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Giving birth is not a small feat and it is a momentous undertaking. I personally cannot even begin to imagine how laborious and rewarding the experience can be. The helpful pregnancy apps for Android will try to make your joyous experiences a little better and a little more comfortable by providing you with information and knowledge. If you are a first time parent, these apps will also provide you with guidance and help and allow you to make sure your baby is in great health.

Even if you are a guy, these apps will prove amazing for you as well. I was thinking that I know a lot about these things however, it was a surprising experience for me as well. After I was done testing and reading through these apps, I think I’m kind of ready to be a dad (well that is if I find a suitable wife first). Anyways, these pregnancy apps for Android are nonetheless helpful and useful for anyone who wants to be a parent.

Note: These apps were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. No actual pregnant person was used during testing however. The apps worked great and no problems were faced during testing phase. Some of the apps may require an active internet connection to work.

1. My Pregnancy Today

This is a great app for first-time mothers. It is hard to cope with another living being inside your tummy, and no, eating at Taco Bell doesn’t qualify as that. Naturally first-time mothers need to know what is happening to their body and why.

My Pregnancy Today allows you to know what exactly is going on inside your body. The app comes with day to day information about your pregnancy and helps you release some of the stress by carefully explaining the phenomenon.

I entered a fake delivery date to see what the app was about and I have to admit, I read almost 20 days’ worth of information. One interesting thing I like about the app are the fetus images. The app shows you how the fetus looks like each week, which is something fascinating, at least for me.

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2. Pregnancy+

Pregnancy+ is also like the apps listed above but it has a better interface and user experience. However, it lacks in the breadth of content and that’s why it is placed lower in the list. The app comes with color and scanned images to explain the state of your baby. The app also provides you with a personal diary and even a weight log.

Pregnancy+ is one of the few pregnancy apps for Android that allows you to keep track of doctor’s appointments. You will also be able to gain information about diet, exercise, and even labor information. The app provides you with a kick counter, so you can time the kids as well as a contraction timer.

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These were a few pregnancy apps for Android that will surely help you in your child’s birth. I have very little experience with pregnancy myself, so these words may not carry an impact. However, the developers of the apps sure have some deep understanding of the whole process.

If you have any questions about the apps and how they work, feel free to ask me. If you have general questions about pregnancy, contact your family doctor first and foremost.

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