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The Best 5 Hearing Aid Apps Android

We like to hear things from a clear perspective. What if one day that clarity we are used to suddenly becomes muffled? Suddenly the songs we used to enjoy dancing to become dull and the podcasts that we love listening to becomes unclear. 

Once the hearing is lost, we need help. This is where hearing aids come in. Through the advancements in technology, people who have lost their hearing can now hear again. Though hearing aids are a great help to people with hearing impairments, we can definitely improve their experience even more. 

Best Hearing Aid Apps Android

Hearing Aid Apps Android that can help people with hearing loss utilize their hearing aids. If you are wearing a hearing aid, or have a loved one that is, you can look at these apps and try downloading them. They might be of help. 

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1. MyPhonak


The MyPhonak app allows hearing aid users to control their Hearing Aid Apps Android with a tap on their smartphone. 

If the Hearing Aid Apps Android user ever gets overwhelmed with the volume of their hearing aid, they can easily adjust the volume on the app. They can adjust the volume to the level where their ears no longer hurt. In that way, they can talk with other people and hear their surroundings clearly. 

They could also adjust the volume of their hearing aid depending on the situation they are in. If they are in a crowded restaurant, they can choose the restaurant scenario in the app, and their Hearing Aid Apps Android would automatically adjust to the environment they are in.

Another scenario would be when they are listening to music or watching TV. They can go to the app to automatically adjust their hearing to that activity. 

Aside from helping you customize the settings of your hearing aid, the app can also help you track your fitness. The app can track your steps and heart rate, as well as the time you spend wearing the hearing aid. 

Lastly, hearing aids need to be charged so you can use them. With the app, you can find out the battery percentage of your hearing aids. With this, you can better prepare before using them outside. You can sufficiently charge your hearing aid so they last the whole day. 

2. Signia Touch Control App

Signia Touch Control App

Another Hearing Aid Apps Android on our list is the Signia Touch Control App. Let us introduce one of the features that made this app a highly recommended one. 

Since the pandemic hit in 2020, we have been accustomed to wearing masks wherever we go. Our situation got better, and the wearing of masks became voluntary. However, there are still people who chose to wear masks for safety reasons.  

Masks and social distancing, with or without hearing loss, can be a barrier to smooth communication. Since there can be difficulties understanding people when they speak with a mask on, the Signia touch control app has a mask mode button. 

When you press the mask mode on the application, you can remove the muffled sound. With this, you can understand the person you are speaking with. There is no need for others to take off their masks and risk your health, as well as their own.

The next feature that made us recommend this app is its assistant. The assistant can help you fix problems you have with the app while using it. For example, you are having trouble adjusting the volume of your hearing aid.  You can easily ask the assistant for the help you. 

3. Oticon ON

Hearing Aid Apps Android - Oticon

Let’s move on to another Hearing Aid Apps Android recommendation. This time, we have Oticon ON on our list. You might be wondering what features of this app make it special. Well, let’s get into it. 

The first feature that we liked about the app is its speech booster. Listening and understanding what people are saying can be challenging, especially if you are in a noisy environment. 

So that you to understand people clearly in a noisy environment, this feature is designed to block out non-speech sounds. It makes communication in a noisy environment faster and smoother. 

According to hearing life, one pair of hearing aids would cost $1,000 to $3,500. Let us face the reality that there are people who may not be able to afford this kind of best technology. This is why people with hearing aids, take care of their aids, so that it does not get lost. 

Hearing aids being lost is not something we should worry about when we use the Oticon ON app. The app has a Hearing Aid Apps Android with a finder. With the map on the app, you can find out the last location of your hearing. This prevents you from losing your precious hearing aids. 

4. Starkey

Hearing Aid Apps Android

Some people with hearing loss also experience Tinnitus. There are instances where you may hear ringing in our ears.  This discomfort you feel and the ringing is what we refer to as Tinnitus. When people with hearing loss experience this, the Starkey app can help them relax and experience relief. 

The app has 12 soundscapes to choose from. You can choose from these 12 soundscapes, so your ears can relax from Tinnitus. 

You can also conduct hearing tests with the use of your smartphone. The Starkey app can measure the decibels of your surroundings. With this, you can avoid environments that can be harmful to your ears. You can also save your hearing tests and discuss the results with an expert after. 

5. Nagish 

Nagish - Hearing Aid Apps Android

The last app that we have on our list is not exactly a Hearing Aid Apps Android. The last app that we are recommending is useful for both people with hearing loss and those who are using hearing aids. 

The app, Nagish, is a real-time captioning app. This means that you can have captions on your calls. If you are a person using Hearing Aid Apps Android, this can help you understand phone calls better. The captions can help you decipher what the person on the other line is saying. 

This captioning is made possible through AI. This means that there is no person transcribing the conversation you are having. Your conversations are kept confidential and private. 

People with hearing aids can use this app when they are at home or when their hearing aids are charging. This allows them to communicate just by typing while the other party speaks. It is pretty convenient when you do not have your hearing aid within reach. 

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In a Nutshell 

Hearing aids have made the lives of people with hearing loss more convenient. With the advancement of technology, they can now do a lot of things with their hearing aids through applications. 

Through Hearing Aid Apps Android, your can adjust to your environment. They can communicate easily with people with masks, and they can even track their fitness goals with these kinds of applications. 

We have recommended these Hearing Aid Apps Android: MyPhonak, Signia, Oticon ON, Starkey, and Nagish. Whatever you choose from our list, these apps surely improve your hearing aid experience. 

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