Hidden Settings of Samsung Galaxy S6

Use These Hidden Settings of Samsung Galaxy S6 to Claim All of Its Power

Hidden Settings of Samsung Galaxy S6

Who wouldn’t love to have a new phone? I know I would. But I would also hate to shell out $700 that I don’t have. And if you already have an S6, you already have a fantastic phone.

While you might be bored with the S6 and eyeing the new S7, why not make the most of what you have?

Are you sure you have explored everything the S6 has to offer?

The difference between the S6 and the S7 is not monumental. While we can’t help you replace the S6’s battery with the S7’s, or make a microSD card materialize, we can show you a few hidden features.

1. Further Phone Settings (For Rooted Phones)

Thanks to the fine developers at XDA, if you have a rooted S6, or are willing to root your S6, there are some phone features below the surface—just waiting for you to enable them. You will also need a root explorer and text editor, but you can just use our examples below if you like. Go to system/csc/Features.xml and add the line of code that corresponds to the feature you want. You will need to insert the code towards the end of the file, but still before </feature> and </Samsung>

What exactly can you gain from this? You could make phone calls over Wi-Fi, or even use the S6 to record phone calls. Use the following lines of code:

For Phone Calls Over Wi-Fi:


For Call Recording (Keep in mind this is illegal in some countries):


Root Explorer

QuickEdit Text Editor

2. Private Mode

Even though the Finger Scanner is intended to protect your personal information, that can easily backfire if you are the victim of hacking. One way to prevent this is to enable Private Mode. Private Mode will hide any file you don’t want to share with the world. The files will only appear when you authenticate yourself; others who gain access to your phone won’t see anything.

You can set up Private Mode by selecting its icon located in Quick Settings. Then you can choose your unlock method—Pin, Password, or Fingerprint. You can enable or disable Private Mode using the slider. Now that you know how to enable Private Mode, you can add files by long-pressing the file to be hidden and selecting the Move to Private option.

3. Quick Launch

Does it ever feel like you only get a split second to capture a special or funny memory with the camera?

These spontaneous moments don’t slow down for a picture. But this tip can help you get into shooting mode with alacrity. You can double-tap the Home button to go directly into the Camera app. Quick Launch does need to be enabled under Camera Settings.

Quick Launch is enabled by default. If you rather turn it off, you can also accomplish that through the same Camera Settings menu. Instant access to the camera can definitely be useful sometimes, though…

Quick Launch

4. Secret Codes

Developers are a sneaky bunch that likes shortcuts and back doors. You can access the Hidden Service Menu with a code; you can also find information, check the status of hardware, and perform commands. The Samsung S6 isn’t the only phone on which these codes will work—they work on many Android devices.

Dial the following codes for easy access secret settings Samsung S6, and be sure to leave out any spaces. If you don’t understand what service the code offers, it’s probably best not to interfere with any of the current settings.

Note: Some codes may differ by carrier.

  • *#1234# firmware and software information
  • *#*#4636#*#* for Diagnostic Mode
  • *#0228# to check on battery status
  • *2767*3855# for a full Factory Hard Reset (will wipe all your info!)
  • *#06# displays IMEI number
  • *#12580*369# to see hardware and software info
  • #*2562#  resets your S6
  • *#7412365# the camera’s firmware menu
  • *#2222# hardware version
  • *#0011# to check GSM status info
  • *#*#1111#*#* FTA software version
  • *#7465625*638*# to check insert network lock keycode
  • *#0*# to conduct hardware diagnostic tests
  • *#7353# to enter quick self-test menu
  • *#2663# to check TSP/TSK firmware update
  • *#0011# Service Mode
  • *#07# shows Specific Absorption Rate
  • *#0283# to control packet loopback settings
  • *#9900# System Dump Mode
  • *#7284# USB I2C Mode Controlling Panel

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Hidden Settings

5. Cooler Camera Settings (For Rooted Phones)

Have you got root access, a root explorer, and a text editor? Then you’ve got what it takes to add some new features to your existing camera lineup. This is very, very much like the enhanced phone settings we discussed at the beginning. Just in case you need a root explorer or text editor, we have included links below.

You will need to go to system/csc/Features.xml and add the line of code that corresponds to the feature you want. You will need to insert the code towards the end of the file, but still before </feature> and </Samsung>

If you don’t see a csc folder in system, you can create one, along with the text Features.xml file. Save those folders and files so you don’t lose them.

To Enable Camera During a Phone Call:

To Enable Camera Shutter Sound (This is illegal in some countries, which seems a little silly, but nonetheless):

To Enable Manual Rotation in Gallery:

To Play Music and Take a Picture (better yet, a built-in soundtrack while you use the camcorder):


File Explorer

Jota Text Editor

6. Auto Answer

How many times have you heard your phone start ringing while you are driving?

A surefire way to cause a red light to turn green is to start fumbling around in your purse, trying to answer that phone call.

If your car’s system is paired with Bluetooth, this certainly helps matters. However, there is still the issue of having to look down long enough to answer your phone. It only takes a split second for someone to break in front of you, and for you to cause an accident.

This problem may be alleviated with Auto Answer. If you enable this setting, the S6 will automatically pick up the call after 2 seconds. Within your Phone app, choose More in the upper right-hand corner. There you find Settings, and within Call Settings, you can enable Automatic Answering. Everyone will feel safer if you do.

7. Easy Mode

Sometimes keeping things simplistic is best. Far too easily, your S6’s screen can become untidy, cluttered. You don’t need or use half of the stuff that’s on there, but you can’t find it in your heart to go through and totally delete everything either. If only you could start with a clean slate.

You can with Easy Mode.

Easy Mode is also a great option to break in someone with less smartphone experience, so they won’t be so overwhelmed. To turn on Easy Mode visit Settings and then Personalization. Toggle on Easy Mode and select the apps you want to appear on the homescreen.


Easy Mode

8. Zoom as You Please

For what it’s worth, we believe in you. We have never called into question your ability to decide how much zooming is right for you. What maybe deserves a little questioning is the fact that there are some limitations on this in the first place. However, if you are using the Samsung browser, there don’t have to be.

To become an empowered zoomer, tap on More in the top right corner of your browser. You will then be able to select Settings. Within Settings is the key to zooming freedom—Manual Zoom. Enable this toggle to override websites’ control over your zoom settings.


9. Download Booster

Could your download speed use a little pick-me-up? The Download Booster app is already included in the S6 and it harnesses both Wifi and LTE to get your data faster. To enable it, go to Settings, then Networks, and toggle the Download Booster to “On.”

Don’t see it? If you are using AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint, that’s because these providers have hidden it. It can still be accessed by downloading a third-party app, such as the one below. Tap on Settings, then More Connection Settings (or More), and select Download Booster. Now you can toggle it on and off. Download Booster no longer has to be a Galaxy S6 hidden feature.

Download Booster

10. Scheduled Messaging (For Rooted Phones)

So there’s one last thing we need to tell you about along the same lines of the extended phone and camera settings you are able to attain with root. Do you ever need to send a text message at a certain time you know you will be busy? Well, now you can. Go to system/csc/Features.xml and add the line of code directly below this paragraph. You will need to insert the code towards the end of the file, but still before </feature> and </Samsung>


The addition of this code is made possible by a root explorer and text editor. If you are in need, check out the available downloads. Before you go messing with files, it’s always a good idea to have a backup on hand.

Root Browser

Text Editor


Even though it’s definitely not the newest device out there, there can be more than meets the eye to the Samsung Galaxy S6. You can also breathe new life into your S6 through customizations. Still using the default wallpaper? Check out your other options on S Viewer. The Samsung S6 can still provide new surprises.

Which setting, app, or menu worked the best for you? Did you experience any issues during or after? Send us your thoughts on all of these topics.

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