HDR camera apps for Android
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Best 5 HDR Camera Apps for Android

Photos are the only things that we can keep forever. This is why we take every chance to document everything in our lives with a picture. Aside from taking pictures, we also want high-quality images. This is because we can look back at these photos and be taken back to the event. 

In our age, we do not need DSLR cameras to get high-quality photos. You can do so with a smartphone. You might think that only iPhones can give you high-quality pictures. We have great news for Android users! What if we tell you you can also have high-quality photos with your phone?

You can have high-quality photos with an Android phone using apps. There are HDR camera apps for that. You just need to install these apps, and HD photos will be a snap away. If you want to download these apps for your phone, stay and read our app recommendations. 

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What is HDR?

There might be people seeing and hearing this acronym for the first time. With this, let us briefly discuss what HDR is. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. To put it in simple terms, it refers to the lightest light and the darkest dark that your lens would be able to capture. 

When applied to cameras, HDR can help you capture photos closer to what you see. You would be able to capture more details. You could see details and elements in the picture that would have been washed with non-HDR cameras.

Best 5 HDR Camera Apps For Android

1. Lightleap


A lot of people take pictures when they travel. They like to capture the culture and the landscape of the place. When you travel to a new home, you would want your camera to give justice to the beautiful landscape. 

To give justice to the beautiful scenery on your travels, you can download Lightleap. One thing we like about this app is that it can help enhance the sky. For landscapes, it is inevitable for you to take pictures of the sky too. Sometimes your regular camera phone may not capture the beauty of the sky. 

You can enhance your landscape photos with its sky enhancement and filters too. These features work with the full HDR mode of the camera. With the help of this app, you can always ensure that your travel photos are Instagram-worthy. 

2. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom has already established its name when it comes to photography. With the app, you can take pictures and edit them right away. 

Let us talk about the camera of this app. When using these HDR camera apps, you can manually adjust its settings.  With this, you can easily adjust the focus, brightness, and other elements to make your photos look even more significant. 

You can also use the app’s crop feature to remove unwanted elements from your picture. When you are not satisfied, you can always edit it. 

Since adobe lightroom is known for editing, you can make other enhancements to your photo. The best part about this is you can do it directly on your phone. No need to worry about bringing other gadgets, such as a laptop, to edit your photos. 

You should remember one thing before downloading the app on your Android devices. Only some of the tools you can use for editing in the app are free. To fully enjoy its tools, subscribe to Adobe’s creative cloud.

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3. Simply HDR 


Since the name is simply HDR, it also means that it can also be easy to use. This is perfect for beginners practicing their photography skills with their phones. With this app, you can look at everything at a glance. 

The buttons that you need are already seen after opening the app. Upon opening, it already provides you with settings. You can crop, take a photo, edit, or save your picture if you are already satisfied with the image. 

The app also allows you to see the original version of your photo. With this feature, you can decide whether to keep or edit the original. You can compare them. You can also look at the original while you are editing to look at other points in the picture that need enhancement. 

4. Vignette


You may love a touch of vintage to your HDR photos. If adding the retro style to your photo would convey your message better, we recommend trying the Vignette app. 

The app has much to offer when you want to have that vintage feel to your photos. One way to make your images feel vintage is to use its in-app filters. The app has 76 customizable effects that you can add to the overall vibe of your photo. 

The app also has 57 frames. You can use these frames to directly take vintage shots of the moment you want to capture. Other than these features, other features in the app can help you have high-resolution pictures. 

The features we are talking about here are the 10x zoom which allows you to capture subjects far from you. There is also a self-timer if you are a person who likes to go to places alone. You can have great photos by just using a timer. 

A heads-up regarding this app is that it does not come for free. You need to pay to be able to enjoy its benefits. If you want to try it out, you can download the app from the play store for $2.49. 

5. Camera FV-5


We are on the final app of our recommendation list. The last app we will introduce to you is Camera FV-5.  Are you curious as to why this app is on our list? Let us explore its features. 

Let us first start with the essential feature that can support camera switching. Some apps only support the back camera. For this app’s case, you can use whether you want to use the front or back camera of your Android phone. 

Another feature is that you can utilize your volume keys. You can customize the function of your volumes with this app. For example, you can use your volume keys to switch cameras, trigger the shutter, zoom in on a subject, and edit your photo’s exposure and white balance. 

The last feature we will be discussing is the burst capture. You can use this feature to photograph a moving subject in succession. This also allows you and your subject to choose which photo turned out best. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HDR on Camera App?

In terms of photography, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It differentiates the lightest and darkest elements of an image. HDR is a process that helps increase the dynamic range which cannot be captured by the normal lens.

Which are the best HDR Camera apps?

The Best HDR camera apps are:
Adobe Lightroom
Simply HDR
Camera FV-5

Our Final Words

Smartphones have come a long way nowadays. With the new smartphones, you can now take stunning photos. Feel free to download apps if you want to use tools to capture even greater pictures on your phone camera. HDR camera apps are available for you to download. 

HDR camera apps do more than just take pictures. You can also edit using these camera apps. You can edit and enhance your images before deciding to make them public. Let these camera apps make your photos even more Instagram-worthy. 

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