicate that the company is on-track doing what it does best – grow.

The Silicon Valley Company has focused on rather smart products that enhance their overall customer base, leading to impressive growth less than a 2 decades since the company was founded. So, we ask ‘What percentage of this growth can be linked to android?

Android Subscriptions

Well, in terms of revenue, Google probably makes as much from the iOS store as they do from android. However, the mobile OS works in many way to increase Google’s ability to cash in more from its ad business. In the latest data from Q2 2013, there are a staggering 1.5 million android activations per day. Well, this means BOOM.

Ever since its launch in 2008, android has activated over 900 million activations. This shows that the platform is posed for better days. On the global market platform, android is the more popular mobile OS. However, in mature markets such as the US and the UK, iOS maintains a commanding lead.

Well, despite trailing in the US and the UK, the platform is doing pretty much impressively everywhere else. This can be attributed to the ever-increased number of handset vendors who’ve decided to offer support for the platform.
Beloved android seems to be doing very well, we hope that things continue in the same way.



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