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How to Hack Android Games without Root in 2023

Taking advantage of exploits in video games is tricky, it’s not illegal, but it’s frowned upon. Developers have taken numerous steps to prevent any forms of cheating in their games. Still, you can even find various methods and ways to perform “hacks” in a game with a simple Google search.

Nowadays, the term “hack” is used in gaming to refer to the exploitation of a game’s system or coding, or taking advantage of unpatched errors in the game. In this article, I’ll teach you various ways to hack Android games without rooting.

A popular way of taking advantage of these exploits is through using apps with root access. However, you can still do it without the need to root your smartphone. I’ll show you how to do it down below!

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“Hacking games” without root access

There are various ways to hack Android games. However, not all will work for you. In most cases, the most effective way to cheat or “hack” an Android game is by rooting your Android smartphone.

Unfortunately, rooting isn’t easy. Rooting comes with a certain risk and that risk includes permanently rendering your phone useless. (There’s a chance you’ll “brick” your phone)

So, here are a few methods and exploits that work on most Android devices.

1. Hack Android games by changing your device’s time settings (for time-based games)

wood table phone black time
Device Time

The easiest way of “hacking” an Android game – if it has a time-based feature – is by taking advantage of your phone’s device. This hack doesn’t work on every game and it will only work on Android games that are offline and time-based.

Meaning, those games that make you wait for a few hours to get something like a heart or energy to play the game.

Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that the game that you want to hack is a game that uses the time to regenerate in-game resources like heart, energy, research, building infrastructure, etc.
  2. Make sure that this specific game is not online-based or server-based like Clash of Clans for example.
  3. Launch the game. Play for a few minutes and consume the time-based resources.
  4. Do not close the app, instead, hover out the app by pressing the home button of your device.
  5. Proceed to the clock settings of your device and search for “Date and Time.”
  6. Move the current date by 1 day ahead.
  7. Go back to the game and observe if you regained some of the resources. If you do, then this exploit is working for your specific game.

The image below shows that the time exploits hack worked for this game. I instantly got the daily gift of free cars for this game.

Hack time-based android games
After Changing Time


  • This Time exploit hack only works with games that are time-based and don’t require any online authentication such as logging in, Google play account, etc.

2. Hack Android games by using an auto-clicker for games with heavy tapping

Another type of hack or exploit that you can do easily without rooting your Android phone is utilizing auto-clicker apps. You can hack Android games using Auto-clicker apps; which are available on the Google Play store so you can easily find and download one.

The auto-clicker app won’t work perfectly on every game. It’s mostly intended for Android games that requires tapping the device screen as fast as you can as its main game interaction.

I recommend the “Automatic Clicker” by SimpleHat Software, LLC. You can download the app for free on the Google Play Store.

Automatic Clicker – by SimpleHat Software, LLC.

auto clicker hack
Automatic Clicker App

The “Automatic Clicker” app will reliably click any location of your choice on your screen at a customizable interval. It does NOT require root and it works on full-screen as well.

To “hack” an Android game with an auto-clicker app, all you have to do is:

  1. Make sure that the game you want to use it with uses tapping on the screen as its main game interaction.
  2. Download an auto-clicker app on the Google Play store.
  3. Launch the auto clicker app of your choice and configure it to your preference.
  4. Once you’ve fully configured the auto clicker app that you downloaded, proceed to launch the game that you wanted to hack.
  5. Tap on the screen and let the auto clicker app do its job.


  • There are various auto clicker apps available. If you don’t know what to get, I highly recommend checking out our list of best auto-clicker apps.

3. Hack Android games with Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher Logo

The Lucky Patcher app is probably the best app to use if you want to “hack” an Android game successfully without rooting your phone.

The success rate of Lucky Patcher depends on the game itself. It works well with offline games that don’t require any online verification or logging in. Due to the security of online mobile apps today, the probability of achieving success with the Lucky Patcher is low.

To hack an Android game with Lucky Patcher, all you have to do is:

  1. Download the Lucky Patcher app from the official website. (It’s not available on the Google Play store)
  2. Install the Lucky Patcher app. (Make sure “Install from unknown sources” is enabled in your settings.)
  3. Once installed, launch the Lucky Patcher app.
  4. Ignore all the modal popup messages and tap NO.
  5. Find the game that you want to hack. (In this step, make sure that the game that you want to hack is already installed)
Hack Android games with Lucky Patcher UI - App List
Lucky Patcher App List

Tap on the game that you want to hack and tap on “Menu of Patches.”

Create Modified APK Lucky PAtcher List
Modified APK Option

Tap “Create Modified APK File.” In this part, you will be presented with various methods of hacking. You can either modify the game that you want to hack with:

  • multi patch,
  • remove license verification,
  • remove Google Ads,
  • rebuilt APK for InApp and LVL Emulation,
  • modify the APK permissions and activities,
  • and/or resign with test signature.

For exploiting the in-game resources, such as gems, coins, etc… Select “Rebuilt APK for InApp and LVL Emulation.”

You will then be presented with 3 different choices, ignore the 3rd choice and pick between “InApp Emulation” or “LVL Emulation.” For this method, pick the “InApp Emulation.”

Hack Android games with Lucky Patcher APK REbuild
APK Emulation Rebuild

Tap “Rebuild the App” then wait for a couple of minutes.

Hack Android games with APK REbuild Lucky Patcher
Lucky Patcher APK Rebuild

When it’s done, uninstall the original game. Proceed to your local storage path via File Manager. Look for Android Folder and tap on it. Tap search and type “LuckyPatcher.”

Phone File Finder LuckyPatcher Folder
Phone File Finder LuckyPatcher Folder

Tap the “LuckyPatcher” Folder then tap on “Modified.”

Modified APK Folder
Lucky Patcher Modified APK Folder

Look for the folder that has the name of the game that you patched and tap on it to open the folder. Inside the folder, you will find the rebuilt APK of the game. Tap on it and install. Once installed, launch the game and verify if you’ve successfully hacked the Android game.

Bow Master Lucky Patcher Hack
Bow Master Lucky Patcher Hack


  • Lucky Patcher tends to work with offline-based games.
  • Lucky Patcher has a low chance of success with online-based games.
  • The Lucky Patcher app is not a perfect hacking tool. It doesn’t work on every Android game.
  • The Lucky Patcher app can already pre-determine if an Android game is hackable or not. Take note of the name of the app under the APK list inside the Lucky Patcher app. If the name of the app is colored red, that means the game is not hackable. If it’s colored green, the success rate of hacking that Android game is high.

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Why haven’t you included other hacking apps such as Cheat Engine Android, Game Killer, Creehack, LeoPlay Card, or SB Game Hacker APK?

In our personal experience, we tried the aforementioned apps and some of them require Android rooting such as Cheat Engine Android and Game Killer to be able to work fully. In the case of Creehack, LeoPlay Card, and SB Game Hacker APK, we find that these methods post risk for our readers. Especially those that are new to game hacking.

How to hack online Android games without root?

The best way to hack online Android games without rooting your Android phone is by using device exploits or using modified APKs of games that have their own private servers. Other than that, you can try using Lucky Patcher but you may get your account permanently banned for cheating.

What are other apps that can hack an Android game?

Apps that can hack an Android game includes Cheat Engine Android, Lucky Patcher, SB Game Hacker APK, Game Killer 2019, Creehack, and LeoPlay Card. However, most of these app requires you to have a rooted Android phone which posts risk and could potentially harm your device.

What’s the safest way to hack an Android game?

The safest way to hack an Android game is by means of using Android emulators. Basically, this means that you’ll create a platform or software inside your PC that emulates or acts exactly like an Android phone. This way, you can safely hack games without risking any of your personal information contained inside your phone.

Final Thoughts…

There are multiple ways available to hack Android games. Some require root access while some don’t. If you want to learn more about hacking games either with or without rooting, you can do so by clicking here.

Ultimately, in most cases, the Lucky Patcher method would be the one to go for. Especially because it can patch a game to your benefit. It may be for getting premium resources that cost real money for free or skipping difficult levels.

I hope that I helped you in finding the best “hacking technique” for your specific game.

If you have comments, suggestions, or would like to share your thoughts, do hit me up in the comment section below!

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  1. Hi, I followed the instructions for lucky patcher but if I uninstall the games and re install it. I have to start over I can’t seem to just sign in to google play through lucky patcher. So if I install through google play then lucky patcher doesn’t work. Is there any way to have lucky patcher to work with Klondike Adventures game.

    1. Hi Michelle, Lucky Patcher works by masking any Google transaction and making the game offline. If the game requires you to log in on some sort of Google account, then Lucky Patcher will not work. Lucky patcher mostly works on games that are offline and can be played offline.

      1. I tried using lucky patcher on 3d sniper but it’s not working It still shows it’s annoying ads and I can only buy things online

        1. Hi Jude, in most cases, lucky patcher will not work on games that uses a server. It can miraculously work on some but there’s always that part where it will not work for a certain condition such as removing ads. Have you tried a multi-patcher option yet? Otherwise, if it’s a non-online game, then you might want to try downloading a modified APk instead from Google search.

  2. I also know ac market mod apk. It has many games and apps including some that are not available on Google Play. There are various versions of the games. For some you will have to uninstall the original game (in case if the mod doesn’t work when you install over the original one) and for others you’ll have to directly install over the original version. If you want to connect to facebook then first you will uninstall fb app to exclude any errors in future, connect the game and then reinstall fb.
    You can open the mod apk version through google play then log the game out of facebook. The hack will work.

  3. Unable to log into my gamelinking through Facebook via the game and it constantly gives me an error. What do I do from here?

    1. Hi Carla, in most cases, if you are hacking an online game that requires an online connection, chances are, it will not work since we cannot bypass the server that checks the credibility of the app.

    1. Hi there. Have you tried Lucky Patcher yet? Additionally, you can use an Android Emulator for PC to hack on PUBG. Although, we would like to remind you to be cautious about downloading hacking tools online as it can be risky.

    1. Hi Zaman, unfortunately, there are no game hacks for online games since online games use a server that’s fully protected and can detect any form of hacks.

  4. I’m wondering if there is a safe and easy to use android hack for Klondike? I’m not fluent tech codes and programming.

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