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5 Best Hi-Res Digital Music Players for Android

Want to bring your music everywhere?

The good news is… Now, you can!

Before anything else:

Groups, associations, and academies define hi-res (or high-resolution) as lossless audio with a capability to reproduce a full range of sound through recordings that are mastered and have been better than the that coming from a compact disc. Phew!

Now… we don’t want to bore you in discussing the different file formats that make hi-res audio.

But, keep in mind:

Each of these file formats has different compatibility requirement which makes a difference from the product you chose.

Hi-res digital music player can replicate the sound quality the artists and music engineers developed. It provides the listeners with a grand texture and detail that is closer to the original performance of their favorite music.

There are several devices that can support hi-res audio. Name it — laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even music players!

Hope we all agree that:

Everybody wants to get their hands on a high-res digital music player.

So… scan the list of the best hi-res digital music players to know which player is the perfect one for you.

Best Hi-Res Digital Music Player

1. Sony NW-A45/B Walkman

Sony Walkman NW-A45 is a great choice for those who are looking for a hi-res digital music player with a budget at hand. The Walkman is a touchscreen yet has physical buttons at its side. Moreover, it has outstanding features that will make you want to have it.

Image of Sony NW-A45B Walkman
This Sony digital Walkman is sleek and comes with a touchscreen interface.

Sony NW-A45 Walkman Specifications:

  • It has an internal storage capacity of 16GB. It might be too low for you, but it supports microSD cards. You can expand the storage up to 200GB to 400GB.
  • It supports the popular hi-res audio files (FLAC, DSD, and MP4 HE-AAC) and also, MP3.
  • You can listen to your favorite song by yourself or share it with the people around you. It supports Bluetooth connectivity with NFC One-touch.
  • Are you going on a trip? No worries, it has a fast-charging battery that lasts up to 45 hours.

It is available in Moonlit Blue and Gray.

2. Astell&Kern Super Junior x AK Jr Limited Edition

This Astell&Kern hi-res digital music player is a limited edition of their collaboration with a known K-Pop group, the Super Juniors. It’s a conveniently compact music player that is easy to carry. In addition, here are some great specs:

  • It supports DSD64 and DoP for stereos.
  • LCD touchscreen
  • It has an internal storage capacity of 64GB but can be expandable up to 400GBS. It comes with tracks from Super Junior that are purposely remastered for the collaboration.
Astell and Kern Super Junior Limited Edition hi-res digital music player
This hi-res mp3 player is made for Super Junior fans

Buying the limited edition Astell&Kern means you will enjoy 20 pre-loaded high-resolution Super Junior songs. Its sapphire-blue aluminum body has the autographs of the Super Junior members. If you’re a huge Super Junior fan, head on over to Amazon and get this awesome player today.


This is the second generation of HIDIZS AP60, although it is quite similar to its first generation, there are features of AP60 II that will catch you off guard.

HIDIZS AP60 II Specifications:

  • Aluminum body type
  • Supports HiBY Link Bluetooth. It can also connect to smartphones. It enables your phone to become a remote control for the AP60 II.
  • There is no internal storage, but it supports a microSD slot. Thus, it can support up to 400GB of music files.
  • Its battery can last up to 10 to 12 hours of use.
HIDIZS AP60 II Image hi-res digital music player
The AP60 has long battery life for the best hi-res experience

If you wonder about the difference between AP60 and AP60 II is its main body and display.

AP60 II has an Aluminum main body and a touch screen display for its control. It is available in colors black, grey, and gold. You can purchase it on Amazon!

4. Pioneer XDP-300R

Pioneer is a renowned manufacturer of music players in the Japanese domestic market. One of its hi-res digital music players is considered as the best. Pioneer XDP-300R is a refined music player with its exemplary features.

Pioneer XDP-300R Specifications:

  • It supports Android OS 5.1 and the highest class of amplifiers and DAC.
  • It has an internal memory storage of 32GB, but you do not have to worry. It supports two microSD slots that can add up to 512GB of external storage.
  • You can create and store playlists with its supported methods (M3U/PLS/WPLU/PLS/WPL).
  • It can play up to 16 hours!
Featured Image of Pioneer XDP-300R
Pioneer’s hi-res mp3 player looks great with its slim design and polished interface

This amazing hi-res digital music player has a graphic equalizer that can enable you to turn the frequency band up to 16,384 bands.

It’s pricier than other mp3 players on this list, but if you have the money to spend, then go right over to Amazon to make the purchase.

5. Dodocool

This is a multifunctional hi-res digital music player that supports a multilingual selection of music playback, voice recording, and FM radio. Dodocool has a sound equalizer that supports sound effects with jazz, pop, soft, and classical.

Featured Image of Dodocool Hi-Res Music Digital Player
If you want a budget hi-res mp3 player, Dodocool has got you covered

Dodocool Specification:

  • It has an internal storage of 8GB and supports a memory card slot that can expand your memory up to 256GB.
  • Certified to support hi-res audio with hi-fi sound reproduction that complies with the standards of high-resolution audio.
  • It supports several audio formats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Amazon Music offers unlimited access to new releases and top hits.


Everyone wants to listen to their favorite band! These best hi-res digital music player offers a closer performance of your favorite music right in your hands. It is conventionally portable and packed with high-resolution audio.

The music players mentioned above are designed with high-resolution. All were purposely made to play a piece of outstanding high-quality music that gives their listeners an optimum experience. Get one now!

Do you have other hi-res digital music players in mind? Share it with us through the comment section.

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