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Create a Custom Look with Icon Packs for Android Home Screen Launchers

I have always advocated the importance of customization in almost anything. I love LED keyboards, I love color matching my motorbike plates and I absolutely adore Android Launchers. Icon packs for Android are kind of a big deal for a person who loves to customize their home screen.

Being a Samsung smartphone user for almost the entirety of my Android life, I have come to despise the standard icons. Thankfully, Android is the real American OS here with all the freedom of choice and some icon democracy. All you need to do is install any of the best launchers for Android and simply download a great icon pack on your Android device. Next you can simply apply that icon pack and enjoy a whole new look on your old smartphone! Yes, it is as simple as that.

Note: The best icon packs for Android launchers were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III and a Sony Xperia Z smartphone. The screenshots are from the Sony device because testing the packs on a mid-range device is the best solution.

I also used three different launchers to test the compatibility of the icon packs. Nova Launcher, Go Launcher and Apex Launcher, all worked well with the icon packs. A point to note here is that, while the icon packs come with hundreds of icons, they cannot possibly cover all the apps available on the Google Play Store.

Naturally some apps were missing from the packs. The apps are in the order I liked them, however, they all look amazing, select the one you like. Unlike other app lists, this one is purely dependent on the aesthetics, I highly recommend that you check the screenshots of the icons instead of relying on my words alone.

1. Glim – Free Icon Pack

If you are into making your Android device truly your own, then this is the icon pack that can help you. There are more than 1500 icons available which follow a single overall design. But that is not why I like the icon pack, it is because of the extra 1000 icons it comes with. You can easily replace app icons, that are not supported, with the extra ones. The home screen will look truly epic with this icon pack.

Free Version

2. Sunshine – Icon Pack

Need some brightness on your home screen? Get Sunshine installed and make it lively. The icon pack comes with 1600 icons that will make your home screen a welcoming sight.

The icons are of HD quality coming at 192×192 pixels. In layman terms, it means the icons will look great no matter what resolution your screen has. I tested the icons on a Samsung Galaxy Note V and they looked sharp and beautiful. The icon pack supports dynamic calendar on Nova Launcher which is a huge plus for a user like me.

Free Version

3. Moonshine – Icon Pack

This is kind of a random looking icon pack with some great icons thrown into the mix. Some icons follow the flat design while others come with long shadows. Not every icon looks the same or follow a singular design.

This randomness is the beauty of the icon pack. Moonshine like the name is more like the bootlegged drink than the romantic luminance of moon. The inconsistency of icons mixed with free from style of looks, make it a unique experience.

Free Version

4. Rondo – Icon Pack

Rondo is one of my favorite icon packs there is. The circular design of the icons goes really well with some of the clock widgets for Android and really ties the home screen together. There are around 2000 icons in this icon pack and all of them follow the same circular design.

If you are looking for a consistent looking Android experience, you have the appropriate icon pack right here. The icons themselves are white and minimalistic while the background disks are colorful. This makes the icons look simple and yet vibrant.

Free Version

5. Long Shadow Icon Pack

As the name suggests, this one comes with icons that have long shadows. This style of icons works really amazing if you like landscape or sunset wallpapers. I actually use this anytime there is the Sun in my wallpaper, the icons really complement the wallpaper and feel real in the context. The icons are designed well with a uniform design.

The actual icon is white and small while the square hosting it reflects the colors. For example the Twitter icon has the iconic bird on it while the hosting square is blue.

Free Version

6. Silhouette – Icon Pack

I remember back in middle school I was unable to spell silhouette and failed an exam (not just because of that). Fast forward almost decade and a half and I still don’t like the word. Thankfully, the icon pack made me fall in love with the word.

This icon pack won’t look great on any smartphone home screen or is not for everyone. But I’m pretty sure at times you wanted to get black icons and none were impressive enough. Sure you can get pure black icon packs with ease but Silhouette combines color with dominating black.

Free Version


These were some of the best icon packs for Android. I will be adding new icon packs as I discover them or as you suggest them to me in the comments section. Now go and make your home screen beautiful!

Feel free to introduce us all to the icon pack you love the most.

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