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How to Install Animated or Live Wallpaper on Android Smartphones?

Are you looking for a way to install or use live wallpaper on your Android smartphone? Then you’ve come to the right place. Live wallpaper on Android are one of the best things that anyone could enjoy with their smartphones. It doesn’t just bring a new life to a smartphone but it also makes it look cooler.

If you’re not in the trend of live wallpapers, that’s okay. Matters like this will always come down to personal preferences. Some will surely love it and would want live wallpapers on their phone while some would prefer those traditional static wallpapers for a minimalistic feel.

So if live wallpapers pique your interest, then better keep reading. We listed down 4 different ways for you to install live wallpapers. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

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  2. Create Personalized Live Wallpaper
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Live Wallpaper for Amazon Fire Devices

Pre-Installed Live Wallpaper On Android Phones

It’s been more than a decade now since the first Android phone was launch in the market. Back then, changing the background wallpaper was impossible but Android has evolved and is far more advanced than how it was.

Nowadays, the latest Android smartphones come with pre-installed wallpapers and that include live wallpapers. So, if you just recently bought a brand new phone like those expensive high-end ones, chances are, those phones already come with a live wallpaper stored in their internal storage.

To use those pre-installed live wallpapers, simply do the following:

Step 1: Tap Hold Device Home Screen

On your device home screen, tap any empty space and hold it for a few seconds. This will bring up the wallpaper settings.

Live Wallpaper
Wallpaper Settings-Live Wallpaper on Android

NoteDifferent Android Versions have different ways of opening the wallpaper settings. However, this should work on most Android phones. If this doesn’t work, proceed to your device settings and look for “Display” in the main settings. You should be able to find a wallpaper option.

Step 2: Select a Live Wallpaper

By now, you should be able to see the wallpaper options. Otherwise, you can check on your device picture gallery. Once you’ve seen the selection of live wallpapers, pick one that interests you and tap on it. The option to make it as your wallpaper should appear.

Ultimately, this method may not be applicable for all Android smartphones but it should work for most. Especially if you have a 2016 model Android smartphone or later models.

Live Wallpaper Apps from Google Play Store

Pre-installed live wallpapers are all well and good but sometimes, the selections are pretty generic and boring. So, if you want something more to choose from then we recommend checking out live wallpaper apps on the Google Play store.

In there, you will find a wide variety of apps the comes with a collection of various live wallpapers. If you find yourself having a hard time which of them to choose from, then we recommend checking out our list of live wallpapers that would blow your mind.

Other than that, here’s how you can install a live wallpaper app on your Android smartphone:

Step 1: Launch Google Play Store

Simply tap on the Google Play app.

Step 2: Search Live Wallpaper

Live Wallpaper Search on Google Play Store
Live Wallpaper Search on Google Play Store-Live Wallpaper on Android

On the search box, type “Live Wallpaper” and press search or the search icon (the magnifying glass on your keypad).

Step 4: Select and Install

By now, you will be presented with a list of live wallpaper apps. Pick one the picks your interest and tap on it to install it.

Step 5: Launch Installed Live Wallpaper App

Once the selected app is installed, simply launch it and explore the app. You will definitely find various live wallpapers that are easy to install.

Do note that you can keep repeating this method for different live wallpaper apps. So we recommend that you explore and try various apps until you find that one perfect wallpaper that fits your style.

Create Personalized Live Wallpaper

If by chance that you can’t find that perfect live wallpaper for you out of millions to choose from, then making one for yourself might be the answer. For this kind of situation, we highly recommend KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker.

KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker

The KLWP app lets you create customized watches on your Android home screen, Animated Patterns, Live Map background, Weather Widget, CPU/Memory meters, randomly changing or scrolling images, gyroscopic effects, and much much more.

Frequently Asked Questions-Live Wallpaper on Android

Are live wallpapers bad for the battery?

Basically, live wallpaper consumes more resources than a static one. However, live wallpapers are not bad for the battery of your device. It will only cause your device to consume more power from its battery. Draining the battery faster but not drastically.

Can live wallpapers have sound?

Live wallpapers can have sound. You can even interact with some of the live wallpapers. Have you seen a video game live wallpaper? If not, then check out this “Space Shooter” live wallpaper from Google Play store.

How live wallpaper works?

Live wallpapers are basically created from animation and programming. It’s similar to creating a 2D video game but instead of it to work on a gaming console, live wallpapers are designed to work as a wallpaper for an Android device. You can learn more about live wallpaper creation for Android here.

Live Wallpaper for Amazon Fire Devices

If you own an Amazon Fire tablet and looking for a live wallpaper for it, then we highly recommend checking out Real Fire HD Live Wallpaper. This wallpaper will surely bring the energy and fierce in the home screen of your Amazon Fire tablet.

Real Fire HD Live Wallpaper
Real Fire HD Live Wallpaper-Live Wallpaper on Android

The Real Fire HD Live Wallpaper was designed to capture the fierce beauty of fire for your Android device. It is optimized to support different screen resolutions for various Android devices such as smartphones and tablet. You can also adjust animation speed and resolution to suit your device and needs.


Final Thoughts…

Live wallpapers are essentially one of those things that can spice up the experience of having an Android smartphone. They can be interactive, give you a 4D experience, and more. However, not everything is positive when it comes to live wallpapers. Basically, the major downside of having a live wallpaper is faster battery consumption. The more feature a live wallpaper has, the more it contributes to faster drainage of your device battery.

Ultimately, we hope that we helped you with this guide. We aim to provide the simplest and easiest way of having and installing a live wallpaper on your Android phone. If these methods did not work for you, let us know. Otherwise, if you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.

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